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4 Catnip Toy Grab Bag

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Eat your vegetables! Make friends with hamsters and bunnies! Well, most cats just simply wont be told what to do, but thats ok, we've got a great grab bag (our surprise!) of catnip play toys which will give any cat a healthy romp around the house chasing them! Order our assortment of 4 toys and well select them. Until the mail man comes you wont know what the cat faerie will wave her wand over and select for you! Surprises are FUN!

Save almost 30% off the single refill price!

Attention Comfort Zone diffuser users! Good news! Weve got 6 refills in one handy box AND one great price! Rather than send you 6 refills in individual boxes how would you like one nice box containing 6 refills? Yes? We thought so! The box makes storage neat and tidy, less paper to recycle, and the box is one you can use to mail something to a friend when its empty! And did we tell you that its a great price?

Madeline says:
"You will love this handy box of 6 refills for your Comfort Zone diffuser. No nasty plastic clamshell to remove! The refills come in a handy cardboard box for neat and tidy storage. The box is so high quality you can reuse it in many ways including mailing a present to a friend or store some of our legendary cat toys!"

NEW! And On Sale for a Limited Time!

Golden Healer Crystal. Top of the line: AAA grade points

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Golden Healer quartz crystals are very rare and we do not know how much longer we'll be able to get them. Ours are the very top of the line: AAA Grade. They are not only hard to come by but these are the finest quality there is. The size ranges from 1 inch to 2 inches in length with a nice point.

They come in many shades of gold. We have them with a light wash of gold or yellow, to various vivid deep yellows, golds and even sometimes slightly orange. With these little healing powerhouses color and size do not matter. Healers collect them and treasure them, and we'd like you to be among this special clan of compassionate healers.

We'll select just the right crystal specifically for you. When you order you'll see an area on the online order form called COMMENTS. Use it to give us your name or the names of your cats. We'll hold the name in our heart and look at our collection of golden healers. When a feeling of warmth is felt in the heart we know we have been guided to just the right crystals for you.

Golden Healers are extremely rare. And they are only found in one or two mines where there are deposits of Iron Hydrate which they absorb and its this that gives them the unique and healing coloration. The colors range from a barely there yellow or gold cast to deeper markings. On some specimens you'll see Iron Hydrate embedded on the outside of the crystal. Coloration does not matter! Every Golden Healer is very powerful and will benefit your life in countless ways.

Golden Healers are themselves master healers, therefore they will help you master your own healing work. They will help you access The Gold Ray. They will help you transform, transmute, grow, change, evolve, find and feel joy, blossom and flourish. They assist you when you need to dissolve negativity and release it. Access your own Christ consciousness, Angelic and Devic energies, and the Goddess within. Golden Healers have a very high vibration or frequency and are very well suited to flower essence work.

Welcome to a special clan of healers who work with Golden Healers. Join us in doing your own healing work to benefit those you love and care for, and those in your unique community.

Clifford says:
"There is a small dish near our food bowls with a few crystals on it. Our Maid puts a few drops of Multi Cat Household or Convivial House Cat on them every day or a few times a week."

NEW! And On Sale for a Limited Time!

Quartz Crystal. Water clear. Top of the line: AAA grade with points

$19.20   $24.00

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These very special quartz crystals are water clear and are the top of the line (AAA grade). The size ranges from 1 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inches in length with a nice point. Within the realm of water clear quartz crystal yours might have a rainbow, or a bit of frost on top, or unique striations inside. We are selected these with a very discerning eye and with attention to the purest cleanest vibration.

We'll select crystals just for you. When you order you'll see the COMMENTS area on the online order form. Type in your name or the names of your cats so that we can select just the right crystal for you. Here's how we do it: we hold the name or names in our heart then look at the collection and when a warmth if felt we know we've found the right crystal. Some people like to get one crystal for each cat or family member.

Madeline says:
"We have several of our cat beds scattered around the house. Each bed has a crystal in it. I think it makes nap time even dreamier!"

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