Cat Video: Cat Is SO Gentle With His Squirrel Brother

Here’s a rambunctious orange tabby and his best friend – a squirrel! Each has a playing style unique to their species!
Almost 5 million views!


Cat Video: Kitten and Baby Chicken Sleep Sweetly Together

A kitten and a baby chicken – best friends and napping!
Almost 13 million views!


Cat Video: Kitten Attack on Ghost Town

Cats on the attack in Ghost Town!
Over 12 million views!


Cat Video: Black Cat’s First Pumpkin!

Getting into the spirit of Halloween, here’s a black cat’s first pumpkin!


Cat Video: How to Make an Automatic Cat Feeder

My favorite scene in the Michelle Pfeifer movie “Married To The Mob” is when feline loving FBI agent Mike played by Matthew Modine hits the switch for his automatic cat feeder! This one isn’t the same, but it’s equally as clever. Just the thing to create during this time of staying indoors so much!


Cat Video: Cat Splooting While Eating

Here’s a resourceful and multi tasking cat eating while in sploot position!


Cat Video: Senior Cat Loves These Little Girls

Bailey the cat’s story from kittenhood through elderhood and his very special family.
Almost 10 million views!


Cat Video: Cats Answering the Phone

Here are a bunch of smart cats answering pesky telephones!