Cat Videos: Woman Finds Dog in Oklahoma Tornado Rubble Live on TV

Get out your hankies. This formidable old gal answers CBS reporter’s inane questions, but at the end, she finds her dog buried under the Oklahoma tornado rubble – alive!

Cat Videos: Adorable and smart former shelter cat

Adorable and smart former shelter cat does many tricks and keeps his human very entertained. You will be too!

Cat Videos: Smart Cat Knows His Bedtime

Does your cat understand the words: bed, sleep, come to bed? Or do you think this cat knows its bed time because of an inner clock?

Cat Videos: Sushi Cats

This is so cute I’m speechless!

Cat Videos: Big Cats Like Boxes Too!

We’ve posted a few photos of big cats inside boxes recently and you loved them. Now here’s a video where you can see lot’s of different big cats playing with and climbing into boxes!

Cat Videos: Prince the Sloth and her best friend Daisy the Cat

Prince the sloth loves his feline friend Daisy. He’s so loving and gentle with her! (Isn’t sloth a horrible name for such a cute creature?)

Cat Videos: Hawaiian Lions Cat Shelter on Lanai, Hawaii

Spend a few minutes watching beautifully cared for cats frolicking outside at their shelter on Lanai, Hawaii. I’d love to know what they feed these cats, their fur is gorgeous. Maybe it’s the sunshine and tropical breezes!

Cat Videos: 8 Signs Your Cat Is Actually A Dog

Do any of your cats act like a dog? Pretty funny video of a cat who’s rather doggie!

Cat Videos: CrossFit Cat Opens Freezer Door

Seems everyone is obsessed with CrossFit, including a certain tortoiseshell cat! What could be in the freezer? A tasty Paleo snack perhaps?