Cat Videos: Oskar the Blind Kitten and His First Toys

Have a hanky ready for tears of joy. This heartwarming video was sent by my beautiful friend Kay. It’s of a blind kitten named Oscar playing with his toys for the first time. The people who adopted this special cat are stellar human beings.

Cat Videos: Training the Harry Potter Twitter Litter of Kittens

The first in a video series where the woman who trained the cats in the Harry Potter films shows how she trains a group of adorable kittens.

Cat Videos: Kitten Ambushes Dog

Is the kitten telling the dog “that jacket is ridiculous, that awful color clashes with my fur!”

Cat Videos: Kitten Yoga 2 – The Sequel

We’ve shown you Kitten Yoga 1. Now the sequel – Kitten Yoga 2. A cute and funny kitten who is an expert at being relaxed and flexible demonstrates proper Cat Yoga techniques. (You can see Kitten Yoga 1 here –

Cat Videos: Kitten Yoga

Cats are experts at relaxation so who is better to demonstrate yoga? We present Kitten Yoga. Cute and hilarious!

Cat Videos: Persian Kitten and Mother Cat Play

Oh to be a crazy kitten again! Isn’t this bundle of fur precious? It’s so cute when she plays with her mother too.

Cat Videos: Kittens Play Christmas Jingle Bells

Here are some cute kittens showing off their musical talent playing a tune on Christmas tree bell ornaments.

Cat Videos: Ollie the Cute Talking Siamese Kitten

Ollie is a very cute Blue Point Siamese kitten who likes to talk. At least he thinks he’s talking.

Cat Videos: The Original Surprised Kitten (Always Cute!)

Almost 66,000,000 people have seen this, probably including you, but it’s a good one for any day!