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Territorial Rescue, A Flower Essence Formula for Cats

"This is the co-exist formula for cats!"

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1 fl oz

  • Halt Territorial Behaviors
  • Turf Battles
  • End fighting
  • Jealousy
  • Stop spraying to mark territory
  • End Gender Conflicts
  • Works well with Convivial House Cat to end urine spraying and inappropriate urination

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    All cats are territorial to a degree. But for some cats territory is everything, and they'll do whatever they must to be top cat and rule the house. Haven't we all thought we heard a cat say "Everything here is mine mine mine!" Being overly territorial can lead to problems such as constant battles for dominance, and frequent fighting. Often those feisty females or brutish boys will use their urine as a weapon to show who's the boss. Or rather who "wants" to be the boss! For some cats if any 4 footed creature comes near The Castle the alarm goes off that it's time to fight and defend their turf which can lead to spraying.

    When used in conjunction with Convivial House Cat the effectiveness of our wonderful product is boosted. Many customers alternate Territorial Rescue with Multi Cat Household. When used together both flower essence formulas will assist with litter box aversion or litter box domination which you may observe when one cat tries to prevent the other cats using the box.

    Comes with a dropper. But if you'd like a mister top to spray this formula on food and water, or on objects around the house, go to the bottom of this page and order one for just $1. Fits our 1oz bottles.

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