Your Package - Insurance Claims

Insurance claims can only be processed on a lost package after its been 21 days since the order shipped.

Claims to damaged boxes can be processed immediately after receiving your letter (see Damaged Packages).

After you have notified us via email that a box was lost or damaged, a proper letter which was signed and dated is required in order to process any claim. The insurance companies will not accept an email - the letter must be either hand written or typed, and hand signed. THIS MUST BE DONE OR A CLAIM CANNOT BE PROCESSED.

We'll give you more instruction after we have corresponded by email. Claims and replacing the products from damaged packages can be processed immediately after we have discussed the situation and received your signed letter.

If your package arrives damaged:

You must email us and describe in clear detail any damages to product and/or box which occurred in transit.

We may need you to return the damaged items and box, but we will discuss this with you via email.

Claims to damaged packages must be made within 2 days of the delivery date of the package. Once we have received your email describing the damages we can begin the process of resolving the matter.