Cat Video: Cat Speed Kicks to Knock on Door

Speed kicking opens a door for a cat! Gives a new meaning to “knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock, who’s there?!”

Cat Videos: Cat Retrieves Cell Phone

Cat hears cell phone ring. Cat runs to where the cell phone is. Cat picks up cell phone in mouth. Cat takes cell phone to human/maid. Cat gets a pat on the head and a big thank you!

Cat Videos: Tortoiseshell Cat Scores A Soap Opera

As brilliant as she is beautiful, a tortoiseshell cat scores the music for a scene in a soap opera! Brava!

Cat Videos: Cat Found Alive and Well in Oklahoma Tornado Rubble

Another happy ending for an Oklahoma cat – FOUND! In the rubble, alive and well!

Cat Videos: Training the Harry Potter Twitter Litter of Kittens

The first in a video series where the woman who trained the cats in the Harry Potter films shows how she trains a group of adorable kittens.

Cat Videos: Adorable and smart former shelter cat

Adorable and smart former shelter cat does many tricks and keeps his human very entertained. You will be too!

Cat Videos: Smart Cat Knows His Bedtime

Does your cat understand the words: bed, sleep, come to bed? Or do you think this cat knows its bed time because of an inner clock?

Cat Videos: Kitty Tetherball

With Spring upon us it’s time for The National Pastime to start a new season. We don’t mean baseball, of course we mean Kitty Tetherball! Here’s Opening Day. Who will win?