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z - old - Legendary Cat Toys from Cat Toy Faerie Land! SOLD OUT!

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After 28 years of providing the Cat Faeries Community with the best, cutest, coolest American made toys which contain blissfully intoxicating catnip we announce that The Cat Toy Elf has retired her sewing machine. When the toys are sold out, they are gone forever. It has been amazing knowing the pleasure our toys have given your beloved cats for all of these years! We love you!

SOLD OUT! Thank you! We love you!


SOLD OUT - A Grab Bag of 5 of our Legendary Catnip Toys!


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It's been a wonderful 28 years of offering these special toys to the Cat Faeries Community! Our legendary Catnip Meow Mist is not going anywhere! We love it and so do our customers!


Catnip Meow Mist - 1 oz. spray bottle for Kitty Bliss


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Cat Faeries Catnip Meow Mist is a legendary Cat Faeries Community favorite! It is pure undiluted hydrosol from our special catnip. Hydrosols are also known as floral water. They do not contains any oils, alcohol, or other substances which might be considered unpleasant.

We think of Catnip Meow Mist as "The Signature Fragrance of The Modern House Cat!" It seems like every celebrity has their own fragrance these days, and since every cat is a celebrity in their own home, cats must have their favorite aroma that follows them everywhere they go!

Spray it in the air, anoint favorite toys, spray it on cat beds, inside empty cardboard boxes, perches and cushions - just don't spray the cat. Cats love it! People love it - no crumbs to clean up! Spray some on yourself, spray some on the veterinarian!.

Treat your Catnip Mist like a fine wine, it's happiest stored in the fridge or out of direct sunlight.

Oops! We ran out! There's been much complaining!!"

Roxanne in Tacoma

"Meepy LOVES anything spayed with it! It's her party in a bottle! Thank you SO much for the real catnip bud! She's been rolling on the paper it came in every waking moment since it came in, and tossing the bud around! (I put the bud in a little "bud bag" for her"

Mellisa and Meepy

"I love it because unlike dry catnip I don't have crumbs to clean up! My cats are very attracted to the spaces that I had sprayed Catnip Meow Mist and it seems to relax them more than amp them up. They seem so content and calm. They seem so happy!"


Clifford says:
"This is the real thing! There is nothing synthetic or artificial about it. It is pure and made from our legendary catnip! We would never insult cats by diluting it! You cannot fool us cats - we know the real thing when we sniff it!"


4 oz. refill Party Size!! - Catnip Meow Mist


Out Of Stock

This 4 ounce Party Size bottle now comes with a mister. This large size always your servant to either refill for your existing 1oz bottle, or for serious Catnip Meow Mist aficionados it is the ideal size for endless good times! Save $3.

For health reasons there are no returns on cat toys.

What Customers Say About Our Cat Toys

Bentley's new bed and toy. She loves them both!


I absolutely LOVE your products and so do my children - they especially love the long catnip toys - I will be with you for as long as you are in service.

Thank you

I couldn't let calico month go by without sending in Juno. She turned 16 this month, and she's my favorite bossy old lady. (Pictured here with one of her favorite Cat Faeries toys (a catnip fried egg)!)


Molly and her catnip bunny! She's eight years old, loves to cuddle, hide under blankets, and catch lizards.


Chessie and her Christmas cat toys!


Here is Fudge with his favorite Cat Faeries catnip pumpkin. They all play with this great toy, and it is still holding up well after a couple of years. When I donít see the pumpkin for a while, I know itís gone under the furniture somewhere, and itís time to get the grabber tool out and retrieve their toy stash. Fudge is about 8 years old now, a rescue who was an amazing addition to our household about 5 years ago. He and his buddy Herbie (a long-haired cow kitty) create a lot of cat thunder here, and a cloud of tumblefur every day. Happy Halloween to all the black kitties out there!


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