Cat Video: Lamb and Cat Become Best Friends


Charlie, the lamb, and Dora, the calico are rescued at about the same time and they are now the best of friends! Dora the cat is also friends with the other rescued animals! But please note, they keep their rabbits outside and this is very not ok, bunnies should be house rabbits. Enjoy the video!

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Cat Video: Two Chirping Birds to Entertain Your Cat


Our videos mostly entertain you. Here’s a great one of two Starling birds with the amazing sounds they make. Your cats will be entranced!


Cat Video: Ancient battle-scarred feral cat falls in love with tiny kittens


Get out your hanky! Maybe two of them! Mason is a very old feral cat, in pain, and with kidney disease. He was brought indoors to live out his life but didn’t like being touched by people and would lash out. At the 56 second mark he is introduced to 2 kittens and you’ll love how he becomes a loving “grandpa” to them, so tender and sweet! Love does trump all!

Over six million views for this!



Cat Video: Timo the Ragdoll Cat Loves Autumn Leaves


Timo is a very cute autumn-colored ragdoll cat and he loves playing in the Autumn leaves. Enjoy!