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Legendary Faerie Cat Beds

Your cat craves a plush bed that does not have foam sides. Those stiff foam sides keep your cat from stretching and curling in ways which conforms to the cat, not forcing the cat to conform to it. The foam sides of most cat beds are toxic and off gas fumes and no one wants their cat to get sick! Our legendary Faerie Cat Beds are two layers. The outer layer is a lovely velvety velour, the inner layer is plush fleece which are both washable in warm water, then you air dry!

Our Faerie Cat Beds are legendary because because cats adore how soft and toasty they are. Their people love them because after years of regular machine washings the fabric and integrity of the design endures!

Because our beds are foam-free your cat can smoosh the sides down to create a super comfortable rests for their chins and other body parts! They make a cozy retreat for any cat weighing up to 20 pounds.

Place one near a sunbeam, a heater vent, or the fireplace, and watch kitty drift into dreamland.

Is your cat arthritic or suffering from a condition effecting their legs or back? Our beds will be perfect! Foam beds are stiff and the sides stay upright forever not allowing your cat to smoosh down the sides. Foam sides are difficult for elder or arthritic cats to get in and out easily.

Washing instructions: Before you pop the bed into the washing machine pull out as much embedded cat fur as you can. Wash in warm/cold water and air dry. When you order you'll receive our handout with more details.

Made with love in Northern California in a sweat-shop free factory.

Daphne says:
"My feline sister Madeline did something so fun and so silly with a bed! She flipped it over, smushed it down with her paws to make it cave in the opposite way, and now she's fast asleep on the velveteen part! "

Green Faerie Bed - One Size Fits Most


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There's Daphne in her green bed! Her expression makes us wonder if she's deciding on a nap or if she should explore to see if we have recently sprayed Catnip Meow Mist around the house for play time. The bed is 18 inches diameter and fits a cat up to 20 pounds. Daphne weighs about 12 pounds. Notice how she has pushed some of it down to rest her chin, and another part for one of her arms. She has also pushed down the area to comfort her back legs and tail. She can make the fit for her wants and needs. Daphne's wish is that your cat will soon enjoy the same comfort for day dreams and beauty rest.

Daphne says:
"Thatís me! Donít I look pretty in my green bed? It matches my sparkling green eyes! When I climb into one of our beds itís lights out and Iím in dream land all snuggly!"


Beige Faerie Bed - One size fits most


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Madeline is Cat Faeries is a "napping specialist" who makes all of her important decisions and dreams her dreams from the comfort of her beige bed. Madeline weighs about 16 pounds and our beds fit her perfectly. Madeline likes to place herself completely inside the bed but loves to rest her front paws or her chin on the side which sinks down just enough and cradles her perfectly. Faerie Cat Beds will fit a cat who weighs up to 20 pounds. The bed is 18 inches in diameter. Madeline wants your cat to enjoy the same delicious snuggle-down!

Madeline says:
"That's me on the left modeling in one of our beige beds! Iím a 15 pound kitty and this size is good for me as it is for Clifford whoís a small cat. We get so many emails from people who rave about them!"


Insert for the Faerie Cat Bed


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12 inches diameter and about 2 inches thick

Your cats love our Faerie Cat Beds! If you think they would like an extra fleece layer on the bottom of the bed to give extra cush for the tush we have just the thing!

The two extra two layers of our fleece will provide pillow like softness for undisturbed slumbers. As cats age arthritis sets in and bones get creaky. Even spunky younger cats appreciate our inserts and the extra 2 layers of fleece. They fit perfectly in the inside bottom of our beds.

Our inserts give you a lot of flexibility for usage: you can place the inserts on the sofa, on the floor or scatter them around in corners for added plush.

Insert only - the beds are sold separately.

Miles says:
"Ah, the inserts! They give our comfy beds just a bit more plush. They are two layers of our fleece carefully sewn together for extra added napping bliss."


3 Inserts for the Faerie Cat Bed


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Buy 3 and save $2!
Inserts only, the beds are sold separately.

You can put 1 to 3 of them inside a bed. You could put 1 in a bed and use the other 2 on a chair or sofa - you can have fun being creative with where you place them.

Clifford says:
"Some people like the inserts to place on furniture as a washable mat for their cat, while others tuck one inside a cat bed for extra softness for a deep relaxing snooze. They are 12-13 inches in diameter."

What Customers Say About Our Cat Beds

Bentley's new bed and toy. She loves them both!




This is my 17 year old cat, Indy. He is the reason I found Cat Faeries. He is a grumpy old man that gets easily stressed by changes in his routine or a stray cat on the property. But he LOVES his cuddle cup!


Kiana is so happy to unpack her new bed inserts. She's a very smart kitty :).

Thank you!

Of course queen Mia is claiming the new bed


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