Cat Video: Blind Tuxedo Cat Pinocchio Explores His New Cat Tree

Today we have two videos which come from Shawn of North Carolina and it features a rescued blind tuxedo named Pinocchio. Shawn tells us: “He’s my baby!! We lived on Kauai, HI for 7 years, until 2018. We are highly involved in animal rescue, especially special needs. Pinocchio was one of sooo many strays/ferals on Kauai. A good Samaritan saw him wandering around the airport grounds and took him to the local shelter (which was HIGH kill). His eyes were destroyed from an upper respiratory infection.
Thankfully, the vet at the shelter decided to only take his eyes and not his life. I met him when he was recovering in a foster home. He is adventurous and loving and brave and so, so friendly! We are in full awe of him and how he has so much blind trust. Literally. He had a tight bond with a younger kitten, so we adopted him, too. He acts as his seeing – eye. That’s Jiminy!”


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