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8 Catnip Toys - Grab Bag

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Eat your vegetables! Have fruit for dessert! Make friends with hamsters and bunnies! Chase bees and bunny-kick magic wands! HA HA! As if cats will do as they are told! To delight your cats and to keep them running and playing we've got a great grab bag (our surprise!) containing 8 of our "you can't find em anywhere else" catnip toys which will give any cat a healthy romp around the house playing chase and pounce! Order our grab bag and we'll select an assortment of 8 toys. Until the mail man comes you wonít know what the cat faerie waved her wand over and selected for you! Surprises are FUN! That said, if you have your heart set on a particular toy or two that you'd like in the assortment please use COMMENTS on the check out page and tell us - we'll obey you, unlike your cats!

Grace from Houston says: "A few for my cats and a few for my sister's cats! I was brought up to share and I love doing it with the cats of my sister or my friends!"

Clifford says:
"We love love and love selecting an assortment of toys for you! And of course if you have a few preferences, ask us!"


Delightful Grab Bag of 12 Catnip Cat Toys

$81.39   $101.74

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Do you have a bunch of deserving cats in your home? They'll love getting 12 new toys. Or do you have lot's of friends with cats? This collection contains enough toys for every cat and cat lover on your gift giving list! People love receiving useful gifts - and people love receiving a gift for their cat! And surprises, who doesn't love to be surprised with a box of 12 mystery cat toys from Cat Faeries! WIN WIN!

A customer in Oregon says: "Once a year I buy this assortment and hold on to it so that during the year I have hostess or birthday gifts for friends with cats."

Madeline says:
"Don't forget to share with the shelter cats! You'll feel so good knowing that you helped bring some joy to the cats awaiting a real home!"

Save almost 30% off the single refill price!

Attention Comfort Zone diffuser users! Good news! Weíve got 6 refills in one handy box AND one great price! Rather than send you 6 refills in individual boxes how would you like one nice box containing 6 refills? Yes? We thought so! The box makes storage neat and tidy, less paper to recycle, and the box is one you can use to mail something to a friend when itís empty! And did we tell you that itís a great price?

Madeline says:
"You will love this handy box of 6 refills for your Comfort Zone diffuser. No nasty plastic clamshell to remove! The refills come in a handy cardboard box for neat and tidy storage. The box is so high quality you can reuse it in many ways including mailing a present to a friend or store some of our legendary cat toys!"

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