Your Package - Lost or Delayed Packages

We believe in the United States Postal Service and that's who we use. When everything is running smoothly they get packages delivered faster than ever before.

But sometimes things go wrong particularly now with COVID-19. More people are shopping online. And many of their workers have fallen ill as will all of the carriers. All of this is beyond Cat Faeries control.

If your package hasn't arrived after 6 or 7 days from the date we shipped its possible that the box at your local post office waiting for you. Yes, the carrier should have left you a note, but often they do not, or the note blows away. If this happened complain to the Supervisor at your local station. Its also possible that a family member grabbed the box and put it in a closet or a room. It could also be with a neighbor.

According to postal regulations a package is not considered completely lost until it has been 21 days since it was shipped. At that time we can replace the items for you and process the insurance claim. See Insurance Claims.