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About Catnip Meow Mist

We are really passionate catnip! And we love making "the signature fragrance of The Modern Cat" in the form of a pure catnip floral water commonly called a hydrosol. Pure! Undiluted! No fillers! No oils or alcohol! Just the dizzying scent of catnip water to delight and entertain your cats!

The Catnip We Use

Our catnip is very special, it comes from our secret region of the US where soil and weather conditions produce a Catnip which has the highest levels of Nepetalactone in the world. Nepetalactone is the active ingredient that cats are attracted to. We've had this Catnip laboratory tested to verify its strength.

There are some cats who never responded to Catnip in the past but respond to OUR Catnip Meow Mist! Did you know that about 20% of all cats didn't get the "Catnip gene?" We have heard from many people who tell us that those gene-deprived cats respond to our Catnip.

Is Catnip Meow Mist Safe?

Of course darlings! We are obsessed with safety, purity, good health, and happiness!

We get oodles of letters from customers who tell us that their cats go absolutely loopy and bonkers over Catnip Meow Mist. We enjoy hearing from our customers and we love getting photos of cats at play! These photos are always a total riot and they mean so much to us!

When we wake up in the morning, we awaken with the knowledge that there are thousands of cats across the land happily enjoying Catnip Meow Mist!

Cat Faeries would love to see your photos and videos of your cats enjoying Catnip Meow Mist. We love catnip! We love that you've come to visit us!

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