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Legendary Faerie Cat Beds

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At last, a cat bed that’s American made! And which does not have any foam. These beds are washable and super comfy. Soft and rich velveteen on the outside and a plush fleece lining on the inside makes a snuggly retreat for any cat weighing up to 20 pounds. Cat Faeries own cats & bunnies have test driven these beds for many years. Our beds have been machine washed countless times and the still look and feel great. We knew you'd want them for your cats too.

We selected two colors that we felt would compliment any home and décor. A lovely celery/sage green, and a sweet beige tan. The fabric on the outside is delightfully velvety and the fleece on the inside is soft and warm. Every cat will love snoozing in such comfort! Set one down near a sunbeam, a heater vent, or the fireplace and watch kitty drift into dreamland.

Because the sides are NOT foam (which is toxic) the sides will smoosh down a little bit to create a super comfortable surface for your cat’s chin.

Washing instructions: before you pop the bed into the washing machine pull the fleece away from the velveteen fabric so that its sort of diamond shaped. This will help the water and soap penetrate the fibers to thoroughly remove dust and fur. You can toss them in the drier, but air drying helps keep the fleece at its best, again create that diamond shape for quicker drying.

Made with love in Northern California in a sweat shop free setting.


Green Faerie Bed


Temporarily Out Of Stock
Doesn't our Daphne look pretty in her green bed? The bed almost matches her striking green eyes! Her expression makes us wonder if she's deciding on a nap or stalking her toys! Daphne hopes that your cat will soon enjoy the same comfort for day dreams and beauty rest.

Made with love in Northern California in a sweat shop free setting.


Light Tan Faerie Bed


Temporarily Out Of Stock
Madeline is Cat Faeries 'chief feline officer" who makes all of her business decisions from the comfort of her beige bed. Madeline loves knowing that your cat can enjoy the same kitty snuggle-down!

Made with love in Northern California in a sweat shop free setting.


Insert for the Faerie Cat Bed


In Stock

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12 inches diameter and about 2 inches thick

Does your cat love the Faerie Cat Bed but needs extra cush for the tush?

As cats age arthritis sets in and bones get creaky. Older cats and even spritely younger cats appreciate our insert which is extra 2 layers of fleece that easily inserts into the Faerie Cat Bed. Or maybe your cat is a Princess and the Pea and every little lump or bump is annoying? Again, those extra two layers will provide pillow like softness for undisturbed slumbers.

Our inserts give you a lot of flexibility for usage: you can place the inserts on the sofa, on the floor or scatter them around in corners for added plush.

The color is the same camel color fleece which lines your Faerie Cat Bed.

Insert only - the beds are sold separately.


3 Inserts for the Faerie Cat Bed


In Stock

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3 for $32 - save $2.11!
Inserts only, the beds are sold separately.

Here's a pic of Purricane with one of the new catnip birds. He was already sacked out in the green bed when the new stuff arrived. The catnip woke him right up!


My cat, Kirby, is enjoying his new cat bed I bought from you. This is him right after I took it out of the box and put it on his favorite chair. He loves sleeping in it! I am happy to buy something made in USA!


Here is my Mia loving your cat bed. She is such a Diva !


Had to send this one of S'mores posing in front of a Cat Faeries bed.


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Juno, a Seattle calico, was caught on video by her mother/maid/videographer letting her new Cat Faeries catnip corn cob know who the boss is!
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Cats produce pheromones in three parts of their bodies. The pheromones from their cheeks give the friendly message of "Hi there, I like you, I'm happy." The pheromones that come out with their urine and feces are very different and tell other cats "Hey buddy, this is my territory."

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