Cat Video: Siamese Cat Sleeping in Front of Fireplace (Soothing)

Cat and fireplace! No music as its soothing-ness comes from watching the flickering flames and the cat with zero sound. An ideal video for you to stop what you are doing and meditate for as much time as you’d like with this 3 hour silent video!



Cat Video: Kitten and Flemish Giant Rabbit Friends Playing

Young cat and a Flemish Giant bunny at play! The cat will grow to be about the same size as the Flemmy who average 15 pounds and can weigh up to 22 pounds.



Cat Video: Tabby Likes Microgreens

Smart kitty! And smart person for putting fresh microgreens in a bowl and letting the cat enjoy them!



Cat Video: Calico Kitten Plays with the Kitten in the Mirror

Calico kitten plays with an interloper in a mirror who happens to look exactly like the kitten!!!!