Cat Video: Mulder the Cat Opening Doors

11 million people have watched Mulder open doors despite his human’s attempts to get him to stop – Mulder just ignores the tub of water in front of the door!

Cat Video: Timo the Cat and His Hammock

Kitty tries to leap onto a hammock but keeps falling off. But keeps trying, proving that practice does make perfect!

Cat Video: Kitten Tries to Play With Ceramic Cat

Teenager kitten thinks that a ceramic statue of a cat is a worthy opponent and decides to pounce and play! Seriously fun! Who wins? The teenaged kitten or the figurine?

1 million views!

Cat Video: Mother Cat Adopts Baby Bunny

Marmalade mama cat adopts an orphaned baby bunny and takes the bun in as one of her kittens. What a beautiful and loving cat she is! By the way, female marmalade cats aren’t very common. The coloring of the baby bunny is called “Dutch.”

Over 7 million views!

Cat Video: A Cat and Bunny Who Take a Walk Every Day

Momo the cat and Moko the lop eared bunny love to take a walk together down a quiet road every day. Cats and bunnies make great companions!

Over 2 million views!

Cat Video: A Cat Who Loves To Be Vacuumed

Most cats hate the vacuum – our’s do! All that horrible noise! But our friend Bobo loves the vacuum. In fact he loves to be vacuumed. But it’s done very carefully and with great care, and minimal noise.

Our observation is that they set the vacuum to the lowest of the lowest settings – this is important, you’d never want the cat to feel extreme suction to skin. Bobo’s person is very careful and gentle, and considerate of Bobo’s delicate skin. Bobo is clearly totally blissed out while being vacuumed! The ultimate kitty beauty treatment!

Cat Video: A Very Excited Kitten Explores Its New Bed

A very excited kitten “makes a tail” while exploring its new bed. Cute and funny!

Cat Video: Cats Save Tigers – Starring Lil BUB and friends

All of our favorite feline internet superstars come together and speak out (or meow out) about saving the world’s tigers! Off the charts cuteness!