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Kidney Kitty, A Flower Essence Formula for Cats

"For healthy functioning youthful kidneys!"

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1 fl oz

  • Support the Kidneys at Any Stage of Aging
  • Slow Renal Failure
  • Bladder Support
  • A Cat is Never Too Young for Kidney Support
  • Works well with Elder Support to address other aspects of aging

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    We are very proud of this formula. Our own cats get it every day starting when they are young because its a great preventative measure. Weve had cats live to be 20 to 22 and we feel Kidney Kitty was a big part of their longevity because it keeps their kidneys and bladders working well. This formula probably won't cure existing renal failure, but customers tell us that their cats really improve. Cats start to eat again, they become more active, their test results improve. We've heard of cats living much longer than projected. Other customers tell us that when they run out of Kidney Kitty that their cats seem to lose energy, but when they re-order their cats perk back up. Kidneys are rather unforgiving when our habits and actions compromise or hurt them. The liver can forgive and forget if changes are made but those kidneys are not so kind! Kidneys respond best to prevention but if decline is detected start immediately with corrections to diet and treatment to slow down the progression.

    This formula supports the entire Kidney Meridian, a system Traditional Chinese Medicine also called TCM) the urinary tract and the bladder including that it can cool a bladder that's prone to Interstitial Cystitis! And let us tell you, an inflamed bladder feels like its on fire and this can lead to a cat not wanting to urinate in the litter box because they associate the box with pain. You may have had this disorder yourself or know of someone who has it, interestingly its not just people who get IC, but cats and other animals can too. Interstitial Cystitis is when symptoms seem to indicate a "bladder infection" and when tests show there's no bacteria or crystals present in urine this tells us that its not an infection, but it's Interstitial Cystitis. This condition is caused by defects in the lining of the bladder which is an autoimmune disease. Stress and certain foods will trigger an episode and cause irritation and pain. As for cat food, do not buy cat food with cranberries. Cranberries are very acidic and can irritate an inflammation prone bladder. Cats of any age could really benefit from a few drops in the water bowl every day as prevention. Keep Calm and Catnip On!

    Comes with a dropper. If you want a mister top to spray around the house or on food/water order on the bottom of this page one. Fits our 1oz bottles.

    Comes with a dropper. But if you'd like a mister top to spray this formula on food and water, or on objects around the house, go to the bottom of this page and order one for just $1. Fits our 1oz bottles.

    WHY DOES MY CAT PACE AND YOWL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? This is quite fascinating. The kidneys and ears are on the same Meridian according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. As the kidneys begin to shrink with age and not function as well as before a cat can begin to lose hearing. With the hearing loss the cat's world is turned upside down. Hearing is important to all beings in particular a carnivore who relies upon every sense to hunt and live - even a house cat. The vocalization or yowling that you are hearing is an attempt to "echo/locate" in order to navigate the home and objects in the home, as well as to be self soothing for the cat. The pacing and yowling allows the to hear his/her own voice and might echo off objects and give the cat a sense of normalcy. It seems to worsen at night when the kidneys and other organs go through their time to cleanse and renew. When we formulated this essence the Kidney Meridian and it's function were a major consideration for the essences we selected.
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