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Convivial House Cat FAQ

We hope you enjoy this page. On it we answer your questions about Convivial House Cat. Weíll also answer your questions about why cats spray urine or donít use their litter boxes consistently. Weíll also address some important cat related topics... Get ready to learn a lot and see your cats become convivial cats!

Convivial is an interesting looking word, but Iím embarrassed to say that Iím not familiar with its meaning. How do I pronounce it?

Thank you for asking, we love the word too! You see it a lot in the Slow Food Movement and itís probably a word that was used a lot centuries ago but less so now.

Con-viv-ial (kaníviveal)

This adjective means: Friendly, merry, genial, sociable, amiable, congenial, agreeable, good-humored, cordial, warm, outgoing, gregarious, companionable, clubby, cheerful, jolly, jovial, lively, enjoyable, festive.

Is Convivial House Cat hard to use?

Not at all! Itís super easy to use, and itís versatile. It can be used on any surface and furniture. It can go into food and water. Itís completely safe for so many uses. It is suitable for spraying on soiled surfaces, surfaces or locations where cats spend their time, as well as it can go in food, water and you may anoint the cat. When you order you'll receive our 4 page handout where you will learn the Cat Faeries Here and There Technique and more ways to use it. Our "here and there" technique is our method which we created back in 1997 for Feliway and it proved to be very effective. This technique is even better when using Convivial House Cat because our product is more refined, detailed and has evolved way beyond what a pheromone can do. Itís radically different from anything you may have used in the past - in particular pheromone products based in ethanol alcohol! Convivial House Cat is 100% non toxic and free from any sort of chemical.

What is it? What's in the bottle?

We love this question! Convivial House Cat is purified water that has been electromagnetized or imprinted with vibrations which call upon good behavior, litter box using, making friends with other cats, living in harmony, being friendly, happy and true to the nature of a happy modern house cat. It's a highly sophisticated new science based technology which invokes ancient ways of imprinting water with intentions and ideas somewhat evocative to the work of our colleague, the late Masaru Emoto and his work with imprinting on water. Convivial House Cat is alive with ever evolving vibration unlike those pheromone products which have zero life force, and limited uses and solutions. Convivial House Cats' usages and solutions are almost limitless!

Is Convivial House Cat a pheromone?

No, it is not. But if you liked pheromone products in the past you'll be pleased to know that Convivial House Cat behaves in similar ways (but better!!)

Is it synthetic, or an analog of something? Are there any chemicals involved?

No, absolutely no! It is 100% from nature.

I have a small child. Is Convivial House Cat safe?

Yes it is safe - we would never sell or endorse something that is not safe for all living beings. Convivial House Cat is safe around babies and children. It is safe for use around birds and fish. It is safe to use anywhere in your home.

I have a dog. Will Convivial House Cat affect our canine friends?

Not at all. It is "species specific." It will have zero effect on your dog or any other animal - including humans. Your dog will not purr or beg for tuna!

Is this product safe to use around birds?


Can Convivial House Cat spray harm my furniture, does it stain?

It will not stain anything. It is electromagnetized purified water. Even if the entire 2 ounces spilled out, the water will evaporate.

Is Convivial House Cat considered Vegan?

Absolutely YES! No animal products are used in the product or its packaging.

Will Convivial House Cat work all the time and for all cats?

Honestly, it seems to, but cats are unique little beams of light so we cannot make guarantees. We hear from people all the time who tell us that itís working to correct behaviors when pheromones did not. Most of our customers also use one or two of our flower essences and our crystals which boosts Convivial House Catís effectiveness and achieves their catís behavior goals. Be sure to read and save our 4 page guide so that you can refer back to it!

Are there ever cats which had the opposite reaction? Instead of Convivial House Cat being calming could it set them off?

Weíve not heard one person say this (if you have a different experience, please write to us.) What we have heard of is that a small portion of cats will pee someplace else after itís been applied where they initially peed on. But we know how to outsmart cats Ė weíll outfox 'em! Thatís why we created the Convivial House Cat Here and There Technique. Our 4 page handout will give you the details when you order.

My cat defecates on the floor - will Convivial House Cat help?

Customers tell us that it does help. We want you to know that often a cat isn't pooping on the floor, per se. The digestion of our older cat isn't' what it once was and that sometimes a piece of fecal matter gets stuck in their anus and falls off in the house. Talk to your veterinarian about digestive enzymes or a new easy to digest cat food.

Some people say to spray Convivial House Cat on the catís collar. Or maybe tie a bandana around the catís neck with some sprayed on it. Is that safe?

Spraying some on the catís collar is totally safe and if you want to do that every day, you could, but we aren't fans of bandanas for a cat. Bandanas might be fine for dogs, but not for cats who are squirmy and like to wiggle out of things. A bandana could cause choking, and the cat could get tangled up and panic. You could spray Convivial House Cat on a cat's collar - just remove it, spray it, then replace it.

Besides my cats becoming convivial friends and who also use their littler boxes like perfect angels what else can Convivial House Cat do?

  • Make the cat carrier a less scary place for transport to the vet
  • Give a bottle to your vet and tell them it can be sprayed on their clothes and exam table.
  • We know this is true for people so it must be true for cats too: when we are calm our health improves exponentially. A calm life = a long life.
  • And one of our most favorite uses for Convivial House Cat Ė spray it on yourself! Spray just a little bit on your hands and forearms, spray your clothes. Your cats will catch the vibe that you are too are quite convivial. Youíll have an even stronger calming presence on them and for them!

How long will I need to use Convivial House Cat?

It really varies. Two to three months seems to be the norm. If the cat has not been doing this behavior for very long 2 months might take care of it. If the behavior is an old one, or there is more than one cat doing it you'll definitely need to use it for 3 months, perhaps longer. Our customer Janine told us this recently: Nico stopped using the litter box as a result of an infection, even after it cleared up. For two months I tried everything with no success. She was always a lap cat and didn't jump onto my lap anymore either. Within 5 days of using I Love My Litter Box, she let me cuddle her again. Within 9 days, she started peeing in the box intermittently. Within 15 days, she peed in the box all the time. After 35 days, she is using the box all the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In some cases it's needed indefinitely. There are many customers who view Convivial House Cat as a forever-thing because their cats like it so much.

Read our section called What Products Do I Need for MY Situation. We have suggested plans for usage and time frames.

Once my cat stops spraying urine, or goes back to the litter box, can I stop using Convivial House Cat?

Very often, yes. But sometimes it's a forever thing. Experiment! See what happens when you either stop completely or use the product a few times a week. When the problem has stopped for a month or so you can probably stop using your spray, but keep some one hand for just-in-case.

I'm watching my pennies, will one bottle of Convivial House Cat be enough?

It depends upon what you want to achieve with it. Be sure you read our 4 page handout carefully so that you'll learn how to use it correctly and not waste it with spraying too much of it at one time - more is not better! One or two bottles are a good place to start.

To problem solve, especially something thatís gone on for a long time, youíll need more than one bottle and we have bundles and we also have an 8 ounce refill bottle for our long term customers. You may also want to look at our flower essence formulas for cats and find one or two which can go deeper in addressing solving situations or conditions. Weíve grouped things in bundles because we want to help you make selections that will give you the best results.

I'm very chemical sensitive or intolerant. Will Convivial House Cat cause me problems?

Cat Faeries founder is exactly like you - completely intolerant of chemicals, exposure to them will make her very sick. Therefore we will not sell or endorse anything which can cause any harm, ever! Convivial House Cat is electromagnetized purified water with a bit of grapefruit seed extract Ė thatís it. No chemicals, nothing artificial, nothing that does not appear in nature - not even essential oils. It's pure vibration captured in pure clean water!

Is Convivial House Cat an American made product?

YES! Convivial House Cat is our proprietary product which is made for us in a laboratory which is inspected by the FDA annually. This lab is state of the art with a ďclean room.Ē They are kindred spirits of ours and therefore the utmost care and reverence is in place when it is made.

What is the shelf life?

Roughly 3 years from the time you received it. It could last longer, but to be conservative we say 3 years.

Where should I store my bottles of Convivial House Cat?

Pretty much anywhere you wish other than alongside your computer. Sunlight wonít hurt it. It wonít absorb kitchen smells. You could pop it in the fridge but then you might not see it and remember to use it.

We suggest keeping it in places where youíll see it, pleases in the house where you go every day: by the tea kettle, near the remote control, near your toothbrush, where you keep your catís food or treats.

Your flower essences for cats fascinate me. Will they stop the fighting and the peeing outside the box?

Our formulas were very sensitively and professionally crafted to address a very wide range of emotions and conditions that face our modern house cats. We even have formulas which address a cat's DNA and brain/memory!

Flower essences used in conjunction with Convivial House Cat help to boost effectiveness. In most cases it was the addition of a flower essence formula that gave the situation near or complete success. Crystals too help increase the effectiveness of both ranges of products from Cat Faeries!!

Territorial Rescue is about possessiveness, anxiety over others trespassing, and territory battles among cats. Multi Cat Household is about making friends, accepting, tolerating, not feeling space encroachment, and bonding. Calm and Serene - self explanatory!

You can put any combination of our flower essence formulas with Convivial House Cat in your catís food or water.

Every bit of Cat Faeries text is original. It was written by our behaviorist and it is based upon our years of experience with every item we have carefully selected just for you. All of our text and photos are copyright protected. If you should be foolish and dare to copy it, you will be sent immediately to the pound, and hunted down by our legal team who will prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Our intellectual property lawyer was a pitbull in a past life.
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