Cat Videos: Dog Fetches Cat (Cat Gets Free Ride)

Everyone knows a cat won’t come when called. This cat proves there IS such a thing as a free ride!

Cat Videos: Kitty Steals Treat, Then Is Robbed by Dog

A cat sneaks a treat from a jar, then the family dog steals it!

Cat Videos: Four Crazy Kittens Playing and Leaping (and a Nice Doggie)

Four crazy little kittens playing and leaping! What could be cuter? And a nice sweet dog too. Murkin, who we’ve posted video of before.

Cat Videos: Five kittens and a sweet dog named Murkin play. Very cute!

Here’s Murkin the dog and five very cute black kittens. Murkin is a sweet dog who’s humans foster kittens. One of the kittens thinks Murkin makes a nice cat perch. It’s very cute.

Cat Videos: Cute Kitten and Gentle Ex-Military German Shepherd Play

A very cute white kitten plays with a gentle retired military German Shepherd. It’s very sweet!

Cat Videos: Cat Escapes Dog on Surfboard!

See why your cat needs surfing lessons! Cat escapes dog on surfboard!

Cat Videos: Cute Kitten and Doberman

Cute video of a kitten and a Doberman play fighting. Eventually the kitten wins after he wears down his opponent. Even a Doberman can’t defeat that kitten energy.