Returns - Returns Policy

We go to great lengths to vividly explain our products and how they are used. We also have a section called What Products Should I Get For My Situation where we provide possible scenarios so you can get a feel for what you need and for how long you can expect to use the products. We do all of this so that the customer can make correct and well informed shopping decisions so that returns can be avoided.

We also go to great time and expense to write up and print handouts which come with the items you ordered so that you'll be able to get the most of your products.

We also cannot control customer usage of the products, its possible that they were not used correctly, or even if they were used at all, or if the cat is living in a less than ideal environment full of chaos and stress.

If your cat(s) are not spayed or neutered and the products may not work. If a cat has not been altered and is spraying or peeing the cat is responding to hormones and nature, it cannot be expected that any product can work in these cases. See our stand on Spay and Neuter

The manufacturer of the Feliway / Comfort Zone range of products states that the success rate is 86%. We know our customers do much better because of our advice. However, nothing is perfect and occasionally a cat will not respond to the pheromone or other products.

All sales are final.