Cat Video: Tango Plays With His Cat Faeries Catnip Mouse

This video blew our socks off! It was made by a customer featuring her cat playing with one of our Cat Faeries catnip toys. The sound and look is that of a faerie tale.

We love it so much. Oh, Lisa, it’s just so wonderful and so are you!

Cat Video: Mama Cat Nurses Baby Squirrel – Squirrel Learns to Purr

An orphaned baby squirrel was placed with a nursing mama-cat. We’ve read the science that talks about the mechanisms that cats have to purr. But could it also be something that’s learned, perhaps from a nursing mother cat? Listen carefully at the end of this not very long video to hear the squirrel’s purr. We know that some other animals, like rabbits, make a purring like sound by rubbing their teeth together. But that’s not what the baby squirrel sounds like, it’s more of that motor boat sound we love that comes from our cats!

7 million views for this!