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Emotional Sunshine, A Flower Essence Formula for Cats

"Have a bright sunshiny day!"


1 fl oz

  • Banish Depression
  • Sadness
  • Despair
  • Moping and Lethargy
  • Liquid Happiness!
  • Works well with Limbic System Re-Wire, DNA Support, Elder Support

  • $25.95

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    Just like people a cat can feel the blues and get depressed. While their emotions and responses are different from ours they are still affected by many factors which can lead to depression and it can manifest as loss of appetite and not grooming. Cats can also be less playful or active but still young and not in pain, they might hiss when they didnít hiss before, they might hide, they might sleep more, they might not use their litter box, or they donít dig and bury. In conjunction with Emotional Sunshine we recommend that you also use Convivial House Cat spray for added mood brightening and calming, and of course it will help to keep your cat using the litter box during this temporary time of depression.

    Many of our customers alternate Emotional Sunshine with Calm and Serene. They also find that spending more loving time with the cat helps too! The extra attention works wonders on cats (and people!). During times of heightened depression or emotions that feel "off" we find that using the crystal Amethyst really helps - see our crystals pages.

    Priced for a bottle with a dropper. But some people prefer a mister top so they would be able to spray this formula around the house and on objects. You could also spray it on food or in the water bowl. If you would like a mister top instead of the dropper you can order one for just $1.

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