Cat Videos: Bianca Drinks From Faucet and Dries Her Face With a Towel

Bianca is a cute kitty who likes to get her face wet while drinking water from a faucet. We’ve seen that before, but Bianca is smart too. She then dries her face off with a towel like the proper young lady she is!

Cat Videos: Cat Alarm Clock

A funny and cute video of a cat with a very unique way of waking up his person!

Cat Videos: Dog Fetches Cat (Cat Gets Free Ride)

Everyone knows a cat won’t come when called. This cat proves there IS such a thing as a free ride!

Cat Videos: Kitty Steals Treat, Then Is Robbed by Dog

A cat sneaks a treat from a jar, then the family dog steals it!

Cat Videos: Smart Cat Unscrews Cat Treat Jar Lid

One very smart cat named Indy unscrews the lid of a jar containing cat treats! And shares with a friend. Imagine if they had opposable thumbs! They’d truly rule the world!

Cat Videos: Kaiser the Bengal Shows Off His Repertoire of Tricks

Have you ever tried Clicker Training with your cat? We are going to try it and we’ll report back in a newsletter. But for now check out this video of Kaiser the Bengal showing off his repertoire of tricks.

Cat Videos: Cat Escapes Dog on Surfboard!

See why your cat needs surfing lessons! Cat escapes dog on surfboard!

Cat Videos: The Cat Ninjas!

Over two and a half million people have seen this video of amazing acro-cats! How did we miss it before? Have your cats ever performed such amazing feats?