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Luscious Catnip Rodentia Fantastica!

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From deep within the beautiful woodland fantasy forest, near where the faeries dwell, are darling floofy fuzzy and harmless rodents, the perfect play time companions to all modern house cats. Mice and other rodents symbolize many lovely attributes such they are associated with prosperity and wealth, they are intelligent, adaptable, and resourceful; they bring good luck and companionship and they LOVE to play! They are woodland forest rich vibrant gray. Your own resident cat faerie will absolutely adore these irresistible plush faux furry rodentia fantastica!

Fabric: Amazingly luxurious faux fur with a slight curl, with a matching short satin tail. Gray as shown and we also have them in drool worthy soft pastel like colors.

Tasha says:
"A rodent! A dream come true in the form of a plump juicy plush soft rodent! Why do I find myself running around the house hunting for this little treasure?"


Teddy the Reddy Rodent

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Oh, Teddy in all his curly vivid rodentia fantastica regalia is ready to tempt and enchant our carnivorous rodent chasing felinus fabulosas! Because cats are carnivores it seems logical that their attraction to the color red seems to be hard wired.

When the son of a friend was in 8th grade the science project assignment was “write about anything you wish.” The cat-loving boy decided upon “Do cats see color?” At the time the family had 6 cats and were fostering a few kittens – the perfect control group! His mother made simple non catnip filled cat toys (to prevent any bias). The first set were in the Primary Colors, the other set were the Secondary Colors. The toys were lined up in no particular order and each cat or kitten got a turn to gravitate towards the toy and its color of choice and play with it. Hands down, the winning color was primary color RED! So yes, cats and kittens do see color, or they respond or feel color and their favorite color is red!

Fabric: Amazingly luxurious faux fur with a slight curl, with a short violet satin tail


The Cat Faeries’ Orb of Enlightenment

$6.67   $7.85

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Even though I’ve never seen one I’ve been fascinated by the orbs which appear in certain parts of the US and the world at night. Orbs seem as Glynda The Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz floating down from the sky! While Glynda was there to provide Dorothy with enlightenment so will these perfect catnip filled balls of wonder for your cats!

Fabric: Soft velour in three colors: dandelion Spring-time yellow, blue as the sky, red of my heart full of love. They are about 2 inches diameter the right size for cats who love round toys to carry in their mouths.

Crystal Grab Bag

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We created grab bags of crystals from Cat Faeries Crystal Vault! Because surprises are so much fun, and we all need more fun, you won’t know what beauties are coming your way! It could be a mish-mash of crystals or it could be a bunch of one type. We put them in a sweet bag and inside there is a sheet of paper telling you what they are, their uses and definition.

We recommend getting a Crystal Grab Bag to go with our Crystals for Your Cat’s Good Health and Good Behavior so that you’ll have a nice assortment for creating crystal grids. Instructions for grid making are included! Making grids is fun, they are beautiful, they are powerful, and you’ll love making them! Your cats will love the energy and effort you are putting into their health, harmony, and happiness!

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