Cat Videos: Oriental Cat Opens Christmas Present

We hope you had as much fun opening up your holiday pressies as this cat did!

Cat Videos: Two Korat Cats And Their Toilet Paper Christmas Present

These two Korats unwrap and demolish their special Christmas present!

Cat Videos: Cat Heaven Island

Here’s a video of cats who live on Tashiro-jima island in Japan – it’s also called “Cat Heaven Island.” Cats roam free and there are more cats than people on the island. The people believe that cats bring wealth and good fortune. The cats believe it is very nice that the primary business on the island is fishing.

We’ve also posted some pictures from Cat Heaven Island on our blog at Wonderful pictures from Cat Heaven Island and More pictures from Cat Heaven Island.

Cat Videos: Kittens Play Christmas Jingle Bells

Here are some cute kittens showing off their musical talent playing a tune on Christmas tree bell ornaments.

Cat Videos: Dog Fetches Cat (Cat Gets Free Ride)

Everyone knows a cat won’t come when called. This cat proves there IS such a thing as a free ride!