Cat Video: How To Train Your Cat

Use this downtime to train your cat to do various things including shake your hand with their paw. 51 million people have watched and learned! Also practice the way he makes a swan from an apple while his cats watched, fascinated!


Cat Video: How To Paint Your Cat

How to paint your cat! (tongue in cheek)
Over 6 million views!


Cat Video: Calming Lullaby for Piano-Loving Cat

Here’s a calming lullaby for you and your cat to enjoy. Notice how the adorable cat is enjoying the massage of the piano keys! And of course, his resting paws help the pianist!
Over 1 million views.


Cat Video: Young Cat is Super Affectionate To Every Animal He Meets

This very young cat immediately decided the barnyard and its animals were HIS! Imagine what he’ll conquer when he’s full grown!

3 million views!