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Catnip Meow Mist


Catnip Meow Mist - 1 oz. spray bottle for Feline Bliss, Happiness and Well Being


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Cat Faeries Catnip Meow Mist is a legend within the Cat Faeries Community! It is pure undiluted hydrosol distilled from our legendary catnip. Hydrosols are also known as floral waters and are pure, undiluted with nothing added or taken away. Catnip Meow Mist does not contain any essential oils, alcohol, glycerine or other substances which might be considered unpleasant to a cat.

We think of Catnip Meow Mist as "The Signature Fragrance of The Modern House Cat!" Every celebrity has their own fragrance these days, and since every cat is a celebrity in their own home, cats must have their favorite aroma that follows them everywhere they go!

Spray it in the air. Anoint favorite toys. Spray it on cat beds. Spray the inside empty cardboard boxes. Mist it on and around perches, condos and scratching posts. Make cat carriers a more friendly and secure feeling space with a spritz or two inside it or on the pad. You can spray it just about anywhere - just don't spray the cat! Cats love it! People love it - no crumbs to clean up! To make yourself more friendly and loving from the perspective of your cat spray some on yourself. And absolutely spay some on the veterinarian!.

Treat your Catnip Mist like a fine wine, it's happiest stored in the fridge or out of direct sunlight.

Oops! We ran out! There's been much complaining!!"

Roxanne in Tacoma

"Meepy LOVES anything spayed with it! It's her party in a bottle! Thank you SO much for the real catnip bud! She's been rolling on the paper it came in every waking moment since it came in, and tossing the bud around! (I put the bud in a little "bud bag" for her"

Mellisa and Meepy

"I love it because unlike dry catnip I don't have crumbs to clean up! My cats are very attracted to the spaces that I had sprayed Catnip Meow Mist and it seems to relax them more than amp them up. They seem so content and calm. They seem so happy!"


Clifford says:
"This is the real thing! There is nothing synthetic or artificial about it. It is pure and made from our legendary catnip! We would never insult cats by diluting it! You cannot fool us cats - we know the real thing when we sniff it!"


4 oz. refill Party Size!! - Catnip Meow Mist


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This 4 ounce Party Size bottle now comes with a mister. This large size always your servant to either refill for your existing 1oz bottle, or for serious Catnip Meow Mist aficionados it is the ideal size for endless good times! Save $3.

Tasha says:
"I thought you'd like to have a larger refill sized bottle so you can reuse your original one ounce bottle of Catnip Meow Mist! Store it the fridge to prolong its shelf life and you'll have blissed out happy frolicking kitties for a very long time! We hear that cats who didn't respond to catnip enjoy ours! That's music to my little tortie ears!"

This is the photo of Gertie selected for our new Catnip Meow Mist label. Gertie is quite a model, ready to strike a pose and lick her lips at the sound of a can opener, the refrigerator door, and of course the sound that a bottle of Catnip Meow Mist makes when it’s being sprayed around the house!

Even as a teenager, Gertie loved licking her lips when happy or hungry! So she made the ideal spokes-model for Cat Faeries “Catnip Meow Mist!” Here is a short video of Gertie all excited over dinner time!

Betty at Sax photo

Cat Faeries co-founder Betty made a rare appearance at Saks Fifth Avenue, San Francisco, CA October 26, 27, 28, 2007!

The terms of the deal are being kept a secret, but someone partially let the cat out of the bag, and word has leaked that Betty the feline founder of Cat Faeries is the face of Cat Faeries Catnip Mist, The Signature Fragrance of The Modern House cat.

Our sources tell us that Betty was quoted as saying "I don't wake up from a catnap for any less than Dave's Albacore canned crab." The rumor mill is spinning with stories that Betty has been paid with 10,000 cans of Pacific Coast Dungeness Crab which harkens back to the late 80's when supermodels Linda Evangelista and Christie Turlington would not get out of bed for less than $10,000. In a recent interview Betty was asked which human supermodel she most relates to. "silly question, why Naomi Campbell of course. She knows how to treat her staff and handlers. If one displeases her, she'll hurl a telephone. If one of mine displeases me, I'll hurl a furball."

Betty's agent, manager, and litter box attendant are dogging questions about what everyone is curious about: Betty's contract with Cat Faeries, the whereabouts of Betty, and who her favorite tom cats are. All we know is that San Francisco photographer Pat Boyd is Betty's exclusive photographer. "Only Pat can capture my essence, my soul, my rare beauty." a recent press release states. Betty was last seen lounging on a fleece bed with a half empty can of crab and an overturned bottle of Cat Faeries Catnip Mist by her paw, purring "I see so many pretty colors."

Disclaimer: Saks Fifth Avenue is very real.

Pat Boyd Photography is very real:

October 26 - 28, 2007 Saks' San Francisco store had a window display of photos of animals taken by Pat Boyd to promote a benefit for Pets Unlimited.

Betty, Cat Faeries founder and muse, was one of the cats featured in the window at Saks. Cat Faeries decided to have some fun. Cat Faeries took photos of that window display. Then with Pat's permission we altered one of those photos using Photoshop. We Photoshoped out the photos of the other animals, and interested bottles of Catnip Mist so that it would look like Saks was featuring Betty and Cat Faeries Catnip Mist. Saks Fifth Avenue, Pets Unlimited, and Pat Boyd are not responsible for the creation of this promo.

Saks Fifth Avenue does not sell Catnip Mist. This is a fantasy dream sequence created by and written by Cat Faeries. Betty crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2009 where she channels her love and demands to us, daily.

Daphne says:
"I love our customers!"
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