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Best Seller

4 bottles of legendary Convivial House Cat (2oz)

"The Cat Faerie-Godmother's Power Package!"


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This bundle of 4 each of the 2 ounce bottles of Convivial House Cat allows you to have a bottle ready to problem solve in every room in your house! Consistent use is the goal and we know that if your bottles are out of sight, they are out of mind! Keep them handy where you can see them, so you can use them!

Scatter your bottles around the house in the places where you go every day. You'll see them and remember to use them because daily use is important to transform and problem solve! We want you and your cats to be happy!

* Keep a bottle where you prepare cat food and refresh water bowls and apply it daily

* Have another bottle where you store kitty litter or near the litter box area

* Keep a bottle close to where the cats sleep and play

* If peeing outside of the box is a problem keep a bottle near where they marked

* Have one by the coffee maker or tea kettle

* On the coffee table

* On the kitchen table

* Next to your cell phone charger

* Near your TV remote control

* On the night table or dresser

* In the bathroom where your tooth brush is

A few sprays on food and in the water bowls along with misting it around the house on objects such as toys or furniture is how to use this amazing product! So keep bottles handy to remember to use it!
NOTE: The bottles will not have plastic seals because we are dedicated to Zero Waste and the near elimination of plastic!

Clifford says:
"4 bottles of Convivial House Cat allows you to have a bottle in different 4 rooms which makes remembering to use it really easy."

Best Seller

(a set of 4)

2 - Convivial House Cat - 2 fl. oz. spray bottles
+ 1 Multi Cat Household Flower Essence Formula
+ 1 Territorial Rescue Flower Essence Formula

"Transform your cats! See them get along, being friendly & well behaved with good habits!"


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This bundle is the absolute must-have for any home with cats which is experiencing any assortment of naughty or unpleasant behaviors. We know how frustrating it is to have cats who are fighting or not using their litter boxes and we are here for you with the solutions!

You get 2 bottles of Convivial House Cat which is recommended by Cat Behavior Alliance, along with 2 of our most popular and effective flower essence formulas crafted just for cats: Multi Cat Household and Territorial Rescue.

Convivial House Cat comes with a sprayer, and the 2 flower essences come with droppers BUT if you wish to have sprayers instead you may order then for just a $1 more.

A mister top allows you to spray the formulas on objects, around the house, or on cat food or in the water bowl. You can order misters/sprayers at the bottom of the page. They fit our 1 oz bottles.

Madeline says:
"Two bottles of Convivial House Cat along with one each of our top two selling flower essence formulas means that very soon youíll have happy, well behaved cats Ė just like me! Purr Purr Purr!"

Best Seller

(a set of 3) I Love My Litter Box (comes w/a mister top) and Multi Cat Household and Territorial Rescue

"Reclaim your home from feisty felines!"

1 fl oz

  • Stop Litter Box Avoidance
  • Stop Litter Box Aversion or Fear
  • Do Your Business in the Box, Not on the Bed!
  • Works well with Convivial House Cat to end urine spraying and inappropriate urination

  • $75.85

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    Your bottles are priced to come with a dropper, but if you'd rather have mister tops so you can spray these formulas around the house, or on objects or in your cat's food/water scroll to the bottom of the list of formulas for cats and you'll see where you can order as many misters as you like, for just $1 each.

    Daphne says:
    "Donít you want a house full of friendly litter box using cats? Of course you do!"

    (a set of 2) Kidney Kitty and Elder Support

    "Defy aging, you are fabulous at any age!

    Each bottle is 1 fl. oz.
    To support a very long life.


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    Comes with droppers. Some people prefer mister tops so they would be able to spray this formula around the house and on objects or on food and in water. To order for just $1 go to the bottom of this page. Fits our 1oz bottles.

    Tasha says:
    "This duo works in perfect harmony and they will keep your cats frisky and feeling kittenish through the years!"


    (a set of 2) Limbic System Re-Wire and and DNA Support

    "The 'gene genie' is here to help re-boot and reset!"

    Each bottle is 1 fl. oz.


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    The perfect duo to correct deep seated emotional or physical conditions and disorders particularly for any formerly abused cat or any cat born feral or in less than ideal situations.

    Priced for bottles with a dropper in each. But some people prefer a mister top so they would be able to spray this formula around the house and on objects. You could also spray it on food or in the water bowl. If you would like mister tops instead of the droppers you can order one for just $1 each at the bottom of this page.

    Madeline says:
    "Kitty no longer needs to be bound by past bad memories or what may be not so great genetics!"


    SOLD OUT - A Grab Bag of 5 of our Legendary Catnip Toys!


    Out Of Stock


    It's been a wonderful 28 years of offering these special toys to the Cat Faeries Community! Our legendary Catnip Meow Mist is not going anywhere! We love it and so do our customers!

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