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Presenting the urine clean up product that will completely remove all traces of cat urine and it's horrible odor! Meet fragrance fee Anti Icky Poo. It contains specially bred enzymes and friendly bacteria designed to literally eat up the urine proteins and gases, along with the odors they caused. Remove the urine, its residue and odors and use Convivial House Cat or Love My Litter Box flower essence formula, your cat will return to the litter box.

Other urine cleaning products only mask with toxic fragrances or attempt to neutralize the odors. Neutralizing or masking the odors tricks your human nose into thinking the urine is gone because we don't have the sophisticated sense of smell that your cat has. Your cat's nose knows and that's why the cat will return to the area to soil it again. Have you noticed on a hot day the smells come back? That's your proof that those other products did not work for you, they wasted your time and money, and caused you grief. We are very conscious of your pocketbook, your quality of life, and your love for your cat.

Because the enzymes beneficial bacteria in Anti Icky Poo are "alive" store in a cool dark place to ensure freshness and highest potency. Use opened product within one year. Unopened bottles stored properly could be viable for up to 3 years.

Anti Icky Poo may be used to remove cat urine, cat barf, and even feces.

Surfaces you may safely use it on include:
* Carpet
* Hardwood Floors
* Linoleum
* Laminate flooring
* Concrete, granite, marble
* Tile
* Painted baseboards
* Mattresses
* Pillows
* Blankets and comforters
* Sofas, chairs, table tops
* Cushions
* Leather and upholstery
* Cotton, wool, synthetic fibers

A handout with Cat Faeries precise usage instructions comes with your order.

Read the reviews:Anti Icky Poo Reviews on our About Anti Icky Poo page.

Daphne says:
"Anti Icky Poo is a staple at the homes of countless customers. It will de-stink the house like no other and allows our delighted customers to reclaim their home from cats who arenít using their boxes. If you donít remove every trace of cat urine the cat will go back to piddling on the surface or area. We cats use our highly developed sense of smell to seek out where to pee and poop. Anti Icky Poo will get rid of the smells and we won't return to pee there! Anti Icky Poo has other helpful uses. A half cup with warm water in the washing machine for an hour will soak out heavy dirt, grease and all kinds of bad smells including smoke. Pour it down the drain and it will eat up the grease and soap scum. It does all of this naturally and environmentally."

This cleaning product is fragrance free because we care about your health and we care about your cats health - synthetic fragrance is not healthy - it's toxic. Using our scent free cleaning product will destroy the urine proteins and gases because it literally eats them for complete removal. You'll spray it to surfaces or pour it into a carpet cleaning machine. We'll give you our two sided handout which details every surface imaginable and how to effectively use Anti Icky Poo to eradicate stinky cat pee as well as dog pee, baby pee, human pee, blood, barf and countless other icky liquidy things that might have gotten onto your floor or furniture. And we do it without added synthetic toxic fragrance.

The sprayers are very high quality so if you are a returning customer and don't need a new sprayer tell us in the COMMENTS area of the check out page. Sprayers can be re-used multiple times. Let's conserve resources!

If you need more than one quart - keep going, we have bundles!

Miles says:
"Aren't you happy that our Anti Icky Poo does not have any toxic and awful fragrance? We care about you and your health!"

Fragrance Free Is The Newest and Most Sophisticated Technology!

We'll give you just one sprayer which you can use over and over. But if you need the 2nd sprayer please make a note in the comments area of the order form. Or if you don't want any sprayers please tell us that too. We love that our customers like to conserve resources like we do!

Madeline says:
"Meow!! This cleaner works so well to eradicate the smells and stains from cat pee!"

Fragrance free! Newest technology!

We will give you one sprayer with this order of 3 quarts. But, if you need more we are happy to accommodate you, just tell us in the COMMENTS area of the order form. If you happen to not want any sprayers at all tell us that too. The sprayers are very sturdy and can be re-used many times over. We love Cat Faeries customers who as conservation minded as we are!

We test every product that claims to get rid of cat urine and its smell. Anti Icky Poo is the one we keep coming back to. Anti Icky Poo is the one we've recommended for years. Anti Icky Poo is the one which really works. Promise.

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