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A Gnome for your cat's home!

$12.57   $13.97

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Spring is approaching and the local catnip gnomes are out of hibernation and they are ready to party hard with your cat! Could they be inebriated and feeling frisky from all of that Gnome Honey Brew that they are famous for crafting and fermenting below ground? Adopt one or three of them and find out! Go Gnome Go !

Gnomes have been around since ancient Rome when small statues of the fertility god Priapus started appearing in vineyards and the gardens of the wealthy. It was said the diminutive red hatted gnomes were guardians of animals, nature, beehives, flocks of birds, and that they promoted good fortune, protection, and prosperity. Fast forward to our time when Cat Faeriesí whimsical outlook on everything brings to your feline-filled homes a catnip enhanced gnome for the same mystical and mythical charms, plus giving your beloved cats oodles of playful catnippy entertainment with toy which has many enticing textures!

Fabric: His red hat and nose are velour. His body is cotton. His beard is white faux fur.


Catnip Hamster - Start Your Own Hamster Hockey Team! Price is for one toy

$10.78   $11.98

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Cats everywhere are having marathon Hamster Hockey tournaments! Why is it that the hamsters always lose? Because every cat is a winner! Go Team Go!

Erik from Indiana tells us: "When its my weekend with the kiddos I let them pick out which toys the cats will play with. It's always the hamsters."

Fabric: Soft velour upper body, felt tummy.

Madeline says:
"I'm a bit of a round girl myself so I love a plump round toy to play with!"


Kitty In A Catnip Laced Pickle, price is for one toy

$10.78   $11.98

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Are you a kitty in a pickle and can't decide what toy to play with next? How about a plush velvety pickle to tickle your fancy! These delightful toys are in a lush and scrumptious green with tiny bumps that look just like a deli pickle, and they have a cute little stem.

Bobbi told us: "My son won't eat anything that's green! I kid you not! When I bought 2 of these for his cat and he saw how much fun they were having he's now eating "a few green things!" I have hopes that he'll eat more. Maybe his cat needs a green chili pepper too!"

Fabric: Exceptionally soft velour.

Miles says:
"One of my many nick-names is "Pickles!"


Mr. McGregor's Catnipy Garden Carrot, price is for one toy

$10.78   $11.98

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Fresh from Mr. McGregor's carrot patch in his whimsical garden! Our Catnip filled carrots are sure to make any bunny-kicking cat very happy. They are just the right length to seize with front paws and kick with hind legs. Bunny kicking toys keep cats limber and young! Even older cats can become kittenish again with Mr. McGregor's Garden Catnip carrots! Prints range in colors and patterns and they are always full of whimsy with colors and designs found in fantasy carrot patches and gardens! We love having fun at Cat Faeries, and spreading joy and color is something do daily!

Customer Vivienne says: "Thank you for my order of 5 carrots. The colors and prints are SO MUCH fun! If real carrots were so colorful maybe my children would eat them!"

Fabric: Varies from smooth cotton to velour. The "tops" are felt.

Daphne says
It was my idea to offer you joyful cats carrots in crazy colors and prints that are not found at the farmer's market! In nature carrots come a wide variety of colors, not just orange, and that gave us our inspiration to have fun with prints and patterns!


One Catnip Candyland Magic Wand

$11.66   $12.95

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Mouth watering peppermint stripe Catnip Candyland Magic Wand will get your fur kids in the Winter spirit in the comfort of your toasty warm home or be a cool reminder on a hot Summer's day! This wand is about 8 inches long. and an inch across, which cats tell us is the ideal size for playfully serious bunny kicking!

Fabric: Cotton blend, white background, Red candy cane stripes

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