Cat Videos: Kitten Yoga 2 – The Sequel

We’ve shown you Kitten Yoga 1. Now the sequel – Kitten Yoga 2. A cute and funny kitten who is an expert at being relaxed and flexible demonstrates proper Cat Yoga techniques. (You can see Kitten Yoga 1 here –

Cat Videos: Caffrey the Amazing Two Legged Cat

Note to self – stop with the pity-party! Caffery is an adorable Persian cat who only has two legs, two left legs! No right legs! And look how he manages. With perfect balance and determination! Nothing stops him from having fun and getting around! I need to be more like this gorgeous black Persian and appreciate what I have!

Cat Videos: Kitty Eye View of Chasing a Laser Pointer

A unique kitty level video of cats chasing a laser pointer. It’s gotten 1,400,000 views! Why do kitties love laser pointers so much?

Cute Video: Disabled Goldfish in Her Buoyancy Harness

Normally we show you the kindness that humans extend to their cats, the lengths they go through so their special needs cat can live with dignity. This short story and 20 second video of a goldfish in a special flotation harness is truly going to make your heart sing! Amazing!

Cat Videos: Juno Plays with Her Catnip Corn Cob from Cat Faeries

Juno, a stunning calico residing in Seattle, loves Cat Faeries corn on the cob catnip toys ( Juno’s mother/maid/videographer tells us:

“My calico LOVES her corn cob and has destroyed her last two. Nothing else (carrot, pepper, strawberry) gets her going like the corn cob. Something about the shape, I think.”