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Good behavior and robust health for the modern housecat

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For A Healthy Cat

We began Cat Faeries in 1993 to provide healthy things for cats. We are finicky about quality and the integrity of the maker of any product. Everything we offer here meets our very strict criteria.

We have selected an assortment of items to benefit aging cats, as well as young cats who we wish to see age gracefully and painlessly. Let's keep our feline friends happy and healthy!

Daphne says:
"Finicky Finicky Finicky, that's Cat Faeries! We hunt for, or create, only the best. Healthy cats are happy cats, and healthy happy cats are all set for the best behavior and long purry life!"
Best Seller


Kidney Kitty, A Flower Essence Formula for Cats

1 fl oz

  • Support the Kidneys at Any Stage of Aging
  • Slow Renal Failure
  • Bladder Support
  • A Cat is Never Too Young for Kidney Support
  • Works well with Elder Support to address other aspects of aging

  • $25.95

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    We are very proud of this formula. We give it to our own cats every day starting when they are young because weíve seen that itís a great preventative measure. Weíve had cats live to be 20 to 22 and we feel this was a big part of their longevity because it keeps their kidneys and bladders working well. This formula probably won't cure existing renal failure, but customers tell us that their cats really improve. Cats start to eat again, they become more active, their test results improve. We've heard of cats living much longer than projected. Other customers tell us that when they run out of Kidney Kitty that their cats seem to lose energy, but when they re-order their cats perk back up. Kidneys are rather unforgiving when our habits and actions compromise or hurt them. The liver can forgive and forget if changes are made but those kidneys are not so kind! Kidneys respond best to prevention but if decline is detected start immediately with corrections to diet and treatment to slow down the progression.

    This formula supports the entire Kidney Meridian, a system Traditional Chinese Medicine also called TCM) the urinary tract and the bladder including that it can cool a bladder that's prone to Interstitial Cystitis! And let us tell you, an inflamed bladder feels like its on fire and this can lead to a cat not wanting to urinate in the litter box because they associate the box with pain. You may have had this disorder yourself or know of someone who has it, interestingly its not just people who get IC, but cats and other animals can too. Interstitial Cystitis is when symptoms seem to indicate a "bladder infection" and when tests show there's no bacteria or crystals present in urine this tells us that its not an infection, but it's Interstitial Cystitis. This condition is caused by defects in the lining of the bladder which is an autoimmune disease. Stress and certain foods will trigger an episode and cause irritation and pain. As for cat food, do not buy cat food with cranberries. Cranberries are very acidic and can irritate an inflammation prone bladder. Cats of any age could really benefit from a few drops in the water bowl every day as prevention. Keep Calm and Catnip On!

    Crystals really do support a cat's kidneys and aging process. Our customers love them for the great results they are seeing! Our crystal add-on helps correct bad behaviors and boosts health.

    Comes with a dropper. But if you'd like a mister top to spray this formula on food and water, or on objects around the house, go to the bottom of this page and order one for just $1. Fits our 1oz bottles.

    WHY DOES MY CAT PACE AND YOWL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? This is quite fascinating. The kidneys and ears are on the same Meridian according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. As the kidneys begin to shrink with age and not function as well as before a cat can begin to lose hearing. With the hearing loss the cat's world is turned upside down. Hearing is important to all beings in particular a carnivore who relies upon every sense to hunt and live - even a house cat. The vocalization or yowling that you are hearing is an attempt to "echo/locate" in order to navigate the home and objects in the home, as well as to be self soothing for the cat. The pacing and yowling allows the to hear his/her own voice and might echo off objects and give the cat a sense of normalcy. It seems to worsen at night when the kidneys and other organs go through their time to cleanse and renew. When we formulated this essence the Kidney Meridian and it's function were a major consideration for the essences we selected.

    Daphne says:
    "The original six cats who lived here before us lived to be 18 to 22 years old before they crossed the bridge. Kidney malfunction didnít happen until they were very old. This legendary formula went into their water bowl when they were very young just as it goes into ours now. Prevention my friend is vital! If your cats are already having problems, itís never too late!"


    4 fl. oz. Kidney Kitty - Economy size


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    Kidney Kitty and Cool Bladder for Cats flower essence in a 4 ounce size - priced to give you one free ounce! Comes with a dropper - would you like a mister to go with this formula? Scroll to the bottom of this page and you'll see the mister to fit your 4 oz bottle as an add for $1.50.

    Miles says
    "When you order either size of Kidney Kitty you should also order crystals! When placed near your cat with drops of this special formula they help the body and kidneys function and enhance other body parts!"


    Elder Support, A Flower Essence Formula for Cats

    1 fl oz

  • Brain, Mentation
  • Dementia and Cognitive Support
  • Body Mobility
  • Thyroid Balance
  • Slow Aging
  • Works well with Kidney Kitty for kidney support

  • $25.95

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    As cats age things don't work or feel quite like they used to. A cat's Thyroid can speed up, years of cat food loaded with carbs might lead to Diabetes or spikes in blood sugar, and a cat's mentation and cognitive skills might be slipping. And then there are the new aches and pains and loss of flexibility. A cat can feel sluggish and tire easily. You might notice that it takes longer for the cat to recover from minor traumas or illness. There's nothing worse than feeling old, creaky and slow - no wonder elders of any species are often crabby!

    People report rather amazing improvements, some of them are that their cat spent less time on the heating pad, they became social again, appetites returned, they were more playful and active. One person recently said that there was an almost magical spring to the cat's walk! Even cats who are not considered elders brightened up!

    NEW FOR 2020! We are pleased to tell you that we have added new essences to this formula for a cat's thyroid! Many cats develop hyperthyroid in their later years. The addition of new essences are intended to balance a potentially sped up thyroid 3hich could make a huge difference in the quality of your cat's life!

    Crystals really do support a cat's kidneys and aging process. Our customers love them for the great results they are seeing! Our crystal add-on helps correct bad behaviors and boosts health. Keep strong kitty and catnip on!

    Comes with a dropper. But if you'd like a mister top to spray this formula on food and water, or on objects around the house, go to the bottom of this page and order one for just $1. Fits our 1oz bottles.

    Madeline says:
    "As the oldest of our feline family I want to remain nimble and quick! I donít want a yucky special diet or to be poked with needles. I want to feel forever a kitten. This formula will keep me feeling youthful as I age gracefully."


    4 fl. oz. Elder Support - Economy size


    In Stock

    Add Beneficial Crystals for $28.95
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    Elder Support for Cats flower essence in a 4 ounce size - priced to give you one free ounce! Comes with a dropper - would you like a mister to go with this formula? Scroll to the bottom of this page and you'll see the mister to fit your 4 oz bottle as an add for $1.50.


    Emotional Sunshine, A Flower Essence Formula for Cats

    1 fl oz

  • Banish Depression
  • Sadness
  • Despair
  • Moping and Lethargy
  • Liquid Happiness!
  • Works well with Limbic System Re-Wire, DNA Support, Elder Support

  • $25.95

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    Add Beneficial Crystals for $27.90
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    Just like people a cat can feel the blues and get depressed. While their emotions and responses are different from ours they are still affected by many factors which can lead to depression and it can manifest as loss of appetite and not grooming. Cats can also be less playful or active but still young and not in pain, they might hiss when they didnít hiss before, they might hide, they might sleep more, they might not use their litter box, or they donít dig and bury. In conjunction with Emotional Sunshine we recommend that you also use Convivial House Cat spray for added mood brightening and calming, and of course it will help to keep your cat using the litter box during this temporary time of depression.

    Many of our customers alternate Emotional Sunshine with Calm and Serene. They also find that spending more loving time with the cat helps too! The extra attention works wonders on cats (and people!). During times of heightened depression or emotions that feel "off" we find that using the crystal Amethyst really helps - see our crystals pages.

    Priced for a bottle with a dropper. But some people prefer a mister top so they would be able to spray this formula around the house and on objects. You could also spray it on food or in the water bowl. If you would like a mister top instead of the dropper you can order one for just $1.

    Madeline says:
    "I had been in a home in Northern California and the man of the house kicked me in the head so hard that it caused my ear drum to burst. The lady next door rescued me and took me to a no kill shelter. Pain and fear were so horrible that I sunk into a serious depression for the 3 years I was there until I was adopted by Auntie Cat Faerie and Mr. Cat Faerie. I sure wish I had this back at the shelter Ė it would have brightened up my heart and the hearts of the other cats."


    Kidney Kitty and Elder Support

    Each bottle is 1 fl. oz.
    To support a very long life.


    In Stock

    Add Beneficial Crystals for $28.95
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    Comes with droppers. Some people prefer mister tops so they would be able to spray this formula around the house and on objects or on food and in water. To order for just $1 go to the bottom of this page. Fits our 1oz bottles.

    Tasha says:
    "This duo works in perfect harmony and they will keep your cats frisky and feeling kittenish through the years!"


    For Immunity - Colloidal Defense - 2 fl. oz.

    2 fl oz
    Protect your cat (and yourself) from viruses, bacteria and parasites.


    Temporarily Out Of Stock
    Colloidal Defense has been a staple in our office and in our home for years. Now itís time to share its benefits with you and your cats so you can fight pathogens of all kinds.

    We have experienced that Colloidal Defense can quickly clear an outbreak of feline Calicivirus and keep it from spreading to other cats! It also helps with Lyme Disease.

    Colloidal Defense is a highly effective product that combines gold, silver, and silica into a specific combination that has proven effective against many pathogenic substances, including bacteria, viruses, and yeast. Other colloidal silver products rely solely on the antimicrobial properties of silver. These products typically rely on significant levels of silver for effectiveness. The problem becomes too much silver is toxic to the body. This is not the case with Colloidal Defense.

    Colloidal Defense uses relatively small amounts of gold and silver because we find the specific combination is more effective that high amounts of silver alone. Gold will potentate the effect of silver. Silica stabilizes the electromagnetic frequency created by this combination. It is this frequency that stimulates the immune system.

    Laboratory Study

    Colloidal Defense was tested under Dark Field Microscopy. Dark Field protocol is a well accepted test for determining the vitality of the blood, measuring the size and activity of both the red (erythrocyte) and white (leukocyte) blood cells. It can also detect and identify foreign organisms such as, viruses, bacteria, yeast and parasites in the blood.

    The study involved 5 human volunteers ages 18 - 55 that ate the same diet for 24 hours. A blood sample was taken and evaluated. Two half droppers of Defense were administered sublingually. Another blood sample was taken 15 minutes after ingestion of the product. The results showed that Colloidal Defense effectively removes rod-form and L-form bacteria from the blood. Rod form bacteria is disease causing. L-form bacteria grow from the natural flora in the body when conditions are too acidic. While not disease causing in their own right, the toxins produced from their reproduction are very weakening to the body and increases susceptibility to disease. They also serve as a marker for the blood being too acidic.

    Interestingly, Colloidal Defense also improves the vitality of erythrocytes and increases the size, population, and activity of leukocytes. Leukocytes act as scavengers helping the body to fight infection. By additionally promoting the vitality of the red blood cells (erythrocytes) indicates that Colloidal Defense is an effective therapy for anemic conditions, and considerably less toxic than many iron dietary supplements.

    External Application

    Colloidal Defense is also effective in eye and ear infections and can be directly applied. Colloidal Defense is made from pure 99.99% gold and silver. Colloidal silica is pharmaceutical grade. It is also safe for children of all ages and animals.

    These misters/sprayers ONLY fit a 1 oz bottle - they do not fit the 4 ounce bottles. Misters for 4oz bottles are sold separately. We offer a mister separately because some people like to spray flower essences and other customers don't.

    Every bit of Cat Faeries text is original. It was written by our behaviorist and it is based upon our years of experience with every item we have carefully selected just for you. All of our text and photos are copyright protected. If you should be foolish and dare to copy it, you will be sent immediately to the pound, and hunted down by our legal team who will prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Our intellectual property lawyer was a pitbull in a past life.
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