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Good behavior and robust health for the modern housecat

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Legendary Cat Toys

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Dear Cats and Kittens, This is your Auntie Cat Faerie here sending you love and the promise that our cat toys are truly Legendary and are unlike anything you've ever played with before! The secret is our catnip which is so intoxicating and strong that it's practically illegal! Our exclusive designs, shapes, fabrics can't be found anyplace else. We know what cats like and want! Each toy is individually and carefully hand sewn and filled by our Toy Elves. The toys contain our ethically wild-crafted catnip which has been laboratory tested to prove the highest levels of the active ingredient: Nepetalactone. There is none other like this on the planet.

When cats aren't sleeping or eating they love to play and they insist upon our legendary cat toys. Our cat toys have legions of feline fans who look to us for old favorites, new toys or limited edition toys. Hundreds of people write to me to say they've never seen their cats so playful and full of happiness. Even there elder cats spring into action!

We know how to excite cats with cat toys. We love to dream up new shapes and some of our toys are seasonal.

Is this a gift? Put your friend's name and address in Ship To. The COMMENTS area allows you to tell us it's a gift and provide us with your perrsonalized greeting which goes on a special note. This is a free service as we are flattered that you trust us.

Each of our catnip toys contains at least 2 tablespoons of our notoriously strong, ethically harvested, beyond organic catnip! The happy cat says " Let the fun begin!"


One each - Catnip As-purr-a-gus - our longest toy!

$11.81   $13.89

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Stalking the wild asparagus is an exhilarating indoor activity to keep cats active and happy. Our catnip as-purr-agus toys is a whopping 12 inches long! (give or take a millimeter, since they are hand made there can be variations in length) This is our longest toy and it's ideal for cats who love bunny kicking or carrying a big trophy from their latest hunt around the house. What a treat for a cat to be able to wrestle with something nearly as long as they are!

Raw foods expert Tamera tells us: "I'm a raw foods chef and a raw shaved asparagus salad is my way of saying hello to Spring! My cats love long toys, the longer the better so this one makes me smile and makes them go crazy with bunny kicking action!"

Fabric: Smooth cotton with felt tips.

Madeline says:
"I'm a large sized cat who likes her toys in extremes - either really small to carry around in my mouth or extra long for kicking fun!"


One Catnip Mouse in either Pepperminty Patty Party Mouse print or a surprise print!!


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A catnip mouse in a Ho Ho Ho red and white swirly candy print reminds us of Christmas candies, but kitty will also enjoy these refreshing mice all year round because what cat won't want a cooling peppermint patty PARTY mouse in the heat of Summer! Play to your heart's content - no sugar overload, your teeth will thank you!

For Holiday 2020 we may substitute with another print of equal fabulous-ness!

Fabric: Smooth cotton with satin tail.


One each - Catnip Rosaleigh The Raucous Rodent is Ready to Rock!


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Rosaleigh is a rambunctious rodent who is raucously ready for rowdy fun and racing rounds with your cat! She’s made from faux fur in mousy and ratty shades of gray. Soft and plush, and so realistic that your cat have hours of fun playing exterminator!

Fabric: Faux fur with a short satin tail


One each - Catnip Kitty In A Pickle


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Are you a kitty in a pickle and can't decide what toy to play with next? How about a plush velvety and very tactile pickle to tickle your fancy! Scrumptious green with a cute little stem.

Bobbi told us: "My son won't eat anything that's green! I kid you not! When I bought 2 of these for his cat and he saw how much fun they were having he's now eating "a few green things!" I have hopes that he'll eat more. Maybe his cat needs a green chili pepper too!"

Fabric: Exceptionally soft velour.

Miles says:
"One of my many nick-names is "Pickles!"


Indoor Snow Ball Fight, Three Soft Catnip Snowballs


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A good snowball fight is one of everyone's favorite fun Winter activities! Cats and their human playmates can have a rousing snowball toss right in the warmth of home-sweet-home with our 3 soft round white soft and plush snowballs! No watery and muddy mess! We do have a few rules:

Official Human Rules: Throw the ball TO the cat, not AT the cat!

Official Cat Rules: There's only one, the cat always wins!


One each - Catnip Tish the Fish - honoring the longest living goldfish!


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Ahoy cats - it's time to head for the high dive and have a swim party with the fishies. You'll love their fluttering tails on our smiley faced jewel tone orange goldfish. They'll swim into the hearts of your cats giving them an ocean of fun and joy. And no one gets wet! We have named this goldfish toy after Tish The Fish who was the oldest living goldfish on record - here is his story:

Tish the goldfish was the world’s oldest goldfish ever recorded at 43 years. Tish was won at a funfair in 1956 by a British boy named Peter. Peter also won another goldfish named Tosh. For 19 years both fish lived a harmonious life with Peter, who was no longer a boy, but a full grown man. When Peter got married he passed on both fish to his parents. At age 19 Tosh died, which is an extremely long life for a captive gold fish. Shortly before his death he became ill. The Guinness Book of World Records were satisfied and confirmed Tish as the oldest goldfish ever recorded in the world. Peter’s parents who cared for Tish claim that the fish survived for so long because of its diet and sunlight. They said that he was never over fed and they placed him in the sun daily. While it’s possible that this led to his long life, they may have unwittingly aided in his longevity by providing a clean environment for him. As is often the case, goldfish will succumb to poor water quality within a decade. Most people will be unaware of the problem, but will notice the fins of the fish begin to recede, and look more pale than usual. As food and other biological waste breaks down, it creates a nitrates. These nitrates are toxic to all fish and will eventually lead to death if not treated by changing part of the water on a regular basis, and cleaning the filter. That’s why it’s important not to over feed them. The food will not be consumed and will only rot in the tank.

A customer near the Great Lakes told us: "My kids love to fish, and they love our cats - this is the perfect gift for my kids to give to their furry friends!"

Fabric: Soft velour.

Daphne says:
"I am one of those cats who LOVES water! I do! After my Maid's shower it's my turn. She steps out and I step in, I sit down, and lick the water off the walls! And yes, I've been known to bring a Tish Fish in with me!"


One each - Catnip Red Hot Chili Pepper! -- OR -- One each - Green Jalapno


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Hola Kitty Gatos! !Ay Caramba! Spicy good times await cats with these great chili pepper shaped toys. They come in the 2 most common chili pepper colors: green and red. A great shape for bunny kicks and for wrestling with! Soft and plushy, with an enticing curve and captivating aroma! Green or red. Order two and get one of each!

Did you know that in restaurants throughout New Mexico servers ask customers which color salsa they want? The choices are red or green. Those who want both say "Christmas!" will get one of each. Would your cat like "Christmas" any time of year with their Catnip Chili Pepper order? Order two toys or any amount in a number divisible by two and put the word Christmas in COMMENTS and we'll do the rest ensuring that your cats get a playtime hot time!

Customer Libby says: "I'm known for my salsas, I'm always coming up with new recipes and when I saw these toys I knew that my cats would love to play with a catnip filled version of my favorite vegetable."

Fabric: Soft velour.

Miles says:
"In New Mexico when you order and have a choice of two salsas, green or red, the locals say "Christmas" which means they'll take one of each. Or two of our chilis and we'll give you Christmas! One of each!

Hearts and heart shaped cat toys are not just for Valentine’s Day! Show love for your cats every day with our set of 2 catnip hearts with ribbons. They will surely delight every cat no matter what month or season it is. Each heart has strands of colorful ribbon to make this an interactive toy if you desire or know that cats are more than happy to play with their heart by themselves. Each heart toy contains 3 tablespoons of our notorious catnip inside plus fiber-fill to give the hearts a good firm shape. This is how to say "I love you so much Kitty!" The prints vary but they are always a lovey dovey theme of hearts and colors like shades of pink and red. Big Smooches to All Cats from Auntie Cat Faerie !

A customer in New Hampshire did something very beautiful: "Dear Cat Faeries, do you remember when I emailed you and told you that my cat loving sister was being honored with a luncheon. I asked if you could make 50 of these catnip hearts with ribbons so that one could go on each attendees' plate. My sister was nearly speechless and her friends and co-workers more than made up for it with praise! Thank you so very much, I'll never forget your kindness, and speed for getting them to me at the last minute."

Fabric: Smooth cotton fabric with satin ribbons.

Miles says:
"You might not know but I'm quite a romantic lovey boy! I love everyone!"


One each - Catnip Lovely Luscious Chinchilla


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Dear Cats, we are giddy and happy to present for your indoor hunting pleasure - our very own catnip Chinchilla! It's in a super soft and realistic feeling faux fur that's luscious and plush, and will tempt cats of all ages to play and romp! These cuddly little puff balls of fun are in shades of gray, and are sure to delight cats for hours, days, and years! Did we say how velvety soft this fabric is? People will wish we could ship them a coat made from the same fabric!

Customer Natalie who is a clothing designer says: "Swoon! I'm a total fabric freak and I'm here to say that the photo and description does not even come close to how dreamy these catnip chinchillas feel!"

Fabric: a plush soft fake fur

Daphne says:
"Who's the most plush to the touch? Me or our catnip chinchilla? It's a toss up!"


One each - Catnip Hamster - Start Your Own Hamster Hockey Team!


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Cats everywhere are having marathon Hamster Hockey tournaments! Why is it that the hamsters always lose? Because every cat is a winner! Go Team Go!

Erik from Indiana tells us: "When its my weekend with the kiddos I let them pick out which toys the cats will play with. It's always the hamsters."

Fabric: Soft velour upper body, felt tummy.

Madeline says:
"I'm a bit of a round girl myself so I love a plump round toy to play with!"


One each - Catnip Japanese Throwing Shrimp


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Kitty doesn't need a sail boat and risk getting wet, or a passport for Japan to catch these boomerang-like Japanese Throwing Shrimp! Colors vary: raw (pink) cooked (orange).

Fabric: Smooth cotton.


One each - Catnip Corn on the Cob (yellow)


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Our catnip corn cob cobs are wildly popular, and have been delighting cats for many years. The corn cobs were one of our original catnip toys and they've never let cats down. Nor has our legendary catnip never let cats down.

Our customer Liz says: "Growing up in the mid-west and playing in the corn field was a delightful to have fun as kid. When I toss a few of these out to my cats for their fun it brings me back to very happy times of my own playtime.

Fabric: Cotton solid or subtle prints the "ears" are soft velour.

Clifford says
I'm not sure what I like best, the soft velour "ears" or that tantalizing tubular shape! I know - its both, plus the catnip inside!


One each - Catnip Mothra


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Mothra has conquered the legendary cat toy universe and is wildly popular with cats everywhere!

You don’t need to be a fan of Mothra, the 1961 cult sci fan film, to love one of our newest cat toys. Mothra joins our Legendary Cat Toys family of feline fun and frolic! Mothra’s wing span is about 8 inches and the center of her “body” is the same faux fur as the beloved catnip Chinchillas which appeals to most cats in its furry realism but no animals were harmed! Mothra is blue on one side and green on the other and her antenna in a pretty satin cord. Godzilla not included.

We want to share with you Mothra's cinematic history: "In the Godzilla movies of the 1960's Mothra was one of the most powerful psychics in the Toho universe. She had the ability to use this power benevolently, to communicate with humans, or defensively, to destroy her enemies." Sounds like a cat toy that your cat will want in your own universe!

Soft velour-ish fabric, plush faux fur in the center


One each - Catnip Miss Kitty's Bakery No Carbs Chocolate Eclair


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Hello Cats! Doesn’t a catnip chocolate éclair make your tail twitch and your paws tremble? We thought so!

Our éclairs are another oblong shape for cats who adore bunny-kicking their toys. The chocolate éclairs are soft and plush with our notorious catnip inside. Notice the felt “whipped cream” oozing out of one end? Deliciously divine! Zero calories! No carbs! Gluten free!

Jaymey is a customer and also a baker. He says: "I've been a professional pastry chef for many years in and around Boston. When I saw these I knew that my 3 furry boys needed them!"

Fabric: Soft Velour with felted "whipped cream".

Calories – 0
Good times - Off the charts!
About 5 inches long

Madeline says
"Calorie free! Gluten free! It all sets me free to have a sweet time chasing and bunny kicking this no-carb feline treat!"


One each - Catnip Flippin’ Fringy Feline Fun-tasy Wands


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Pure feline ecstasy in the form of a wand that practically does its own magic tricks with its combination of our legendary Catnip and the wide soft velour-like fringe! The wand/tube is 6 inches long and the tantalizing fringe is 6 inches long for 12 inches of fantastic playtime frolic! Some cats will carry it by the tube, and others by a strand of fringe. And well trained humans dingle dangle it so it's an interactive toy! Oh how cats love bunny kicking with a longer toy and with equally long fringe for fantastically ecstatic magical fun!

Fabric: Wand is 100% cotton, the fringe is velour.


One each - Catnip Hoppin’ Poppin’ Bunny Kickin’ Heritage Jewel Tone Corn Cob


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Yellow corn? White corn? So last Summer! Leave it to Cat Faeries to be obsessed with what heirloom farmers call Glass Gem Rainbow Corn? Yeah, it’s for real and it’s an Internet superstar among growers and corn lovers! And guess who has a version as a cat toy to delight cats who love to bunny kick!

Corn has grown for centuries from South America, through Mexico where it was first domesticated, and up to the Great Lakes as a staple of native peoples, and later, a healthful pantry staple as long as it’s non-GMO. While yellow and white corn were certainly found in nature modern corn is bred for an even color and a high sugar/starch content - not healthy. But corn has always shown kernels in a variety of colors. Intrigued by this and his Native culture, Carl “White Eagle” Barnes, a native of Oklahoma who is also part Cherokee started collecting corn seeds and experimented with hybridizing. Now in his 80’s Carl’s prized Glass Gem Corn comes from his creative crossings of colorful species of corn. The final result is gorgeous gemstone shades in rainbow colors which have a cult following with heirloom gardeners and historians! Cat Faeries would never leave cats out of anything this exciting - introducing our Catnip version perfect in that bunny kicking favorite shape!

Fabric: Corn cob is cotton with green, violet, gold, and shades of blue printed “kernels.” The “ears” are velour.

Want something fabulous and fun for your garden? Grown your own. Buy Glass Gem Corn seeds here:

Is corn safe for a cat to eat? Only as the rare treat and it must be certified to be non-GMO. Lots of cats like playing with the husks!


One each - Catnip Magic Mushroom


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A magic shroom will delight any cat seeking enlightenment and connecting with the cosmos while seeing pretty colors! Vivid red mushrooms with white dots are called Amanita muscaria and are found at the base of pine tree forests the during Winter months in the Northern most areas of Europe through Siberia where they are revered for their transcendental powers. They also grow in the US but the folk lore of these dotty red mushrooms are based in European fairy and folk tales and in the origins of Santa Claus and his flying reindeer. Our Catnip shrooms are purrfectly legal in all 50 states!

Hippie Chick wrote to say: "My goodness! Now I know what I'm giving my friends from my old 1960's college days who have cats!"

Fabric: Smooth cotton.

Miles says:
"Nice kitties go for culinary mushrooms, but adventurous kitties go for magic mushrooms!"


One each - Catnip Single Scoop Ice Cream Cone


In Stock

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Dear Kitty who says you can't have your dessert and eat it too? This is food we encourage you to play with, all day long! Especially when it's a catnip ice cream cone which is a great size to chase and bunny-kick! Zero calories! No lactose! No sugar! No dribbles to cleanup! Gluten free! More fun than chasing after the ice cream truck! (remember those?) We have a lot of fun mixing up the colors and prints of the ice cream scoop - you'll never know what tasty and charming wonderment we've created for you! "Every time I packed these up my mouth waters and I want an ice cream cone, even on a cold day!" says Auntie Cat Faerie!

Tasha wonders: "How do you guys keep thinking up such great new toy shapes? You crack me up and my cats love your toys so much. These ice cream cones are the best!"

Fabric: Smooth cotton.

Miles says:
"One guess what my favorite flavor is? Orange swirl! But any flavor of these cool toys will make me happy!"


One each - Catnip Road Side Diner Style and Sunnyside Up Fried Egg


In Stock

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What does kitty want for breakfast? How about a sunny-side up Catnip fried egg? Coming right up! The catnip is in the yolk!

Fabric: Soft velour for the white, the yolk varies from soft velour to smooth cotton.

Miles says:
"I that catnip filled yolks feels egg-cellent under my chin when I rest upon it!"


One each - Catnip Mr. McGregor's Garden Carrot


In Stock

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Fresh from Mr. McGregor's carrot patch in his whimsical garden! Our Catnip filled carrots are sure to make any bunny-kicking cat very happy. They are just the right length to seize with front paws and kick with hind legs. Bunny kicking toys keep cats limber and young! Even older cats can become kittenish again with Mr. McGregor's Garden Catnip carrots! Prints range in colors and patterns and they are always full of whimsy with colors and designs found in fantasy carrot patches and gardens! We love having fun at Cat Faeries, and spreading joy and color is something do daily!

Customer Vivienne says: "Thank you for my order of 5 carrots. The colors and prints are SO MUCH fun! If real carrots were so colorful maybe my children would eat them!"

Fabric: Varies from smooth cotton to velour. The "tops" are felt.

Daphne says
It was my idea to offer you joyful cats carrots in crazy colors and prints that are not found at the farmer's market! In nature carrots come a wide variety of colors, not just orange, and that gave us our inspiration to have fun with prints and patterns!


Catnip Meow Mist - 1 oz. spray bottle


In Stock

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Cat Faeries Catnip Meow Mist in a spray bottle is a pure undiluted hydrosol, or floral water. You will not find Catnip Meow Mist anywhere else - it is available only on our website.

We think of Catnip Meow Mist as "The Signature Fragrance of The Modern House Cat!" It seems like every celebrity has their own fragrance these days, and since every cat is a celebrity in their own home, cats must have their favorite aroma that follows them everywhere that they go!

To make your cats blissfully happy: Spray it in the air and watch your cat be elevated into olfactory bliss. Anoint your cat's favorite toys, all of their belongings (isn't that everything in house?), spray inside cardboard boxes, on old toys to make them appealing again, on cat beds and cat perches and condos, on sofa cushions, and all the favorite snoozing places. Just don't ever spray the cat - it scares them, they hate getting wet! Catnip Mist is a fun and friendly experience for all cats!

And for you - no crumbs to sweep up after your cats have had their fun. Would you like your cat to love you even more? Spray some on yourself!

Treat your Catnip Mist as if it was a fine wine. Don't keep the bottle in direct sunlight. It's happiest stored in the fridge. The "best used by" date is hand written on your bottle.

"Meepy LOVES anything spayed with it! It's her party in a bottle! Thank you SO much for the real catnip bud! She's been rolling on the paper it came in every waking moment since it came in, and tossing the bud around! (I put the bud in a little "bud bag" for her"

Mellisa and Meepy

"I love it because unlike dry catnip I don't have crumbs to clean up! My cats are very attracted to the spaces that I had sprayed Catnip Meow Mist and it seems to relax them more than amp them up. They seem so content and calm. They seem so happy!"



4 oz. refill - Catnip Meow Mist


In Stock

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This 4 ounce bottle makes refilling your 1 ounce spray bottle easy. Save $3. The bottle comes with a cap.


5 HAPPY Catnip Toys - A Grab Bag! 5 Mystery Catnip Toys!

$42.49   $49.99

In Stock

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Lucky, loved and HAPPY is the cat who gets a HAPPY Grab Bag of Cat Faeries cat toys! Its a surprise of catnip wonderment selected by Auntie Cat Faerie! Play with your vegetables! Indulge in zero calories desserts in the form of catnippy ice cream cones, chocolate eclairs, and festive fruits! Make friends with splooting flying squirrels, hamsters or gold fish! Fly after Godzilla's friend Mothra! Bunny kick as-purr-agus, corn cobs, pickles, hearts with ribbons, and magic wands! You never know what you'll get from our dazzling assortment of legendary cat toys. Your 5 carefully and loving selected toys will be a big surprise! Sometimes we have special toys that are not on our website for added fun and a bigger surprise!

Our catnip toys contain our "only we have it" legendary catnip! We offer this grab bag of assorted shapes and colors to delight your cats and to keep them youthful by running and playing. Our toys are so unique that you can't find em anywhere else.

Cats of all ages have healthy romps around the house playing chase and pounce with our toys which contain our legendary catnip! When you order our grab bag and we'll select an assortment of 5 toys. Until the mail man comes you won’t know what the cat faerie waved her wand over and selected for you! Surprises are FUN! That said, if you have your heart set on a particular toy or two that you'd like in the assortment please use COMMENTS on the check out page and tell us - we'll try to obey you, unlike your cats!

Order as many grab bags as you wish!

Grace from Houston says: "A few toys for my cats and a few toys for my sister's cats! I was brought up to share and I love doing it with the cats of my sister or my friends!"

Clifford says:
"We love love and love selecting an assortment of toys for you! And of course if you have a few preferences, ask us!"


The Enchanted Catnip Orbs of Cat Faerie Land, set of 3


Temporarily Out Of Stock

From the magical land of the Cat Faerie are round mystical orbs ready to delight and charm your cat with their soft plushy beauty and divine catnip scent! The 3 colors are Funtasy Fuscia! Kitten Baby Blue! Deep Earth Green! Each orb is about 2 inches diameter. Limited Edition!

Fabric: delightfully soft fleecy velour-ish fabric


One each - Catnip Professor Minerva McGonagall's Hat


Temporarily Out Of Stock

Maggie Smith's brilliant Harry Potter character ~ Professor Minerva McGonagall shape shifts back and forth from human/witchy-poo form to a cat! We can't guarantee that YOUR cat can accomplish this feat of magic while playing with our witch's hat but kitty will certainly fly through the air in pursuit of a black Catnip Witch's hat! P.S. Isn't Maggie Smith brilliant in every character she embodies?

"Yum Yum, Professor McGonagall was so tasty that all that's left is her hat!" One of our customers sent this darling photo of her cat with her catnip witch's hat and we just had to share it with you! For some cats, every day is a Harry Potter book or movie, Halloween!

Fabric: Felt.


One each - Catnip Wizard's Magic Wand


Temporarily Out Of Stock

The wizards of Hogwarts gave us the inspiration to create an icicle-shaped enchanted wand to create feline magic all through a cat's kingdom. A cosmic blue pattern adds to the playtime charm and whimsy. The wand is about 8 inches long. This wand is among our longer toys. Cats are experts at bunny kicking with them!

Toni is a librarian and professional children's story-teller who says: "The kids at my school LOVE Harry Potter as do I. When I saw this toy I finally had something Harry Potter-ish to bring home to my cats! They love the shape and I love the whimsical colors!"

Fabric: Smooth cotton.


One each - Catnip Deep Divin’ Squid


Temporarily Out Of Stock

No need to get drippy wet when you dive for one of our delectable catnip squid!


A Bag of Catnip Popcorn, no butter! no calories!


Temporarily Out Of Stock

For cats who love smaller toys these are perfection. They are about 1 inch and contain our legendary catnip. They look just like mouthwatering popcorn but without the salt and butter! There are 7 pieces per bag – the 7th piece is a “burnt” color because has anyone ever made popcorn without burning a few? Cats will be hoppin’ and poppin’ all around the house! Get em while they are hot!

Fabric: Soft felt


One each - Catnip Splooting Flying Squirrel


Temporarily Out Of Stock

Photo from The Daily James, with permission.
Follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

What cat or their cute-loving human can resist a flying squirrel! In September 2020 our cat of the month were cats who sploot, which is when they splay out all 4 legs and are flat on their tummy often on a cool surface during a hot day. Splooting is something that many cats do, and something that squirrels excel in doing! These squirrels are either flying into your cat’s heart or splooting in that unique restful position recovering from a rousing play time with your cats! Either way, these delightful rodents with their faux fur tail are something every cat will want!

They are about 8 inches long from nose to tip of tail. They come in shades of gray. The fabric is very soft.


That’s Amore’ Pizza Slice! Gluten Free! Carb Free! No Grease, Just Catnip Yum! (one slice)


Temporarily Out Of Stock

Quando la luna colpisce i tuoi occhi come una grande torta di pizza che è amore! Ciao gattino amore mio! Prendi una fetta di pizza a basso contenuto di carboidrati, senza glutine, senza latticini, zero calorie e vegan! Morbida e soffice fetta di paradiso felino con cui giocare o appoggiare il mento e sognare l'amore, ciotole sempre piene di cibo, uccelli, raggi di sole e ancora amore! I modelli variano.

Translation: When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s amore’ ! Hello kitty my love! Grab a slice of low carb, gluten free, dairy free, zero calorie and vegan catnip pizza! Soft and plush slice of feline heaven to play with or rest your chin upon and dream of love, always full food bowls, birds, sunbeams, and more love! Patterns vary.


One each - Catnip Plump n' Juicy Red Tomato


Temporarily Out Of Stock

No matter how you pronounce the name of those juicy Summertime nightshades (toe-may-toe or toe-mah-toe) your cat will love the shape and color. And whether you care if tomatoes are a vegetable or a fruit, they make for a saucy good time for any cat.

Customer Catie has this to say: "I love tomatoes, they make me very happy, and seeing my cats playing with this catnip filled version makes me even happier!

Fabric: Velour.


One each - Catnip Blueberry Bursting with Catnippy Delight!


Temporarily Out Of Stock

Bright, plush, and vibrant blue blueberries are irresistible to cats who love to bat at and chase smaller and round toys. The bright blue color makes Auntie Cat Faerie remembers the joy of picking fresh blueberries them making a blueberry pie! It's wonderful knowing that we people can share that plumb blue Summertime treasure with our feline friends - but with Catnip inside!

Our customer Barbara tells us: "I love this color and my cats love batting them around the house, thank you Cat Faeries for providing my fur-kids hours of fun!

Fabric: Soft velour.


One each - Catnip Bunny For A HOPPY DAY!


Temporarily Out Of Stock

SomeBUNNY loves you beautiful kitty - meet your new catnip filled lagomorph friend who's greeting you with a rousing “Hop To It! Catch me if you can!”

Our Catnip bunnies will scoot fast across your floor but I’ll betcha a bunch of carrots (we have those too with Catnip!) that you’ll catch your bunny every time! Colors: Daffodil Yellow, Spring Green, Purple Leopard, Ravishing Red. If you have a preference use COMMENTS to tell us, otherwise we’ll surprise you! Extremely Limited Edition!

Fabric: soft velour, felt ears and tummy


One each - Catnip Frou-Frou Feather Boa Wand


Temporarily Out Of Stock

We love to up-cycle and these wands feature colorful vintage 1960’s feather boas which were destined to be land fill. We’ve crafted 5 inch (give or take) wands with about the same amount in inches of irresistible feather boa to dazzle cats into doing The Catnip Fandango! Assorted cotton prints and assorted boa colors.


One each - Catnip Little Kitten’s Mitten!


Temporarily Out Of Stock

The Three Little Kittens lost their mittens and they began to cry! Stop crying sweet little kittens for Cat Faeries has found your mittens! This good news is being meowed from atop fences and rooftops, and posted to all social media outlets! And best of all, the darling faux fur trimmed mittens have our legendary catnip inside! Order as many as you wish in case your own kittens lose their mittens – we don’t want to hear them cry!

Fabric: Blue cotton with a snowman pattern. Cuffs are white faux fur.


One Catnip Bumble Bee


Temporarily Out Of Stock

The catnip bumble bees have turned out to be one of our most popular toys ever! We currently have them in 3 different patterns. Order one, and we’ll select. You could also opt for 3 bees and get one of each. Your cat’s fantasy indoor garden will be buzzing with activity!

Our customer Robbi says: "Nature is everything to me and I'm so glad to know about The Honeybee Conservancy, thank you Cat Faeries - you are so cool and so kind. Cat Faeries compassion is truly a rarity on the internet these days. Oh, and my cats think these toys are The Bees Knees! Sorry, I couldn't help it!

We donate $2 per toy to save the honey bees – in 2016 we donated $200 and in 2017 we were able to donate $600! The money goes to The Honeybee Conservancy who are working hard to establish sanctuary hives, educate, and research.


One Catnip Santa Hat


Temporarily Out Of Stock

Nothing will put kitty in a festive holiday mood like our Catnip Santa hats! They are so darned cute and will cats everywhere dreaming of reindeer and sugar plum faeries! They are 4 inches tall and almost 2 inches wide at the soft white fleecy base. HO HO HO!

Fabric: Velour and felt.

About Our Catnip

Our catnip is so strong, it's practically illegal! Kidding aside, our special catnip comes from our secret region of the US where soil and weather conditions produce a catnip which has the highest levels of Nepetalactone in the world. Nepetalactone is the active ingredient that cats are attracted to. We've even had this catnip laboratory tested to verify its strength.,/p>

We have heard from many customers who tell us that before introducing their cat to Cat Faeries toys the cat didn't respond to catnip. Did you know that about 20% of all cats didn't get the "catnip gene?" Many of those cats respond to our catnip which we are very proud of.

About Our Toys

Our cat toys are designed and made in the US. Most cat toys in stores come from China which means that in order to clear Customs they have been fumigated on the ship just as any other soft goods,are like clothing and bedding. Fumigation means those toys which cats chew and lick are loaded with cancer causing chemicals and pesticides. We find this appalling as we do not approve the use of poison, and we certainly do not want our precious cats chewing on toys impregnated with poison.

We also hear that Chinese catnip is grown with herbicides and pesticides. Cat Faeries only uses organic catnip which is safe, potent and grown in the US. The catnip in our toys is free of toxins and chemicals.

About Our Toy Makers

Our Cat toys are designed and made by unique and highly creative multi-talented artisans. They are cat loving and kind hearted individuals who live and create right here in the US. Each artist shares Cat Faeries' passion for quality, American manufacturing, and cuteness. Our artists are so pleased to know that Cat Faeries' customers and cats love their efforts and the great toys. We thank you for buying your cat's toys from Cat Faeries.

About Our Happy Customers

We get oodles of letters from customers who tell us that their cats go absolutely loopy and bonkers over our Cat Faeries Catnip toys. We enjoy hearing from our customers and we love getting photos of cats at play with our toys! These photos are always a total riot and they mean so much to us!

When we wake up in the morning, we awaken with the knowledge that there are thousands of cats across the land happily playing with our cat toys!

Cat Faeries own Toy Test Team, who are our resident cats, have approved every design, every toy, the catnip we use, and every artist we work with. We work only with highly creative people who share our love of cats and our devoted to good health and a healthy safe planet.

For health reasons there are no returns on cat toys.

What Customers Say About Our Cat Toys

Bentley's new bed and toy. She loves them both!


I absolutely LOVE your products and so do my children - they especially love the long catnip toys - I will be with you for as long as you are in service.

Thank you

I couldn't let calico month go by without sending in Juno. She turned 16 this month, and she's my favorite bossy old lady. (Pictured here with one of her favorite Cat Faeries toys (a catnip fried egg)!)


Molly and her catnip bunny! She's eight years old, loves to cuddle, hide under blankets, and catch lizards.


Chessie and her Christmas cat toys!


Here is Fudge with his favorite Cat Faeries catnip pumpkin. They all play with this great toy, and it is still holding up well after a couple of years. When I don’t see the pumpkin for a while, I know it’s gone under the furniture somewhere, and it’s time to get the grabber tool out and retrieve their toy stash. Fudge is about 8 years old now, a rescue who was an amazing addition to our household about 5 years ago. He and his buddy Herbie (a long-haired cow kitty) create a lot of cat thunder here, and a cloud of tumblefur every day. Happy Halloween to all the black kitties out there!


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