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Pandora Syndrome Relief, A Flower Essence Formula for Cats

"Emotional stability & a cool bladder are now mine!"


1 fl oz

  • Recovery from a terrible emotional state
  • Chronic bladder infections can heal with newly acquired calm
  • Interstitial Cystitis caused by chronic and escalating fears lessen
  • A cat who with a terrified look in eyes or facial expression can relax
  • Cats can learn to accept love, kindness, and gentle touch
  • Alleviates unexplained fear of humans of any gender or age
  • Eases unexplained fears, phobias, and emotions
  • Works well with Emotional Sunshine, Limbic System Re-wire, DNA Support, Calm and Serene


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    Has your cat been diagnosed with Pandora Syndrome or do you suspect that you cat may have it? Does your cat have a perpetual look of panic or terror in their eyes? Does this cat run and hide over absolutely nothing? Does your cat have chronic bladder infections or Interstitial Cystitis? Interstitial Cystitis is from stress to the bladder with no infection present. Both bladder conditions are extremely painful. Cats who have Pandora Syndrome live in a heightened state of chronic anxiety causing a chronic state or flight or fight. This is a miserable and heartbreaking way to live, and Cat Faeries is here to help.

    Pandora Syndrome Relief will help a cat get over events from the past which may have damaged them even if it's unknown what may have happened. Pandora Syndrome Release will help to heal emotional wounds letting them fade from memory and the nervous system. Many cats who have Pandora Syndrome were never ever abused - it's just something about them which has manifested this disorder. Our empathetic and compassionate formula allows a cat to be free of such a wound-up fearful emotional state, and to have a calm bladder, and a peaceful life.

    Pandora Syndrome Relief works well with DNA Support, Limbic System Re-wire, Convivial House Cat, and Calm and Serene.

    This formula comes with a mister/sprayer because it should be sprayed here and there around the house in addition to it being sprayed on food and water. It's vital to spread the vibration of this formula as part of what must be done to ease a cat who has Pandora Syndrome. A copy of our report on the nervous system will come with this order as will our meditation instructions which will help you change your cat's damaged nervous system.

    "The Pandora Syndrome Relief elixir was magic!!" From Cecelia a dear customer whose cat was diagnosed with Pandora Syndrome.

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