Cat Video: Kitten Attack on Ghost Town

Cats on the attack in Ghost Town!
Over 12 million views!


Cat Video: Black Cat’s First Pumpkin!

Getting into the spirit of Halloween, here’s a black cat’s first pumpkin!


Cat Video: Cat Splooting While Eating

Here’s a resourceful and multi tasking cat eating while in sploot position!


Cat Video: Senior Cat Loves These Little Girls

Bailey the cat’s story from kittenhood through elderhood and his very special family.
Almost 10 million views!


Cat Video: Cats Answering the Phone

Here are a bunch of smart cats answering pesky telephones!


Cat Video: Clever cat playing in laundry basket

While doing your Anti Icky Poo laundry soaking here’s what the cat can do in the laundry basket…


Cat Video: Cats Stealing Pizza

Compilation of sneaky cats stealing pizza! (And check out our new pizza catnip cat toy – That’s Amore’ Pizza Slice!)
Almost 3 million views!


Cat Video: What I Did During Lockdown

How two cats deal with lockdown! (very funny, great music)