Cat Videos: Ollie the Cute Talking Siamese Kitten

Ollie is a very cute Blue Point Siamese kitten who likes to talk. At least he thinks he’s talking.

Cat Videos: The Original Surprised Kitten (Always Cute!)

Almost 66,000,000 people have seen this, probably including you, but it’s a good one for any day!

Cat Videos: Four Crazy Kittens Playing and Leaping (and a Nice Doggie)

Four crazy little kittens playing and leaping! What could be cuter? And a nice sweet dog too. Murkin, who we’ve posted video of before.

Cat Videos: Calico Kitten Playing in Super Slow Motion

A fun video showing a cute Calico kitten with a lot of energy in super slow motion.

Cat Videos: The Mean Kitty Song (or rambunctious cute kitten song)

Here’s a funny and cute video called the The Mean Kitty Song (it’s gotten 67 million views!). The kitty isn’t actually mean, he’s just a high energy kitten.

Cat Videos: Five kittens and a sweet dog named Murkin play. Very cute!

Here’s Murkin the dog and five very cute black kittens. Murkin is a sweet dog who’s humans foster kittens. One of the kittens thinks Murkin makes a nice cat perch. It’s very cute.

Cat Videos: Cute Kitten and Gentle Ex-Military German Shepherd Play

A very cute white kitten plays with a gentle retired military German Shepherd. It’s very sweet!

Cat Videos: A Kitten Rides a Roomba

A cute kitten goes for a ride on his Roomba. He looks like he thinks it’s his royal throne!

Cat Videos: Cute Kitten and Doberman

Cute video of a kitten and a Doberman play fighting. Eventually the kitten wins after he wears down his opponent. Even a Doberman can’t defeat that kitten energy.