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Good behavior and robust health for the modern housecat

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Stop Litter Box Avoidance & Spraying. Stop Fighting. Correct Unpleasant Behaviors. Improve Cat Health

Cat Faeries understands how cats think and feel, and why they behave as they do. We are committed to helping you when your cat has stopped using the litter box or who aren't using them consistently. We also know how to stop cats from spraying urine on walls or furniture. We'll help you to understand the reasons they do these unpleasant things with a combination of products and the written educational handouts we give you with your order. After you read what we have to say you'll have the ability to correct behaviors which will lead to happy and very healthy cats! And yes, you'll be happier and healthier too! We've been experts at cats and litter box avoidance since 1997!

Convivial House Cat is our own problem-solving creation. Convivial House Cat does everything that Feliway does (and in fact even more!) but it does not contain alcohol, oils, pheromones - substances which are harmful if ingested. With something so safe you can stop feline fighting, halt urination outside of the box and stop urine spraying on vertical surfaces. Because Convivial does not contain chemical compounds you'll love how versatile application of Convivial House Cat is. You may freely and safely use it in your cat's food and water, or anoint your cat's fur and ears with it and spray it around the house on objects and places which have been marked or soiled without worry of harming flooring or fabrics. You'll be impressed by how it calms and harmonizes cats of all ages, stops fighting and soothes nerves. Given all that it does Convivial its a great value pkus its safe for use around babies and children, birds, and other animals! Many cats have additional behaviors or needs so we developed our Flower Essences for Cats to address specifics. When used together the effectiveness of both products will increase dramatically. To see the flower essences look over at the left navigation of this page.

CRYSTALS HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO ELEVATE AND BOOST THE EFFECTIVENESS! We strongly recommend that you purchase our carefully selected crystals which will amplify the effectiveness of Convivial House Cat and our flower essence formulas for cats. We will give you written instructions on how to cleanse, energize, program and use crystals - you'll learn everything that you need to know, in fact you'll learn everything that we know about crystals! One of your handouts will tell you the type of crystals you got and what their benefits are. You might also like our carved Amethyst Cats which are wildly popular and collectible.

Daphne says:
"I love our customers and their cats so much! That's why Convivial House Cat, and also our flower essence formulas, have an alive and fully functioning bio-electrical vibration and energy field which can be evidenced with Kirilian photography! It's "living" my friends, it's vibrant and in tune with all the right frequencies! Convivial and our flower essences are like all living beings, just like like you and we cats, there is a strong and vital life force. Convivial House Cat also has these fields, vibrations and life forces because of the unique and proprietary method we've used to create them! Imagine the possibilities for your cats! "

Convivial House Cat - 2 fl. oz. spray bottle

2 fl oz


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NOTE: The bottles are not sealed in plastic as part of our dedication to Zero Waste and the near elimination of plastic!

Stop peeing outside of the box! - Stop spraying urine in the house!
Promotes friendship among cats! - Promotes good behavior!
Itís relaxing and calming to cats!

Con-viv-ial (kaníviveal) adjective
The meaning of convivial: Friendly, merry, genial, sociable, amiable,
congenial, agreeable, good-humored, cordial, warm, outgoing, gregarious,
companionable, clubby, cheerful, jolly, jovial, lively, enjoyable, festive.

And of course very well behaved and well mannered!
A convivial cat would never pee on something
or pick a fightĒ says Cat Faeries feline behaviorist.

New and revolutionizing the feline world and the home your cat lives in! We have taken our decades of feline behavior expertise and our pioneering work with flower essences for cats, merging it with vibrational practices to give you Convivial House Cat.

Our customers report back how much they love it. They tell us that their cats are back to using the litter box and have stopped fighting and stalking. Customers are delighted that itís happening fast and safely. We employ a unique proprietary technology with roots in an ancient process that gives our product a clean, crisp resonance for the evolving modern house cat.

Everyone loves how easy it is to use. Itís a spray containing purified electromagnetized water with a few drops of Grapefruit seed extract to keep it fresher, longer.

Spray it:
  • Around the house on surfaces which have been soiled with urine
  • Pick random locations in a room to relax your cats
  • Add it to your catís food and water with one quick and easy spray
Use it every day and watch your cats return to the box and behave like well-mannered convivial house cats. Our two page user guide comes with your order! Read it and save it for reference.

Non toxic
No alcohol
No flavor
Non staining
Gluten and grain free

No pheromones
No fragrance
No drugs
Species specific

Spray objects and furniture
Spray it on food

Spray it in the water bowl
Spray on a treat

Use it indoors
Use it in the car

Use it outdoors
Use it in animals shelters

To compliment Convivial House Catís effectiveness and fine tune various behavior changes we urge you to add one or more of our Flower Essence Formulas for Cats. Every cat has its own personality and some cats will change their behavior quickly, and others are stubborn or slow to change. We understand that and weíve got it covered!

Multi Cat Household 1 fl. oz. Territorial Rescue 1 fl. oz.
Calm and Serene - 1 fl. oz. Home Alone Kitty - 1 fl. oz.
Love My Litter Box - 1 fl. oz.  

From our very happy customers about Convivial House Cat:

I'm ordering my second 8 oz refill bottle of Convivial House Cat . You have really NAILED IT!!!!!!! In the twenty years I have been rescuing & having a constant house full of cats & kittens, I have never found anything that works this well. Everyone just "loves" on each other and I have a few "die-hard" markers that couldn't stand it so they peed in the middle of the floor. . . . . . the only place I hadn't sprayed!!!!!!!! What a fabulous product. No multiple cat owner or shelter should be without it. Thank You so much for all you do for the kitties and those who care for them.

Love & Kitty Kisses
Julie & The Brats

The litter box issue between my 2 oldest cats was so bad, after 2 years of wrestling with it, I resorted to create a "Geriatric Kitty Ward". A space of their own in which I could clean & monitor them more easily. That was 7 years ago.

I've been using the Convivial House Cat for a mere week. OMG! What is in this stuff? Indeed it IS Faerie Magic!

For 3 days in a row, the litter box has be used faithfully. I spray their food, & THEY wait for me to spray them.

MANY Blessings upon you~

Absolutely amazing product! (Convivial House Cat) I have been using it since I received it and had no cat fights and no peeing in the sink. But then, I forgot to spray over the last week or so, and yesterday my 2 problem kitty's had a brutal fight. I proceeded to spray it again, including by my bed, and both of the kitty's slept with me through the night with just a little grumbling. PROOF it works! At least in my situation. I'll be ordering more in the next few days and I will never forget to spray it around again!

Can't thank you enough!!

Love the products (Convivial House Cat). My cats have stopped fighting and I can now sleep through the night.


CRYSTALS WILL BOOST AND AMPLIFY EFFECTIVENESS! You'll love that they are so easy to use. If you don't know how to use them we are going to teach you via our written handouts that come with your order! So passionate about this we strongly suggest that you add Cat Faeries crystals which are listed near the Add To Cart button. With great care we select stones which compliment Convivial House Cat and our flower essence formulas that give our products another layer of effectiveness. They are beautiful and now more than ever we need beauty around us! To keep it fun and interesting we frequently change up the crystals that you'll receive.

Daphne says:
"Sometimes a multi cat household has clashing personalities which can lead to loud scary fights, turf wars, peeing outside of the litter box, spraying of urine on vertical objects or walls, and so many other situations that are unpleasant for the cats and for worried humans. We created this sanity saving spray to alleviate all those problems and restore peace, harmony, and allow you to reclaim your home. Itís so versatile, you can anoint your cats, spray it in food and water, and spray it all around the house to create a vortex of love, friendliness, and perfect litter box attendance. In the short time weíve offered this remedy the praise from customers and their veterinarians has surpassed Feliway!"

Madeline says:
"Madeline says . . . You can see that our customers love Convivial House Cat. We are so proud of it. People love it. Itís improving their catís behavior and lives every day!"

Best Seller

4 each - Convivial House Cat - 2 fl. oz. spray bottles

2 fl oz


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NOTE: The bottles will not have plastic seals because we are dedicated to Zero Waste and the near elimination of plastic!

This bundle of 4 of our 2 ounce bottles of Convivial House Cat is very handy! You can have a bottle in multiple rooms of the house for ease of usage! Good places to keep a bottle: on a coffee table, by the coffee maker, on a night table, near the kitchen table, in a bathroom, in a drawe

Clifford says:
"4 bottles of Convivial House Cat allows you to have one per room handy and ready to go. One for the kitchen, one for the living room, and two others for anywhere you want to keep one within easy reach. We love it at our house!"

Best Seller

8 fl. oz. REFILL of Convivial House Cat


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Loving our Convivial House Cat and want to keep using it and at a savings of $10?

This 8 fl. oz. refill bottle allows you to pour Convivial into your original 2 ounce bottle. Your original 2oz bottle has a mister where this size does not. So if you have not already ordered a 2oz bottle of Convivial House Cat order one of those too so you'll have it to refill later. We've gone back to using glass Boston Round bottles because we are so disgusted by the amount of plastic in our world. These bottles can be reused! You can soak off the label or cover it with one of your own. Auntie Cat Faerie likes this size bottle with a cap for salad dressings!

Are you having extreme Winter weather? The contents of the bottle can freeze in transit and expand causing the bottle to shatter. For Winter 2020 we are shipping the refill bottles in recyclable plastic. Come Spring we'll return to glass.

Miles says:
"People tell us that they've never used a product like Convivial House Cat and that they love it (so do their cats) It was my idea to put Convivial House Cat in 8 oz and 16 oz refill bottles. Remove the sprayer from your 2 ounce bottle and fill Ďer up! I knew youíd love these big refill bottles!"

Best Seller

2 - Convivial House Cat - 2 fl. oz. spray bottles
+ 1 Multi Cat Household Flower Essence Formula
+ 1 Territorial Rescue Flower Essence Formula

2 fl oz


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Add Beneficial Crystals for $19.75
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This bundle comes with two of our flower essence formulas. The bottle will arrive with a dropper. But some customers want a mister top so they can spray the formulas on objects, around the house, or on cat food or in the water bowl. If you'd like misters look at the bottom of this page and youíll see them pictured. You can order as many as you wish for just $1 at the bottom of this page.

Madeline says:
"Two bottles of Convivial House Cat and one each of our top two selling flower essence formulas means youíll have happy, well behaved cats Ė just like me - very soon! Purr purr purr!"

Best Seller

2 quarts Anti Icky Poo Unscented with 1 sprayer
+ 2 Convivial House Cat - 2 fl. oz. spray bottles

2 fl oz


In Stock

Add Beneficial Crystals for $19.75
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Daphne says:
"Two quarts of Anti Icky Poo plus two bottles of Convivial House Cat and very soon your home will smell fresh again. Youíll have cats living well behaved lives!"

Purchase as many misters as you need to accompany your 1 oz bottles of our flower essence formulas for cats. We'll insert them for you! Add as many misters as needed on the check out page. If you only need them for certain formulas use the COMMENTS area on the order form to give us specific instructions, for example: you may only want a mister with one or two flower essences, just give us the formula names and we'll do the rest! Misters are not available for 4 oz bottles.

Crystals for Good Health and Good Behavior


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Crystals and gem stones were born and formed deep within the layers of of the Earth and thus they hold the vibrations, the elements, the healing electrons, and the history of our shared planet. When they emerge from the depths of their birthplace they bring their love and benefits intended to spark health and joy to those who we were born and formed overground! They are anxious to assist the people, the plant life, and the animal life which live and walk upon the soil of this planet. Crystals and gemstones came forth to befriend and to help us. They are the perfect accompaniment to support and boost the effectiveness of Convivial House Cat, and our Flower Essence Formulas for Cats, even taking them to higher levels of healing and change because both entities are "living vibrational powerhouses of Earthen love." We encourage you to work with our carefully gathered crystals to benefit your cats as you see your felines shift in ways you have hoped for and have dreamed about. The good behavior and good health aspects will vibrate throughout you home and will benefit the people and other animals who live there!

Your crystals will come with several pages of handouts which teach you how to cleanse them, energize them, and program them. You'll also learn to make a grid which is a formation of crystals. We want you to know everything about crystals that we know!

If you ordered our crystals in the past you'll happy to know that our newest collection will complement them - you cannot have too many! Our new collection promotes every aspects of Good Health AND Good Behavior for the Modern House Cat and work in harmony with our products. With our cats in our homes and hearts we are moving forward bravely, and with love, friendship and good health!


Goldstone Ė very small heart shape Robust Life and Robust Health! While Goldstone is a human made stone its roots can traced back to the Miotti family of Venice in the seventeenth century. This Italian family of glass makers perfected the technique of creating a special kind of glass infused with copper and called it Goldstone. The result is a deep coppery bronze colored stone with perfectly evenly dispersed glistening sprinkles of the element copper. Copper carries the receptive energies of Grandmother Earth who teaches us to be in balance with nature. Copper conducts energy and when itís used with other crystals it intensifies, enhances, and channels their properties. A great ally! This is a protective stone which dispels negative emotions partly because it grounds us to the Earthís electromagnetic fields which are known to have vast disease curing abilities, including diseases of the organs and the challenges of illness. Beautiful Goldstone is ideal for illness, and especially for a cat with kidney disease, as well as it supports the entire aging process and all of the bodyís functions including cellular renewal and the healing process following injury or surgery. This stone invokes peaceful contemplation, guards against negative energy, toxic people and their psychic debris returning those elements to their origins Ė in other words, it can send those unpleasant forces away which is very beneficial to a sick cat or person or anyone who does not to become sick. When there is balance healing is restored as it bridges our physical world and the spirit realm. We suggest that this stone be placed near the cat or person is ill.

Lapis Lazuli ~ tumbled piece Oh how that blue color has charmed people for centuries! And donít you love its gold shimmer? This celestial blue is about royalty, honor, vision, spirit, truth and wisdom. Lapis improves friendships and social skills while stimulating compassion and honesty. It provides for good beliefs, perspectives, and motivation. It can alleviate pain and other physical conditions. Lapis Lazuli enhances animal communication for humans and their animal friends! Lapis encourages one to kind to all and to exhibit good behavior and good manners!

Ocean Jasper, heart shape ~ The ultimate quartz stone the manifestation of cooperation, friendship and compassion in groups of people - so imagine what it can do for your multi cat household, the humans in your home, other animals in your home as well as the guests who you invite in. Jaspers of various types are generally found in all over the world, but Ocean Jasper is found only in Madagascar. Madagascar itself is rather meaningful to the properties of this stone: The indigenous people are of a rural and civil society who are strongly rooted in the natural and spirit world, and honor their ancestors, traditions, nature spirits, and sacred sites. Madagascar is considered to be a destination for travelers who want to visit sacred and spiritual sites. While itís called ďOcean JasperĒ it is not from the sea, itís from the land and is mined in only two locations in Madagascar. Ocean Jasper is about as down to Earth of a crystal as it gets because it can charge those who posses them with Earthís healing electrons and vibrations which emanate from the Earthís core and every layer. Among Ocean Jasperís many gifts is that it calms thoughts and emotions which leads to the quashing of over-reactions - ideal such things as a feline hissy fit or a turf war. Ocean Jasper is all about the enjoyment of life so imagine it lifting the veil of negativity and stress. For our aging cats who are beginning to feel creaky, cranky and tired or for the young cats you want to keep healthy and live long this stone encourages regeneration of the cells and organs including the Kidneys. Ocean Jasper loves to work with other crystals including all forms of Quartz, all other Jaspers, and Amethyst. Ocean Jasper comes in countless colors and patterns, some with spots and some with striations. The heart shape of your new Ocean Jasper amplifies all of the qualities mentioned and well as it deeply touches the heart of those who are near it.

Rose Quartz Ė Tumbled piece Rose Quartz with its shades of gentle pink is a stone of the heart filling one with Unconditional Love. It carries the soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. It speaks directly to the Heart and while dissolving emotional wounds, fears and resentments Ė ideal when feline housemates are not getting along. It circulates a Divine loving energy throughout the entire aura. It can re-awaken the heart to its own innate love for all. Rose quartz helps one feel a deep sense of contentment. One can truly give and receive love from others. As early as 600 BC it was given as a love and friendship token. It was believed to attract love and romance, as well as to create a closer bond with family and friends of any species. It helps one to connect within groups and communities. Even if one did not have an ideal mother, or was missing their biological mother, or in the case of a cat taken from mother too soon know that Mother Earth Holds You, She Carries You and Loves You.

Ruby in Green Zoisite, Tumbled piece ~ WOW! That just might be the best word that Cat Faeries can use to sum up the properties and definitions of this rather hard to find and very very very special stone! As one decade ends and another begins we are all about the heart and love, joyfully participating in life, savoring lifeís vitality, and healing, and yes, friendships and cooperation. With Ruby in Green Zoisite the heart opens to alleviate grief, anger, despair and defeat along with the diseases and illnesses that accompany those feelings and bad experiences. This is also an important stone which many feel offsets the negative or harmful aspects of a treatment or medication including chemotherapy or radiation. It is a champion among stones for helping when one is faced with a terminal illness and the transition to death giving one complete support. That said, this precious stone can also activate the bodyís defense healing mechanisms possibly changing the course of what once seemed eminent! Vitality, love and support should never be underestimated and this stone helps by attracting these allies. We love the mix of friendship and service that it provides while helping to cleanse the body and self of negative attachments. Grow. Heal. Enjoy each breath in each moment. Ruby in Zoisite is not ďa cureĒ for anything but it will never fail with giving healing and attracting love.

Rutiliated Quartz - tumbled pieces - Every pouch of crystals has some of these. Why? We love them passionatly and it's because it is widely understood that all Quartz Crystal is programmable. When Quartz is cleansed, then energized it is ready for programming, happily waiting for us to ask it to be of assistance when we verbally and lovingly state our needs. BUT! When Quartz is Rutilliated, which means it contains gold inclusions that look like needles or fine lines we know that it has special abilities to send your wishes and intentions in amplified and accelerated way! Imagine your wishes zinging and singing through those golden lines as if they were the wires of a telegraph circuit going to their intended destination! Whew! Rutiliated Quartz loves working in harmonious grids or clusters with other crystals. This stone is all about personal transformation and awakening to the higher purpose for any being and on every level from the higher mind, spiritual, to the bodyís systems at the cellular level.

Sodalite, tumbled ~ Lovely peaceful looking royal blue stone with white for calming the heart and mind which allows for clear thinking and decision making ultimately leading to impulsive or aggressive behaviors Ė or the opposite of aggression: depression. Boosts harmony because it calms one's thinking which makes squabbles, disagreements, and arguments easier to work through or donít seem so important. Sodalite helps one to express feelings in a calm rational way because emotions are better balanced. This stone is also very beneficial to the immune system.

Tangerine Quartz pointed piece - Like the Golden Healers from Arkansas our Tangerine Quartz Crystal from Uruguay is a master healer for any condition and also itís an excellent receptor for programming. It can bring the entire body back into balance and boost energy. Its lovely orange is the color of joy and friendship. Older cats and people who might be cranky can remember their zest for life, the excitement of new adventures and ideas! Learn to give and take with love and compassion. It can bring anyone inspiration and motivation. It is said that it can correct cellular memory to bring a body into balance. It can stimulate the immune system, remove free radicals and assist with exhaustion or depletion. It inspires love, compassion, curiosity, and play as it is a happy stone that helps stimulates creative energies. Similar to Citrine Tangerine Quartz cannot hold negativity so itís very uplifting and allows for a state of peace, tranquility and deep repose during sleep. . It seems to say ďLimitations? What are those?Ē

Order as many crystal sets as you like - you canít have too many - and for customers who order more than one set we dip into our Crystal Cat Cave so that we can customize for you and make sure that you collect a wide variety of crystals and stones. Do you love particular crystals more than others? Tell us because more are available upon request. For example many people like to have small dishes of their favorites scattered around the house! We have many types of crystals in the Cat Faeries Crystal Cat Cave and we mean it when we urge you to talk to us about your needs. Really, don't be shy! Ask us! We love working with crystals and providing you with your heart's desire!

This photo is of some of the others in our Crystal Cat Cave not necessarily what you'll receive. We love to customize so donít hesitate to reach out to us!

Daphne says:
"Crystals are beautiful treasures and I think of them as love that came from the deep within the Earth millions of years ago! They will help boost, elevate, and amplify our flower essences and Convivial House Cat. Crystals not only make these products work better but they are pleasing to the senses and add beauty to your home. Cats and people will benefit from their positive energy! You'll also be getting the most benefit from our products as they truly do help!"

Every bit of Cat Faeries text is original. It was written by our behaviorist and it is based upon our years of experience with every item we have carefully selected just for you. All of our text and photos are copyright protected. If you should be foolish and dare to copy it, you will be sent immediately to the pound, and hunted down by our legal team who will prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Our intellectual property lawyer was a pitbull in a past life.
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