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Good behavior and robust health for the modern housecat

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Forever A Kitten, Your Catís Second CD

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Composed and performed by Cheryl Christine

We asked our favorite composer, Cheryl Christine, who created the well-loved A Ball of Twine, Your Catís First CD to push her genius and create something with deeper sound healing. We wanted to incorporate theta sound waves as our studies tell us, and our personal experience confirms that they are very curative. Not only did Cheryl do it, but she outdid herself and we adore it. In our workroom we seem to be listening to nothing other than these two CDís (and some Miles Davis!) We humans are feeling calmer, more focused, blood pressure and blood sugar are nice and stable, migraines are gone, not a single cold or flu this Winter... so imagine what this will do for your cat and you in your home!

Here are some sound clips so you can experience the beautiful, soothing, and healing music. Donít be surprised if your cat comes up to your computer and begs for more! Itís happened!

11 wonderful original songs:
  1. Forever A Kitten
  2. Kitty Kisses
  3. A Nap In A Sunbeam
  4. A Romp Through The Grass
  5. Chasing Dust Bunnies
  6. Dreaming Of Birds
  7. Pamper Time
  8. Tree With A View
  9. Curling Up With You
  10. Hiding In A Box
  11. On Butterfly Wings
Clips from "Forever A Kitten, Your Catís Second CD"

"Forever A Kitten"

"A Romp Through The Grass"

"Dreaming Of Birds"

Tipsy looks at her picture on the cover of the CD Forever A Kitten

Tipsy looks at her picture on the cover of the music CD "Forever A Kitten."


One Catnip Corn on the Cob (yellow)

$7.21   $8.48

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Our catnip corn cob is wildly popular, and it has been delighting cats for many years.

Our customer Liz says: "Growing up in the mid-west and playing in the corn field was a delightful to have fun as kid. When I toss a few of these out to my cats for their fun it brings me back to very happy times.

Fabric: Cotton solid or subtle print, the "ears" are soft velour.

Clifford says
I'm not sure what I like best, the soft velour "ears" or that tantalizing tubular shape! I know - its both, plus the catnip inside!


One Catnip Chinchilla

$7.21   $8.48

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Dear Cats, we are giddy and happy to present for your indoor hunting pleasure - our very own catnip Chinchilla! It's in a super soft and realistic feeling faux fur that's luscious and plush, and will tempt cats of all ages to play and romp! These cuddly little puff balls of fun are in shades of gray, and are sure to delight cats for hours, days, and years! Did we say how velvety soft this fabric is? People will wish we could ship them a coat made from the same fabric!

Customer Natalie who is a clothing designer says: "Swoon! I'm a total fabric freak and I'm here to say that the photo and description does not even come close to how dreamy these catnip chinchillas feel!"

Fabric: a plush soft fake fur

Daphne says:
"Who's the most plush to the touch? Me or our catnip chinchilla? It's a toss up!"


One Catnip Tish the Fish - honoring the longest living goldfish)

$7.21   $8.48

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Ahoy cats - it's time to head for the high dive and have a swim party with the fishies. You'll love their fluttering tails on our smiley faced jewel tone goldfish. They'll swim into the hearts of your cats giving them an ocean of fun and joy. And no one gets wet! We have named this goldfish toy after Tish The Fish who was the oldest living goldfish on record - here is his story:

Tish the goldfish was the worldís oldest goldfish ever recorded at 43 years. Tish was won at a funfair in 1956 by a British boy named Peter. Peter also won another goldfish named Tosh. For 19 years both fish lived a harmonious life with Peter, who was no longer a boy, but a full grown man. When Peter got married he passed on both fish to his parents. At age 19 Tosh died, which is an extremely long life for a captive gold fish. Shortly before his death he became ill. The Guinness Book of World Records were satisfied and confirmed Tish as the oldest goldfish ever recorded in the world. Peterís parents who cared for Tish claim that the fish survived for so long because of its diet and sunlight. They said that he was never over fed and they placed him in the sun daily. While itís possible that this led to his long life, they may have unwittingly aided in his longevity by providing a clean environment for him. As is often the case, goldfish will succumb to poor water quality within a decade. Most people will be unaware of the problem, but will notice the fins of the fish begin to recede, and look more pale than usual. As food and other biological waste breaks down, it creates a nitrates. These nitrates are toxic to all fish and will eventually lead to death if not treated by changing part of the water on a regular basis, and cleaning the filter. Thatís why itís important not to over feed them. The food will not be consumed and will only rot in the tank.

A customer near the Great Lakes told us: "My kids love to fish, and they love our cats - this is the perfect gift for my kids to give to their furry friends!"

Fabric: Soft velour.

Daphne says:
"I am one of those cats who LOVES water! I do! After my Maid's shower it's my turn. She steps out and I step in, I sit down, and lick the water off the walls! And yes, I've been known to bring a Tish Fish in with me!"


Chasing Butterflies Catnip Toy Set

One each: a heart with ribbons, a frou frou wand, and a grape

$21.71   $25.54

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Cats day dream of chasing butterflies while leaping over fields of grass and wildflowers but since most of our modern housecats donít go outside, and then of course thereís Winter and itís rain and snow, letís bring Springtime outdoors inside! Butterfly print heart with ribbons, a frou-frou wand with a repurposed 1960ís boa, and a small super soft plushy grape in the same lavender color that is the base of the butterfly fabric is the answer to a catís dreams and hopes!

Every bit of Cat Faeries text is original. It was written by our behaviorist and it is based upon our years of experience with every item we have carefully selected just for you. All of our text and photos are copyright protected. If you should be foolish and dare to copy it, you will be sent immediately to the pound, and hunted down by our legal team who will prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Our intellectual property lawyer was a pitbull in a past life.
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