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Good behavior and robust health for the modern housecat

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Crystals For Good Health and Good Behavior

A Very Special collection!

Healer's Crystals ~ 100 grams of a powerful assortment of 8 types of crystals


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The photo above is an example of what 100 grams of crystal looks like. As you see in the picture each order will get one of the popular carved small Amethyst cats, and one of the small Amethyst cat faces, and one Larimar heart plus a bunch of other crystals which we love. And Cat Faeries being Cat Faeries, and crystals weighing in at so many different weights your purchase is likely to be a bit over 100 grams! We'll describe the crystals below.

For those of you who adore crystals and stones, or who are just exploring this world, weíve curated something special for you so that you may help and benefit yourself, your friends and family, and of course Ė your furry friends! Everyone who you care about can benefit from your loving help for their wellness or happiness, and Cat Faeries has just what you need and it's an assortment of 8 different types of crystal including TWO of our beloved cat shaped Amethysts! The list of the types of crystals is below.

This beautiful mix of 8 kinds of our favorite crystals will be gathered and wrapped just for you when we see your name or if you use COMMENTS to give us names of friends or cats. You may also tell us some of the conditions or benefits you wish that your crystals help you with which we will consider when gathering, and we will happily write back with personal instructions (there is no fee for this service) There are so many ways to use them. For your cats we know that putting a drops of a liquid on them such as Convivial House Cat, or our Flower Essence Formulas for Cats, or any of our Single Flower Essences works very well to transmit those frequencies and energies.

When you receive your special bundle we'll also teach how to cleanse them, activate them, and then program them to transmit or beam the healing frequencies to who or where you want them to go.

Two handouts will come with your order. One is how to cleanse, energize and program. The other is how to create a grid which is how we arranged them in the photo at the top of this page.

Here are the kinds of crystals that you will receive:

One Amethyst cat face and one Amethyst cat body ~ Protection, purification, Divine connection. Release bad behaviors, indulgences or addictions. It holds the same vibration as the Violet Flame which one can call upon for protection from any sort of negativity and well as to purge painful and negative Karmic chords, illness and kinks in the DNA, cells and genes. Creates the feeling of being a bubble of Light. Activate your higher mind your bodyís own ability to purify, cleanse, release and regenerate.

Angel Aura ~ A product of modern technology when an element such as gold or platinum is permanently bonded to quartz which actually amplifies the quartz and takes it in new healing and beneficial directions. The shimmer reminds one of Angels and evoke a bubble of peace, tranquility and contentment feeling which are vital for any sort of healing to any of the bodyís systems. Deep awareness and connection to the angelic realm for heightened purification, rest and repose. Angel Aura loves working with other crystals. Even though this is a modern technique other crystal therapists believe that the treatment doesn't lessen the power of quartz but truly does create new and vibrant healing abilities!

Aqua Aura ~ Is similar in the technology process and benefits as Angel Aura and Sunset Aura with the addition of releasing negative energies from ones energy field, bringing inner peace and release from stress, and safety. This alchemical stone strengthens the thymus gland for better immunity. It offers protection from parasites, psychic attack, psychological attack such a gas-lighting, and repels malevolent beings. It loves to work in great harmony with the other stones in your assortment! We think that this stone is one that you should carry in your purse or in your car.

Golden Healer Quartz ~ These hold and beam the pure golden ray of light for self healing. They also invoke Christ consciousness which sends power healing currents to the body, mind and spirit. It can also be used in meditations for global healings and peace. This is Arkansas quartz grew on or around iron oxide which gives them that sacred yellow to pale orange glow These are considered to be among the most prized healerís stones. Imagine yourself and those your love glowing with golden light.

Larimar ~ An emotional cleanser for calming, cooling, and soothing to the emotional body and mind. Activates clear,but peaceful communication. Gives emotional strength & access to the divine feminine within. Release yourself from harmful inner bonds to others or to their principals which do not serve you. Promotes serenity and wisdom. Calms excessive fear and diffuses excessive anger. Lovely pale blue color evokes happiness and friendliness. Ours are heart shaped and are very high quality.

Quartz ~ Quartz crystals are found all over the planet but the ones from Arkansas have the most neutral energy which means they can be programmed easily and readily Ė they love being programmed with prayer and intention, or just simple "asking" with good manners for healing and so much more. This quartz will amplify the energy of other crystals which make them ideal for this assortment. They can be used for absolutely any metaphysical purpose that one can imagine or need. Amplify cleansing, clearing, healing, mentation and memory, and transformation at the deepest and highest levels.

Shungite, Nobel Elite ~ This is a recently discovered stone from Russia which is being used for the purification of drinking water. It also cleanses and purifies on a spiritual level, and cleanses and aligns all particles of the body so they heal and conjoin with the Light. It is said to be able to clear all manner of negativity including diseases. Itís also about truth, almost like a truth serum despite how hardwired a person is to not being a teller of the truth! For emotional re-birthing, spiritual awakening, and a body with a cleansed aura while being grounded to the earth. There are poor quality Shungites on the market, but ours are the best, known as Nobel Elite.

Sunset Aura ~ Another quartz that was treated with gold or another element to create those vibrant sunset colors which embody an uplifting and cheerful feeling to all who are near it - just like one feels when watching the sun set in Hawaii! Unification of the brain and mind, heart and inner wisdom with alignment to oneís higher self to overcome any and all emotional difficulties allowing for healing and repair of the body. Allows one to find and then follow their heartís desire.

Having crystals on or near you and your beloveds is quite wonderful and you may place them on a sunny windowsill. Crystals love to be anyplace where there is light. But you can also tuck one in your wallet or a compartment in your purse. House plants love them so one on top of their soil (we recommend the Shungite for that purpose) . They can go in your car's drink holder. They are lovely and beneficial in a pretty dish on your night table, near your catís food bowl and litter box.. They would also make an attractive cluster or pile on your coffee table or night table.

For a "random act of kindness" hand one to a stranger and wish them well.

The size and shape of the crystals in your assortment varies but we guarantee a minimum of 100 grams.

Please don't put them in water vessel as tiny shards can break off of these non-tumbled natural stones!

Did you know that it took millions to billions of years for crystals to grow? Talk about recorders of earth's history! Amazing!

"There is a small dish near our food bowls with a few crystals on it. Our Maid puts a few drops of Multi Cat Household or Convivial House Cat on them every day or a few times a week."

Why Crystals?

Crystals are an important element in your work with caring for your cats and for yourself and friends and family. For cats they will intensify the vibration and effectiveness of our Flower Essence Formulas for Cats and Convivial House Cat. Both products were crafted specifically for cats and are a crucial step in getting your cats back in the litter box, harmonizing your multi cat household and helping your cats live long healthy happy lives. Crystals, in particular Amethyst, when placed all around your home is transformational to all who dwell there - any species, any age, any gender.

Many years ago a group of flower essence visionaries, including our Auntie Cat Faerie, found that "beaming" flower essences off a crystal was just as effective as taking them orally or putting them in water and food or when they were anointed onto skin/fur. This was a major discovery which is still enhancing and changing lives every day! We knew crystals were powerful but this took it to another level!

Best of all, beaming the energy of Convivial House Cat, a single flower essence, or a flower essence formula is really easy, with loving intention in mind, anyone can do it! Just read our handout, practice once or twice, and you'll be great at it in no time!

Why Cat Faeries crystals?Crystal image for sidebar
Just like everything else we carry we are obsessively fussy about quality. We offer you only the best of the best. We guarantee that all of our crystals were ethically mined and sourced, they are also conflict free.

Crystals work with flower essences

Using crystals and Convivial House Cat or our flower essences together will catapult you to a new level of healing and bonding with your cats! It's so easy: place the crystal on a dish (or get creative!). The dish can be places anywhere you like. Some examples are: a table top, an altar, the mantel, any sleeping area or bed, next to the cat's food bowl, in the cat's water bowl, or any other favorite or any special place of your choosing.

Three drops of a flower essence or Convivial House Cat on a crystal three times a day, with loving intention in your heart, is an excellent way to transmit the energy of the essences to yourself or a favorite animal friend. You can also transmit the energy to a friend who's far away. Most of our customers do it all - they'll beam the essences off a crystal, they'll anoint, they'll add them to water. More detail in the handout you'll get with your order!

Lot's of great uses for crystals

For cats and other animal friends you can also place a crystal in their water bowl to keep water pure, fresh and beneficial. We recommend that every day you change the water every day, rinse off the crystal, then put it back in. After a time the crystal may grow cloudy - that's normal and tells us that its done is job of keeping the water pure, you can now bury it in your garden so that it may return to the earth from where it came.

  • 3 drops of flower essences 3 times a day on a crystal will "beam" the energy - details come with your order
  • place a crystal near your cat's food and water bowl area for good digestion and harmony during meal time
  • place crystals in cat beds, under bed pillows, on table tops, in corners and windowsills
  • place crystals around the house for harmony and health
  • place crystals around the house as a reminder of the beauty in your heart, in the world and to transform all who live there
  • hold one in your hand while stroking your cats for a relaxing experience for all
  • for psychic work, energy healing, overall wellness and immunity
  • we suggest that when your crystals arrive that you make friends right away and cleanse and energize. You'll get a handout with all the details you need to cleanse, energize, and program

Something fun!

Our Prius mechanic, Carolyn Coquillette, owner of Luscious Garage, has been known to tape crystals under the hood of client's hybrids to keep the vibrations of driving positive for both car and driver.

What Customers Say About Our Crystals

Always needing more Convivial House Cat. Our once feral girl Lizzie still has some trust issues . Love the crystals we've gotten from you too.


Love the crystal! It gave me chills. :)And the order arrived so quickly! In the 1980ís I prepared mother essences for Pegasus Products in Boulder, Colorado from plants I grew in my backyard. Love the vibes of your products. I put a few drops of each flower essence in water tonight. We have been having incidents of litter box bullying and It has gotten better, but I was out of Territorial Rescue. Tomorrow I will work with the beautiful Golden Healer crystal and Convivial House Cat.

Many blessings,

I already have a couple of crystals, but am looking forward to the Golden Healer crystal for my precious cat named Chirp. We've been battling renal failure, and the crystals, Kitty Kidney flower essence, filtered water, acupressure, and PRAYER are dropping her creatine levels dramatically! She looks so much like one of your cats -- beautiful Blue! Thank you as always!


Disclaimer - Crystal healing is never to be used as a substitute to professional medical care, attention, or diagnosis. It is founded on personal belief and experience and holds no guarantees. If you are suffering from an ailment, please seek professional medical attention. It is by choice and personal opinion that you believe the healing properties of crystals.

Every bit of Cat Faeries text is original. It was written by our behaviorist and it is based upon our years of experience with every item we have carefully selected just for you. All of our text and photos are copyright protected. If you should be foolish and dare to copy it, you will be sent immediately to the pound, and hunted down by our legal team who will prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Our intellectual property lawyer was a pitbull in a past life.
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