Cat Video: Cat Is SO Gentle With His Squirrel Brother

Here’s a rambunctious orange tabby and his best friend – a squirrel! Each has a playing style unique to their species!
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A kitten and a baby chicken – best friends and napping!
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Cats on the attack in Ghost Town!
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Cat Video: Black Cat’s First Pumpkin!

Getting into the spirit of Halloween, here’s a black cat’s first pumpkin!


Cat Video: Cat Splooting While Eating

Here’s a resourceful and multi tasking cat eating while in sploot position!


Cat Video: Senior Cat Loves These Little Girls

Bailey the cat’s story from kittenhood through elderhood and his very special family.
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Cat Video: Cats Answering the Phone

Here are a bunch of smart cats answering pesky telephones!


Cat Video: Feral Senior Cat Becomes A Total Mama’s Boy

Meet Mr. B an elder feral tom cat who after years of being a street cat gets a home. You’ll need two hankies for this one!
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