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Good behavior and robust health for the modern housecat

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Crystals For Your Cat's Good Health and Good Behavior


Crystals selected to support health and behavior with frequencies that match our products!

"Old rocks - new tricks! Ancient stones for modern house cats!"


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Quartz crystals have been proven by scientists and mystics alike that they have the energies to increase the effectiveness of vibrational medicines such as our Convivial House Cat and our Flower Essence Formulas For Cats. When you place a few drops of the selected product to the stone the frequencies of the crystals and of the chosen product work together in perfect harmony and channel this to the cat.

You will receive our very detailed instructions on how to work with them

Our crystals go well with Convivial House Cat, Multi Cat Household, Territorial Rescue, Calm and Serene, My New Home, I Love My Litter Box, DNA Support, From Bully to Buddy, Elder Support, Kidney Kitty, Limbic System Re-wire, Emotional Sunshine, Home Alone Kitty, Moves and Changes, Pandora Syndrome Relief


A QUARTZ POINT measuring 2 to 3 inches in length. AAA quality, the best there is. There's a balanced neutrality in quartz crystals which make them Master Healers and highly programmable. Such master healers love to help and they are ready to be called upon for you to program them with your intentions and needs. Look closely at your new stone and you'll see their coloration is balanced in male/female energies: the milky part represents the feminine and the water clear represents the masculine. You may see a rainbow, you may see "frost" and your may see the marks of a record keeper - each is unique!

Clear quartz can be used for absolutely any purpose that you can imagine. They amplify healing, cleansing, clearing, and changing. They assist in mentation, memory, and transformation at the deepest and highest levels. If you have other crystals these Quartz will assist and work in harmony with them.

One of the gifts of quartz is that it can absorb, store, release and regulate energy – how’s that for amazing job description! Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralizing background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations. They balance and revitalize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. They have the ability to cleanse and enhance body systems and also be a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind. Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities. Our Quartz aids concentration and unlocks memory. Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.

A QUARTZ "SHAD" or "SHEET" This interesting quartz crystal formation is a mostly clear flat section which was found between two crystals thus holding the energies of two distinct quartz specimens. Metaphysically it can be used as a “mirror” which mimics its flat shape to reflect away any negative states, conditions, or behaviors and also, to direct desired states, conditions, or behaviors which makes them ideal for applies drops of Convivial House Cat or flower essences. They are also considered to be “self-healed crystals” meaning that the shard/sheet was severed from its original cluster group, then at some later time in its ancient history the conditions were correct for it to continue to grow new a crystal structure over the area where the crystal separated from its original host – in other words, the shard healed its own wounds! It is believed that this crystal will aid in any type of self-healing physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual condition. Self-healed crystals are exceptionally supportive for those with chronic or complex health conditions, past emotional disturbances, traumas, and other challenging or misunderstood afflictions.

Our paper handouts will teach you how to clear, clean, and program crystals which will amplify them for transformation at the deepest and highest level. We will even give you suggestions for phrases to use when you place drops of our products on your crystals which customers find to be helpful.

Tasha says:
"We love and understand cats, and we love and understand crystals We have crystals which are of benefit and service to you and your cats. When you order them you'll get our handouts which teach you everything you need to know about using crystals for great results with our products such as Convivial House Cat and all of our Flower Essence Formulas for Cats. Our crystals increase the effectiveness of Cat Faeries unique formulations!"

Crystal Grab Bag


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Wouldn't you just love a grab bags of crystals from Cat Faeries Crystal Vault! Because surprises are so much fun- and we all need more fun - you won’t know what beauties are coming your way until they arrive at their new home! We put them in a sweet bag and inside there is a sheet of paper giving you the name of the type and their definition. Crystals boost the effectiveness of our products! You'll love using them! Your cats will be grateful!

Disclaimer - Crystal healing is never to be used as a substitute to professional medical care, attention, or diagnosis. It is founded on personal belief and experience and holds no guarantees. If you are suffering from an ailment, please seek professional medical attention. It is by choice and personal opinion that you believe the healing properties of crystals.

We thought you'd like to read what our customers have to say!

Thank you so very much for helping me get additional crystals to go with the set that I ordered. They are perfect and I love rearranging them when the mood strikes! This is funny - my cats put their noses on them! It's so easy for me to put drops of Multi Cat Household and Kidney Kitty on them. I see improvement every day.

Bethany D.

I was one of those people who thought crystals were weird, pretty, but weird. I thought I'd never want any and I certainly didn't know what to do with them if I had them. But we love your products so much and your viewpoint about cats that I thought I'd take a leap of faith and order some - that's how much I trust Cat Faeries. A few days after I placed them on a dish I realized that I had to eat my words. I really like these crazy things! Better, and evidence that I've not lost my mind, my cats are sitting near the coffee table where I keep them and are not hissing at each other. I just ordered two more sets!

Libby E.

I love the crystals and so does my daughter and her cranky older cat! Sami the older cat has some problems with her kidneys and we already have Kidney Kitty and use it daily. Now I'm putting a few drops on the crystals which I put in a tea cup saucer and it's near the window that Sami likes the most. I actually saw Sami trot to her food bowl the other day when normally she walks slowly. Thank you for getting my order to me so fast and for using paper packaging that I can recycle.

Elsa P.

These are the cats who need crystals: Lance is old and his bones and arthritis gives him some issues, My sisters cats Max and Miles have stomach issues, My friends cat Mango is diabetic and a lazy groomer, Popeye is young but almost completely blind. I have a bunch that I just want to keep safe on their outdoor journeys, and to keep a positive vibe in their sleeping spaces throughout my yard and in their sunporch. Thanks for asking! Love you guys! Happy Spring!

Stephanie S.

We're loving the Convivial Housecat spray! Since Mody (my sprayer) is responding well to it, I may venture into one of your flower essences and/or crystals because Mody seems to spray when he sees or hears another cat on the outside. It doesn't help that our "cat room" is a big sunroom with glass on 3 sides where my boys can see the birds, squirrels, lizards, etc. Unfortunately Mody sees other cats outside of his sunroom and sprays the doors down quite often. But we're encouraged with your products....thanks so much, and I'll definitely keep you posted.


Recently got the Multi Cat essence and Cat Crystals and the kitties and I are hooked!!! Thank you SO much for everything, you've helped make it possible for all the boys to live harmoniously together! Thank you!!! Xo


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