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About Flower Essences

A flower essence, or flower remedy, is a form of energy medicine, somewhat like Homeopathy. What we are working with is the energy of a flower and the vibration of a flower. Every flower has its own gifts and its own ability to heal or transform. The energy or vibration of each flower is imprinted into water so that we may easily use it and benefit from it.

There are no "active ingredients" like you find in herbal products or in allopathic (pharmaceutical drug oriented) medicine. Flower essences are also completely different from essential oils or aromatherapy products.

Important! Flower Essences are not Essential Oils

Flower essences have no scent. Flower essences do not contain any physical traces of the actual flower. Flower essences cause no side effects or contra indications with drug oriented medicines or any other therapies. Flower essences are used worldwide and are used by a growing number of medical doctors, alternative health practitioners, therapists, and most exciting - by private individuals like you who wish to explore healing and well being on your own.

History Lesson

Do you wonder about who first used flower essences? Is this form of healing new? No it is not! Imagine early humans coming upon a beautiful flower early in the day still blushing with morning dew upon its petals. Imagine being moved to touch the droplets of water to the tongue, or to even pop the flower, dew and all, into the mouth. Now imagine that perhaps a bad mood might be replaced with a lighthearted mood, or that a body pain suddenly melts away. This is how our ancestors came upon the concept that water when infused in sunlight with a flower is healing.

Flowers in honey have been found In the tombs of Egypt. Paracelsus used and wrote about flower remedies. There is documentation that the Druids used them. We know that today the Aboriginals still use them. It is likely that on every continent and in every ancient culture some sort of water flower infusion had purposes of healing or physical or spiritual or emotional work.

In all likelihood the Bach Flower Remedy called Rescue Remedy was probably your first introduction to flower essences. In the early 1930's Dr. Edward Bach, a British Homeopath, became increasingly fascinated with flowers, and less fascinated with Homeopathic medicines as he responded to a pull to be closer to nature. He began documenting in writing over 30 different flowers and the effect they had on people and animals. He researched the history of flower essences or flower remedies (the two terms mean the same thing and are used interchangeably) and it is now widely considered that he did not invent flower essences, but resurrected this ancient healing art for our modern times.

Bach selected 38 flowers, began infusing them, and kept copious notes and records on the responses by his patients. After several years of 'proving' the benefits of each flower, and to meet the increasing demand from patients who wanted to have these medicines in a convenient form, Bach was faced with a new problem. His bottles of infusions of flowers in water would stay bacteria and mold free for only one week. Being an inquisitive and resourceful Englishman Bach searched for a way to preserve the infusions in bottles. Listening to his intuition and thinking long and hard, he came up with mixing Brandy into his infusions as alcohol is an excellent preservative. Brandy appealed to him because it comes from grapes, which grow on the vine, and began as a flower! Perfection!

However! We do not need to use brandy or any form of alcohol, or even vinegar because of our unique ground breaking proprietary formulating! As always, we think of what's best for cats, best for you, and best for our world!

Many people think that flower essences begin and end with Bach Flower Remedies. Delightfully, this isn't so. In the past 75 years pioneers of the vibrational medicine movement have gone beyond Bach, way beyond. Today there are flower essence makers around the world. And every day there are new discoveries about the benefits of more flowers. Bach's original 38 seem so limited and outdated!

When you order flower essences from us you'll get our instructional handout.

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