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z - old 2016 04 - About our Catnip Mist

Floral waters are also called hydrosols. They are the run off water or steam which is collected when essential oils are distilled. During the steam distillation process essential oil comes out of one spout, and run off water comes out another spout. At one time the run off water, or hydrosol, was thrown away! Now we know how wonderful and valuable it is.

You may see so called catnip waters in stores but they are not the same thing. The quality and contents of those cheap products are very suspicious. We know what goes into distilling plant material - it's a lot of work and it takes a lot of leaves and flowers to produce a hydrosol. It's a very expensive process. And as always, Cat Faeries will only work with and sell the finest.

Cat Faeries Catnip Mist is delighting cats everywhere. We love the diversity of use.

Our flower essence customers enjoy putting about 25 drops of the formula of their choice into the 1 oz bottle of Catnip Mist to create a beneficial room spray. Please take note ~ don't spray a cat as you will surely frighten kitty. Spray only spray the objects your cat loves, like toys and napping places.

Interestingly, among the many health and beauty professionals who love working with hydrosols are Aestheticians, Anthroposophic physicians, Aromatherapists, Homeopaths, Naturopaths, and progressive Veterinarians. We favor hydrosols over essential oils because you get the same benefit but without the risks associated with the phenols many of the plants oils contain. And they smell heavenly.

Because we are obsessed with quality we have only the finest and purest, because you and your cats deserve only the best.

Catnip Mist

We take our prized and legendary wildcrafted catnip, distill it and bottle it. It's pure and undiluted. We call it Cat Faeries Catnip Mist, and for fun and amusement, we say it's the signature "fragrance" of the modern housecat!

Cats love it. You can spray their toys and favorite play areas. People love it because their cats can play with catnip, but there are no catnip crumbs to clean up after!

Every bit of Cat Faeries text is original. It was written by our behaviorist and it is based upon our years of experience with every item we have carefully selected just for you. All of our text and photos are copyright protected. If you should be foolish and dare to copy it, you will be sent immediately to the pound, and hunted down by our legal team who will prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Our intellectual property lawyer was a pitbull in a past life.
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