Cat Video: Cute Kitten Bats at Faeries

A cute kitten bats at faeries. Or is it the young man blowing air at her?

Cat Videos: Oskar the Blind Kitten and His First Toys

Have a hanky ready for tears of joy. This heartwarming video was sent by my beautiful friend Kay. It’s of a blind kitten named Oscar playing with his toys for the first time. The people who adopted this special cat are stellar human beings.

Cat Videos: Cat Found Alive and Well in Oklahoma Tornado Rubble

Another happy ending for an Oklahoma cat – FOUND! In the rubble, alive and well!

Cat Videos: Woman Finds Dog in Oklahoma Tornado Rubble Live on TV

Get out your hankies. This formidable old gal answers CBS reporter’s inane questions, but at the end, she finds her dog buried under the Oklahoma tornado rubble – alive!

Cat Videos: Smart Cat Knows His Bedtime

Does your cat understand the words: bed, sleep, come to bed? Or do you think this cat knows its bed time because of an inner clock?

Cat Videos: Prince the Sloth and her best friend Daisy the Cat

Prince the sloth loves his feline friend Daisy. He’s so loving and gentle with her! (Isn’t sloth a horrible name for such a cute creature?)

Cat Videos: Kitten Ambushes Dog

Is the kitten telling the dog “that jacket is ridiculous, that awful color clashes with my fur!”

Cat Videos: Hawaiian Lions Cat Shelter on Lanai, Hawaii

Spend a few minutes watching beautifully cared for cats frolicking outside at their shelter on Lanai, Hawaii. I’d love to know what they feed these cats, their fur is gorgeous. Maybe it’s the sunshine and tropical breezes!

Cat Videos: Caffrey the Amazing Two Legged Cat

Note to self – stop with the pity-party! Caffery is an adorable Persian cat who only has two legs, two left legs! No right legs! And look how he manages. With perfect balance and determination! Nothing stops him from having fun and getting around! I need to be more like this gorgeous black Persian and appreciate what I have!

Cute Video: Disabled Goldfish in Her Buoyancy Harness

Normally we show you the kindness that humans extend to their cats, the lengths they go through so their special needs cat can live with dignity. This short story and 20 second video of a goldfish in a special flotation harness is truly going to make your heart sing! Amazing!