My Account - Privacy

We are very concerned about the continuing and growing lack of privacy in our modern world. We do not like it! We only support organizations or politicians who are working to pass laws that protect us from information gathering, and who work to protect our rights to privacy, as well as civil and human rights for everyone - no exceptions.

Cat Faeries is 100% against COOKIES! We do not use them! We do not use annoying pop ups!

Any communications between us will not go beyond Cat Faeries. We will never divulge any information about you or your purchases. This also includes selling, renting or trading your name, address, telephone number, or email. We have never done it, we never will.

We do not send out unwanted emails advertising Cat Faeries or anything else. We do not snail mail catalogs or announcements. We are active in the movement to protect privacy and civil rights, and we expect that you are proactive as well.

If you get our emailed newsletter - its because YOU signed up for it. We do not harvest emails.