Cat Videos: Oskar the Blind Kitten and His First Toys

Have a hanky ready for tears of joy. This heartwarming video was sent by my beautiful friend Kay. It’s of a blind kitten named Oscar playing with his toys for the first time. The people who adopted this special cat are stellar human beings.

Cat Videos: Sad Cat Diary

Oh the misery of being a cat! We complain and no one listens or cares. Life is cruel!

Cat Videos: How to Exercise Your Human

This is how cats can end the obesity epidemic in humans when they become purrsonal trainers! The man in this video does some pretty cool exercises, try the one he demonstrates alternately extending out his opposite arm and leg – not only does it help your body but works your brain. See, cats are good for us!

Cat Videos: Woody the cat drinks water in a very unique way

Woody must be the most hydrated cat on the planet! Thank you Tara for sending these to us!

Cat Videos: Siamese Cats Complain When Someone Takes a Shower

Two very purrsistent Siamese cats demand to be let into the shower while their maid is trying to get relax and get cleaned up! Do your cats try to get into the shower while you are in it? Daphne likes to sit in a wet shower after her maid has used it!