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Good behavior and robust health for the modern housecat

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Our Faerie Cat Beds are On Sale
15% Off - Sale Ends Midnight Wednesday 9/29/2021!

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Green Faerie Bed - House Cat Size

$29.72   $34.97

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Doesn't our Daphne look pretty in her green bed? The bed almost matches her striking green eyes! Her expression makes us wonder if she's deciding on a nap or stalking her toys - maybe she's planning to make an executive decision for Cat Faeries! Daphne wishes that your cat will soon enjoy the same comfort for day dreams and beauty rest. This size bed is 18 inches diameter and fits a cat up to 20 pounds.

Made with love in Northern California in a sweat shop free setting. Washable!!!

Daphne says:
"Thatís me! Donít I look pretty in my green bed? It matches my sparkling green eyes! I donít nap as much as most cats but when I do... itís lights out and Iím in dream land all snuggly in my bed!"


Beige Faerie Bed - House Cat Size

$29.72   $34.97

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Madeline is Cat Faeries 'chief feline nap specialist" who makes all of her business decisions from the comfort of her beige bed. Madeline loves knowing that your cat can enjoy the same kitty snuggle-down! This size bed is perfect for a cat who's weight is up to 20 pounds. The bed is 18 inches in diameter. Washable!!!

Made with love in Northern California in a sweat shop free setting.

Madeline says:
"Iím a 15 pound kitty and this size is good for me as it is for Clifford whoís a small cat. We get so many emails from people who rave about them!"


5 HAPPY Catnip Toys - A Grab Bag! 5 Mystery Catnip Toys!

$42.49   $49.99

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Lucky, loved and HAPPY is the cat who gets a HAPPY Grab Bag of Cat Faeries cat toys! Its a surprise of catnip wonderment selected by Auntie Cat Faerie! Play with your vegetables! Indulge in zero calories desserts in the form of catnippy ice cream cones, chocolate eclairs, and festive fruits! Make friends with splooting flying squirrels, hamsters or gold fish! Fly after Godzilla's friend Mothra! Bunny kick as-purr-agus, corn cobs, pickles, hearts with ribbons, and magic wands! You never know what you'll get from our dazzling assortment of legendary cat toys. Your 5 carefully and loving selected toys will be a big surprise! Sometimes we have special toys that are not on our website for added fun and a bigger surprise!

Our catnip toys contain our "only we have it" legendary catnip! We offer this grab bag of assorted shapes and colors to delight your cats and to keep them youthful by running and playing. Our toys are so unique that you can't find em anywhere else.

Cats of all ages have healthy romps around the house playing chase and pounce with our toys which contain our legendary catnip! When you order our grab bag and we'll select an assortment of 5 toys. Until the mail man comes you wonít know what the cat faerie waved her wand over and selected for you! Surprises are FUN! That said, if you have your heart set on a particular toy or two that you'd like in the assortment please use COMMENTS on the check out page and tell us - we'll try to obey you, unlike your cats!

Order as many grab bags as you wish!

Grace from Houston says: "A few toys for my cats and a few toys for my sister's cats! I was brought up to share and I love doing it with the cats of my sister or my friends!"

Clifford says:
"We love love and love selecting an assortment of toys for you! And of course if you have a few preferences, ask us!"

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