Cat Video: Body Language in Cats

Cute cats demonstrate feline body language while a great shelter volunteer translates the meaning for us.

Cat Videos: How to Exercise Your Human

This is how cats can end the obesity epidemic in humans when they become purrsonal trainers! The man in this video does some pretty cool exercises, try the one he demonstrates alternately extending out his opposite arm and leg – not only does it help your body but works your brain. See, cats are good for us!

Cat Videos: Siamese Cats Complain When Someone Takes a Shower

Two very purrsistent Siamese cats demand to be let into the shower while their maid is trying to get relax and get cleaned up! Do your cats try to get into the shower while you are in it? Daphne likes to sit in a wet shower after her maid has used it!

Cat Videos: Cat Found Alive and Well in Oklahoma Tornado Rubble

Another happy ending for an Oklahoma cat – FOUND! In the rubble, alive and well!

Cat Videos: Training the Harry Potter Twitter Litter of Kittens

The first in a video series where the woman who trained the cats in the Harry Potter films shows how she trains a group of adorable kittens.

Cat Videos: Cat saying No while getting his nails cut

Does your cat squirm and pitch a fit on nail clipping day? You’ve got to keep laughing like this gal does, and keep snipping at those nails! How is your cat on cat-icure day?

Cat Videos: Lego Town promo video does not go as planned

Is the cat helping this man talk about his product or trying to shut him up? Good to see he thinks the cat is fun! We do too!

Cat Videos: 8 Signs Your Cat Is Actually A Dog

Do any of your cats act like a dog? Pretty funny video of a cat who’s rather doggie!

Cat Videos: Kaiser the Bengal Shows Off His Repertoire of Tricks

Have you ever tried Clicker Training with your cat? We are going to try it and we’ll report back in a newsletter. But for now check out this video of Kaiser the Bengal showing off his repertoire of tricks.

Cat Videos: The Mean Kitty Song (or rambunctious cute kitten song)

Here’s a funny and cute video called the The Mean Kitty Song (it’s gotten 67 million views!). The kitty isn’t actually mean, he’s just a high energy kitten.