Cat Video: Clever cat playing in laundry basket

While doing your Anti Icky Poo laundry soaking here’s what the cat can do in the laundry basket…


Cat Video: Cats Stealing Pizza

Compilation of sneaky cats stealing pizza! (And check out our new pizza catnip cat toy – That’s Amore’ Pizza Slice!)
Almost 3 million views!


Cat Video: What I Did During Lockdown

How two cats deal with lockdown! (very funny, great music)


Cat Video: Magical Kitten Bush – Funny Kittens Play Peek-A-Boo

Short haired kittens play peek-a-boo in a bush and perfect their game!


Cat Video: Why Humans Are Obsessed with Cats

The Lion in the Living Room – A quick history of cats and humans by the New Yorker magazine.


Cat Video: Mellow Cat Unfazed By Roomba

This cat is so mellowed out that even the family Roomba doesn’t faze her!


Cat Video: DIY Deluxe Cat Ball Pit

Cats playing in cardboard boxes full of toy balls! Whooooooooooo!
Over 6 million views!


Cat Video: How To Train Your Cat

Use this downtime to train your cat to do various things including shake your hand with their paw. 51 million people have watched and learned! Also practice the way he makes a swan from an apple while his cats watched, fascinated!


Cat Video: How To Paint Your Cat

How to paint your cat! (tongue in cheek)
Over 6 million views!


Cat Video: Calming Lullaby for Piano-Loving Cat

Here’s a calming lullaby for you and your cat to enjoy. Notice how the adorable cat is enjoying the massage of the piano keys! And of course, his resting paws help the pianist!
Over 1 million views.