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From Bully to Buddy, A Flower Essence Formula for Cats

"Change your cat from fierce to friendly!"


1 fl oz

  • Calm Aggressive Bullying
  • Transforms both male and female bullies
  • Make Friends
  • Bond with other cats
  • Stop fighting, stalking, and chasing
  • Restore peace and harmony
  • Works well with Territorial Rescue, Multi Cat Household and Convivial House Cat

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    Just like human bullies the same unwanted trait can occur in cats. Often well have a cat who seems to take delight in tormenting all the other cats, or they will single one out. This could be a reaction to insecurity or jealousy, or a personality trait. The actions of a bully cat are stressful to the picked on cat and to you. The chasing and stalking keeps the tension level in your home at an unhealthy high. It can also cause the picked on cat be afraid of the litter box and not use it if the bully cat chases the more timid cat out from it. This is something we do not want!

    With compassion towards the bully and an understanding of what it must feel like inside to have the need to bully and pick on others, weve sensitively and professionally crafted this formula. From Bully to Buddy addresses a wide variety of reasons and causes while helping the cat find his or her heart and bond for all in the family. The goal is to see a behavior shift and the tension settle down so that peace is restored and the picked on cat or cats can breathe a sigh of relief so that all of your cats may enjoy their life in your loving home.

    For the picked upon cat or cats we have a few options for you. Consider: Limbic System Re-Wire, Release the Past, and Calm and Serene. These formulas can go in the picked on cat's food, or even the community water bowl because even a bully cat can calm down and release their own painful memories.

    NOTE: if the bullying came on suddenly and its directed at an older cat please take that cat to vet for a check up. Very often healthy animals will turn on an older sick animal. Its that ancient survival of the fittest thing which is so unnecessary in our modern times with great health care and good doctors. Sometimes the aggression against one cat is an early sign that something is wrong health wise.

    Comes with a dropper. But if you'd like a mister top to spray this formula on food and water, or on objects around the house, go to the bottom of this page and order one for just $1. Fits our 1oz bottles.

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