Cat Video: A Cat and Bunny Who Take a Walk Every Day

Momo the cat and Moko the lop eared bunny love to take a walk together down a quiet road every day. Cats and bunnies make great companions!

Over 2 million views!

Cat Video: A Cat Who Loves To Be Vacuumed

Most cats hate the vacuum – our’s do! All that horrible noise! But our friend Bobo loves the vacuum. In fact he loves to be vacuumed. But it’s done very carefully and with great care, and minimal noise.

Our observation is that they set the vacuum to the lowest of the lowest settings – this is important, you’d never want the cat to feel extreme suction to skin. Bobo’s person is very careful and gentle, and considerate of Bobo’s delicate skin. Bobo is clearly totally blissed out while being vacuumed! The ultimate kitty beauty treatment!

Cat Video: A Very Excited Kitten Explores Its New Bed

A very excited kitten “makes a tail” while exploring its new bed. Cute and funny!

Cat Video: Cats Save Tigers – Starring Lil BUB and friends

All of our favorite feline internet superstars come together and speak out (or meow out) about saving the world’s tigers! Off the charts cuteness!

Cat Video: Kitten Rockettes

It’s The Kitten Rockettes rocking out and kicking in unison! I’m inspired to get up and MOVE!

Over 2 million views!

Cat Video: Milo Wanted Attention (Cat Selfie During Yoga)

Milo the cat has strong opinions about Yoga and video selfies!

2 million views!

Cat Video: Cat Decides to Be More Dog

Handsome marmalade cat decides that it might be better to act like a dog! 3 million views!

Cat Video: Excuse me…

This kookie video is hard to describe but cat loving people love it. Nearly 2 million views!

Cat Video: Jenga Playing Cat

You know how hard and challenging it is to play Jenga – this cat will make you feel like a complete klutz! This video has 8 million views!

Cat Video: Cat mom hugs baby kitten

A kitten seems to be having a bad dream. Watch what mama-cat does to comfort her baby! Darling!

Posted a few years ago but still very sweet – 55 million views.