Cat Video: Magical Fairy Cats


We are not the only ones who love cats and faeries, here’s a video of one woman’s charming artwork!


How to Keep Cats Cool During the Summer Heat


Goodness this Summer’s heat is certainly intense and scary! Climate Change scares us and we are researching and will report on how each of us can fight it. For now, here’s an informative and short video about how to keep your cat cool during a heat wave.


Cat Video: Who Let the Cats Out? Deluxe CATio!


Here’s a video to get you in the CATio mood! You get to see cats who have never been outside enter their new beautiful structure!


Cat Video: Cat Loves Music


Watch and listen to a talented young man at the piano with his cat who’s blissed out on the sounds and even lends a paw to creating the music!


Cat Video: Epic Cat House Party


Do you wonder what your cat does when you are away? Why, throw an “epic cat house party” and invite all their friends! Happy 4th of July to everyone who reads our blog and newsletter! Let the party begin NOW!


Cat Video: Siamese Cat Loves Water


Katniss the lovely Siamese LOVES having a bath in a sink with running water! We wonder how or when she discovered this joy?! She’s so blissed out that her tail is slightly fluffed! Does your cat do this?


Cat Video: Siamese Opens Door


Beauty AND brains! Watch this Siamese cat open a door!


Cat Video: Sign Language with Cats

Cats responding to sign language. One of this lady’s cats is deaf, so she worked out a system that all of the cats could use and benefit from. We love this high level of compassion and smarts!

One million views for this!


Cat Video: Cat and Horse on Their Morning Countryside Stroll


Friends can come in many shapes, sizes and species. See a cat and horse on their morning stroll through some beautiful countryside!


Cat Video: Cat Watches Favorite Toy Undergoing Surgery


Many of our customers have operated on well loved Cat Faeries catnip toys just like the seamstress does in this video! Every now and then one of those legendary cat toys needs a bit of surgery to put the filling and catnip back inside so the toy can be back in the command of the cat!

Over 2.6 million views!