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Flower Essences FAQ

Do flower essences smell pretty?

No, they are not meant to. Flower essences (or flower remedies) are sometimes confused with essential oils or aromatherapy products. But they are not even remotely similar.

Essential oils are the volatile oils which were extracted or distilled from a plant therefore they have a scent. We have multiple certifications in aromatherapy and have worked with it since 1982 but it is not our favored modality any longer.

To make essential oil a huge amount of plant material must picked and used to distill the oils and we feel this is not the best way to honor or work with plants. We prefer the gentler approach of our no-pick method flower essences.

Some of these words are new to me. I've never heard of flower essences, flower remedies, vibrational medicine, or energy medicine.

Flower essences are sometimes called flower remedies - the two phrases mean the same thing, the products are the same.

Vibrational medicine and energy medicine are the same thing. It can be said that we work with the vibration of a substance, or that we work with the energy of the substance.

Flower essences are a "cousin" of Homeopathy. Homeopathy and flower essences are both vibrational and energy medicine.

This means that when you ingest either you are taking the vibration of a substance not the actual substance itself. In Homeopathy you are ingesting a dilution of a substance. This dilution was achieved by a process called succussion. During succussion a homeopathic remedy is diluted so much that none of the original substance is present - just its energy or vibration.

With flower essences we imprint the vibration of each flower in water. No dilution or succussion is performed. We work with a transference of energy or vibration.

Therefore there are no active-ingredients in either a homeopathic product or a flower essence.

Fascinating, tell me more!

Flower essences do not create side effects or have adverse reactions. The "essence of" and "vibration of" a flower has been captured in, or suspended in, or melded with water. Water can hold energy and thoughts.

When you take an herb you are ingesting the actual plant material. When you take an allopathic medicine (drugs made by pharmaceutical companies) you are ingesting substances. Herbs and drugs have or are active-ingredients, flower essences do not. Be sure to also read About Flower Essences for more detail and the history of this incredible modality.

Tell me about your flower essence formulas for Cats

When we create our blends for cats we take into consideration our unique feline friends and approached it from their view of the world. We know that every species has certain things bother them or are a problem for them so we go beyond our human perspectives to discover and create formulas to benefit feline. We always work with the Deva of Cats and The Soul Council of Cats when we formulate our formulas for cats.

What exactly is in each bottle?

Activated water with the energy imprint of a specific flower or plant for our Cat Faeries Single Essences. For our formulas for cats we use multiple vibrational essences from our pharmacy of Single Essences. The Single Essences contain French Bio-Dynamic Cognac while our formulas for cats are alcohol free. The cat formulas are also glycerine free, and vinegar free and are preserved with a tiny drop of grapefruit seed extract.

Cat Faeries flower essence formulas for cats have many different flower essence vibrations imprinted in the water.

Our formulas for cats are very complex recipes which change as we learn about or acquire new flower essences. The formulas evolve as we evolve.

Does it take a leap of faith for these intriguing products to work?

Perhaps when they are new to you. While it's helpful to have faith that they are working it's not necessary. Plenty of our customers start as skeptics, but they don't stay that way for very long! It's been proven that flower essences work in animals and young children who have no preconceived bias either way.

Flower essences are not some weird new age placebo or gimmick. Doctors world wide are embracing their use as patients demand it. Flower essences are not new, we've read documentation that the Paracelsus, the Egyptians, Aboriginals, and Druids used them. Archaeologists know that in most cultures waters were gathered for various healing purposes. Throughout the ages people might have sipped the morning dew off whatever flowers were favored or growing nearby.

We hear from people all the time who tell us that they don't know what this stuff is, how or why it works, but that it does!

I've seen Bach Flowers at my health food store. Are yours the same thing?

Yes and no. They are both flower essences. We feel Bach flowers are very outdated and limited, and that they do not adequately address modern beings and modern life. We work exclusively with our own single essences for create our formulas.

When we began working with flower essences in the early 1980's we pretty much only had Bach to choose from. While we utterly respect their place in history, by the close of the 80's we'd moved beyond to other flower essence producers, and by 1992 we were already making our own.

Bach flowers consist of only 38 flowers which was fine in the 1920's when they were developed, but times and needs change. Our collection of flower essences grows as we discover other flowers and learn how their diversity can address more situations. We work with a wide range of flowers, from common wildflowers to exotic flowers. And our collection grows larger all the time!

Also, Bach flowers and most others are picked off the plant which can harm it, or if you recall that funny scene in the Wizard of Oz when the apple tree slapped Dorothy for picking an apple - same idea - they don't like it, and it's disrespectful to the plant. We don't need to pick the flowers as we work with the spirit world. Interestingly, working in this reverent manner makes our essences more powerful and pure.

So, when you make your flower essences are you not harming the plant by picking the flowers? Cool!

Most flower essence producers use the "pick method" which is when flowers are picked at their peak, usually midday, then they are infused in bowls of water in sunlight. Cat Faeries does not do this, we don't need to, we work with flowers and plants in a reverent manner which gives us access to the healing benefits of plants which might be rare or endangered. Nature spirits, Devas, and Angels imprint the energy of a flower into our waters. There are only a handful of us worldwide who work at this deep and spiritual of a level

Do you know of Dr Masaru Emoto's work?

Oh yes! In 2005 we invited to work with the late Dr. Emoto on a special project in San Francisco where our group energetically transferred specific intentions to a vessel of water located 30 miles away in Sausalito. Yes! It worked! When we met him he kindly wrote "love and gratitude" in Japanese lettering on a bottle for us! We use this bottle and water in our work so that the Love and Gratitude Hado crystals are imprinted in the water of every bottle!

Even before reading his work and meeting Dr Emoto we spoke to our waters. Lovingly, flowery speech is what they adore!

We speak to water all the time! When doing dishes we ask that where ever the water goes next that it be pure, healthful, pollution free, and be of benefit to others. We do this in the shower and bath, when washing our hands, washing our food and clothing. We try to send good thoughts with water when it leaves us.

Are flower essences safe? Will they clash with other medication I might be taking or giving to my cat?

They are absolutely safe! And completely safe for all beings. The flower want to help us, not hurt us. To our knowledge there are no recorded instances of flower essences causing harm to anyone

Flower essences may be used for people, animals, children, and plants. They have been used for centuries. They will not interfere for any other form of medicine or health care. But when in doubt always check with your veterinarian or other health care professionals.

How often do I use my flower essences?

For chronic problems, generally daily until the desired result has occurred. We suggest using them 2 or 3 times a day. For acute problems every 15 minutes or so until the upset has passed or the situation has changed.

Is taking flower essences a one time thing, or a forever thing?

It can be either. It depends upon the problem or situation we are trying to correct or relieve. One dose of a flower essence is rarely enough. And there are not too many people who don't have a vast array of issues, problems, difficulties etc to work on! There's always something that needs healing or improving.

Once a person has a positive experience with flower essences they find they want to collect more of them, and deepen their work with them for themselves, their animals, their friends, and community.

YES YES YES!! We joyfully encourage everyone with the interest to heal and be healed to be active in the clan of healers who use flower essences.

What is the shelf life?

The label on your bottle has an expiration date. However, we have bottles that we bought in 1980 which are still potent and mold free! When making your own formulas use our 50/50 ratio of water to bio-dynamic French Cognac for the longest shelf life possible

Where do I store them?

In a cabinet or drawer. We say to keep them out of direct sunlight, which is ideal, but not always possible. If you leave a bottle out for a few days, its no big deal. We just don't want you to store them on a window sill. It's also best to not store them next to your computer.

What about contamination?

As long as you don't let debris fall into your bottle, and if you can keep bottles way from direct sunlight for long periods of time, as well as keep them away from computers or other electromagnetic fields they'll be fine! You also don't want the glass dropper to touch anything.

My eye dropper fell on the floor, is in contaminated?

Don't panic! If your dropper ever touches lips, teeth, fingers, the ground, simply remove the glass part from the dropper and rinse both under running filtered water. Reconnect them, give them one final rinse then return to the bottle. Ask your bottle to continue to be free and clear of any vibrational contamination or outside influences. Your wish will be granted!

Why do you use glass droppers? Is it safe to put a glass dropper in a cat's mouth?

We use glass droppers because we hate plastic. Plastic will leach out into your flower essences and we sure don't want that!

It is NOT safe to put a glass dropper into a cat's mouth, or any animal's mouth. You put their drops in food or water.

Do you really only use bottles made in the US?

Yes, our bottles are American made.

Bottles coming in from China or Taiwan get fumigated on the ship. This is bug spray, and because it impregnates the glass we feel that whatever is inside the Chinese bottles and glass the contents are contaminated and thus unfit for human or animal consumption.

Shipping from so far away also burns up a huge amount of fossil fuel, and we do not agree with that. We do everything possible to avoid products from China as we do not support the trend of outsourcing manufacturing there.

I'd like to try making my own formulas!

Wonderful, go for it! You'll love collecting our single essences which we sell here to create your own.

Cat Faeries Singles allow you do build your own pharmacy and do your own formulating. We want you and those you care for to be happy and feel good. We want to help create more healers and see them being of benefit. Getting flower essences into your hands and teaching you how to use them is our way of helping to save the world!

Cat Faeries Single Flower Essences - dedicated to benefiting all!

Cat Faeries customers have asked us to bottle and sell our favorite single or individual flower essences so they can be creative and make formulas. You may use them for everyone: for yourself, your friends, your family, your community, and the animals in your life.

In the Summer of 2005 began with 25 of our favorites and over the years we have added many more. You'll find flower essences suitable for beginners, and exciting for the advanced practitioner. You'll find flower essences not found elsewhere!

Collecting individual flower essences might be new for you or perhaps you already have some flower essences and want more. We encourage you! It's very rewarding to collect and use individual flower essences and make formulas.

The flowers are here to help us so it's virtually impossible to have an adverse reaction to flower remedies or to create a bad formula!. Explore and experiment and be enchanted.

Due to the nature of these vibrational remedies there can be no returns.

When you order flower essences from us you'll get our very detailed instructional handout. We'll also teach you how to incorporate crystals with your work for added potency!

Every bit of Cat Faeries text is original. It was written by our behaviorist and it is based upon our years of experience with every item we have carefully selected just for you. All of our text and photos are copyright protected. If you should be foolish and dare to copy it, you will be sent immediately to the pound, and hunted down by our legal team who will prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Our intellectual property lawyer was a pitbull in a past life.
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