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Play In Harmony Flower Essences for Cats - 1 fl. oz.

1 fl oz - comes with sprayer/mister

Any cat can “play well with others”

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Do you have a cat who’s report card says “Doesn’t Play Well With Others” Have you witnessed one cat or two being overly aggressive at play time to the point where your other cats don’t want to play anymore? If yes, you are not alone! All your cats deserve play time, so we came to their rescue!

Many cats get very wound up at play time, possibly a holdover from when felines needed to hunt to survive with a limited amount of food so chasing away the competition was a matter of life or death. Or they are more territorial about toys than other cats. Or they simply think that they are The Center of the Universe and that no one else matters.

This formula comes with a sprayer/mister as we found it’s best to spray it in the air during play time or when you return home from work. This would be more effective than putting into food or water.

Miles says:
"Clifford and I loved being The Toy Boss! But Daphne and Madeline hated it. Now we are less aggressive and I’ve learned that even if someone else plays with a toy that it’s ok, the toy knows it belongs to me!"

Be Mine Kitty! I love you! 2 Catnip Hearts w/ribbons

2 catnip hearts with playful ribbons

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day and your love for your cats year round with a set of 2 hearts. They will surely delight every cat no matter what month it is. Each heart has strands of ribbon to make this an interactive toy if you desire. Cats are more than happy to play with their heart by themselves. Each heart toy contains 3 tablespoons of our notorious catnip inside plus fiber-fill to give the hearts a good firm shape. This is how to say "I love you so much Kitty!" The prints vary, usually hearts and swirls or pink leopard print.

A customer in New Hampshire did something very beautiful: "Dear Cat Faeries, do you remember when I emailed you and told you that my cat loving sister was being honored with a luncheon. I asked if you could make 50 of these catnip hearts with ribbons so that one could go on each attendees' plate. My sister was nearly speechless and her friends and co-workers more than made up for it with praise! Thank you so very much, I'll never forget your kindness, and speed for getting them to me at the last minute."

Fabric: Smooth cotton fabric with satin ribbons.

Miles says:
"You might not know but I'm quite a romantic lovey boy! I love everyone!"

Save almost 30% off the single refill price!

Attention Comfort Zone diffuser users! Good news! We’ve got 6 refills in one handy box AND one great price! Rather than send you 6 refills in individual boxes how would you like one nice box containing 6 refills? Yes? We thought so! The box makes storage neat and tidy, less paper to recycle, and the box is one you can use to mail something to a friend when it’s empty! And did we tell you that it’s a great price?

Madeline says:
"You will love this handy box of 6 refills for your Comfort Zone diffuser. No nasty plastic clamshell to remove! The refills come in a handy cardboard box for neat and tidy storage. The box is so high quality you can reuse it in many ways including mailing a present to a friend or store some of our legendary cat toys!"

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