Cat Videos: A Baby Goat Inspires a Paraplegic Cat to Walk

A baby goat makes friends with a paraplegic cat to the point where the goat inspires the cat to walk to the delight of their caregivers at cat sanctuary Tabby’s Place ( Seriously cute and charming.

(The video is a bit long – the baby goat and Tashi the paraplegic cat
meet at 2:20)

Cat Videos: Venus the chimera cat

Meet Venus, a Chimera cat with coloring and eyes that will blow your mind! And yes, she’s a Facebook superstar!

Venus the chimera cat

Cat Videos: Cat Escapes Dog on Surfboard!

See why your cat needs surfing lessons! Cat escapes dog on surfboard!

Cat Videos: The Cat Ninjas!

Over two and a half million people have seen this video of amazing acro-cats! How did we miss it before? Have your cats ever performed such amazing feats?

Cat Videos: Nylah the kitty plays fetch

Have you ever had a cat who loves to play fetch?  We did!  Tasha loved it, and like this cat would love it when we tossed one of our cat toys down the stairs.  She’d race to get it, and race back to drop it at our feet so we could throw it again!  Tasha lived to be 20.  Wondering, could a daily game of fetch extend a cat’s life?

Cat Videos: Kitty shows how to walk your human

Ahoy all cats! In case you don’t already know how to “walk your human” this will teach you how!

Cat Videos: A cute cat hides in a box and lies in wait

Tifa, a very cute cat, likes to hide in a shoebox and lie in wait for the unwary. Her parent says she is a fan of Maru.