Cat Videos: Ninja Cat Stealthily Stalks You

Here’s a Ninja cat who thinks he’s sneaking up on someone. It’s been viewed nearly 38,000,000 times!

Cat Videos: Bianca Drinks From Faucet and Dries Her Face With a Towel

Bianca is a cute kitty who likes to get her face wet while drinking water from a faucet. We’ve seen that before, but Bianca is smart too. She then dries her face off with a towel like the proper young lady she is!

Cat Videos: Cat Alarm Clock

A funny and cute video of a cat with a very unique way of waking up his person!

Cat Videos: Kitten Yoga

Cats are experts at relaxation so who is better to demonstrate yoga? We present Kitten Yoga. Cute and hilarious!

Cat Videos: Maru Hunts for Mice Under Some Paper

Maru (the famous Japanese cat) is positive there’s a mouse under that piece of paper. Our Daffy (Daphne) loves to play “blanket mice.”

Cat Videos: Two Cats Have Feline Food Bowl War

Feline Food Bowl Wars! We’ve all seen them! They crack us up!

Cat Videos: Persian Kitten and Mother Cat Play

Oh to be a crazy kitten again! Isn’t this bundle of fur precious? It’s so cute when she plays with her mother too.