Cat Videos: Very Patient Cat and Very Cute Baby Gibbon Ape

Here’s an adorable video from an animal shelter of a cute little baby Gibbon Ape named APEril and a very patient shelter cat named Chuck (who’s a girl). Apparently baby apes like to chew on cat tails, among the other very cute things they do.

Cat Videos: Calico Kitten Playing in Super Slow Motion

A fun video showing a cute Calico kitten with a lot of energy in super slow motion.

Cat Videos: The Mean Kitty Song (or rambunctious cute kitten song)

Here’s a funny and cute video called the The Mean Kitty Song (it’s gotten 67 million views!). The kitty isn’t actually mean, he’s just a high energy kitten.

Cat Videos: Five kittens and a sweet dog named Murkin play. Very cute!

Here’s Murkin the dog and five very cute black kittens. Murkin is a sweet dog who’s humans foster kittens. One of the kittens thinks Murkin makes a nice cat perch. It’s very cute.

Cat Videos: Two Cats Playing Patty Cake or Laziest Cat Fight Ever

Is this two cats playing patty cake or the laziest cat fight ever? Either way it’s cute. Have your cats ever done anything like this?

Cat Videos: Cute Kitten and Gentle Ex-Military German Shepherd Play

A very cute white kitten plays with a gentle retired military German Shepherd. It’s very sweet!