Cat Videos: The Original Surprised Kitten (Always Cute!)

Almost 66,000,000 people have seen this, probably including you, but it’s a good one for any day!

Cat Videos: Smart Cat Unscrews Cat Treat Jar Lid

One very smart cat named Indy unscrews the lid of a jar containing cat treats! And shares with a friend. Imagine if they had opposable thumbs! They’d truly rule the world!

Cat Videos: Kaiser the Bengal Shows Off His Repertoire of Tricks

Have you ever tried Clicker Training with your cat? We are going to try it and we’ll report back in a newsletter. But for now check out this video of Kaiser the Bengal showing off his repertoire of tricks.

Cat Videos: Four Crazy Kittens Playing and Leaping (and a Nice Doggie)

Four crazy little kittens playing and leaping! What could be cuter? And a nice sweet dog too. Murkin, who we’ve posted video of before.